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Prosecution fails to prove defilement case against Police officer

General News Prosecution fails to prove defilement case against Police officer

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A 30 year old police officer of Kabwe District has been acquitted of defilement after the prosecution failed to find enough evidence linking him to the crime.

Kabwe Magistrate Chimuka Mutafela yesterday acquitted Josphat Mukuwa of defilement following the lack of evidence against him by the state.

This is in a case were Josphat Mukuwa a police officer of Kabwe is accused of defiling a 14 year old girl.

Particulars of the offence are that Mukuwa between February 14 and 16, 2015 did have unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor.

During trial the prosecutor Aaron Kuyela applied to the court to consider the minor a hostile witness as she kept saying things that were not in the statement that she gave at the police station.

The Magistrate considered the application by the state prosecutor and granted that the witness be considered hostile and allowed the prosecutor to cross examine her.

Before cross examination she told court that she did not have sex with Mukuwa and never spent the night at his house.

During cross examination by the state prosecutor, when asked whether the accused had carnal knowledge of her she refused but after she was made to read the statement that was taken from her at the police station she admitted that the accused had sex with her.

The father to the minor told court that on February 14 his daughter went missing and only came back home two days later.

Mr Chitafu told court that his daughter left home for Kabwe High School grounds and did not come back home until after two days which prompted him to report the matter to the police station.

He told court that when his daughter came back home he took her to the police station as he had already reported the matter, where she gave a statement voluntary that she was with Mr Mukuwa and had been defiled.
Another witness a friend to the girl told court that after her friend spent a night at Mukuwa’s house and her at Mukuwa’s friends house the two were scared to go home and decided to spend another night out at her boyfriends house Brian.
She told court that at Brian’s house they found another man and that she spent the night with Brian in his room whilst her friend was with the other man.


  1. Sounds like the ‘victim’ had been bitching for some time – sleeping with two different men in two nights for a 14 year old? Zambia is full of too many Irises and Dorikas.

  2. Poor girl, Her life is ruined!!

    “The police are supposed to protect people, You don’t expect the police to rápé people in holding cells. No person should experience misfortune while in police custody.”

    Only in primitive societies would such be acceptable! I was also sexuall abused by Zambian Policeman in Lusaka at the HQ where even a mattress was kept just for ráping vulnerable women and girls.

  3. ….I’m not sure if it is the case or the reporting which is confusing….why is it that when a police officer is involved in sexual cases they usually have it easy to slip thru the jaws of the law…??…just last week there was a story involving a police officer accused of raping a detainee…..he easily walked to freedom…..everyone except for the prosecutor and the judge can see that defilement definitely took place but the girl was intimidated with help of the abetting father who may have been bribed to convince the daughter to change the statement…..it does not matter whether the last part of the story gives an impression that the two girls are ‘sluts’…the fact still remains that girl in question is an under-age…..

  4. The policeman is lucky. There are a lot of innocent men languishing in jail on false accusations. We need to improve our forensics in investigating these issues. The current scenario where its just the word of the girl against that of the perceived perpetrator is not helpful. The chief justice was complaining as to why defilement cases are on the increase despite stiffer punishment. The truth is what is on the increase are false accusations.

  5. I’m not surprised, he’s just another Zambian policeman abusing his authority.
    As much as we all know that Zambian policemen drink and get drunk on duty….
    Some policemen ‘regularly’ arrest young women just to rápé them!!

  6. Third world lawless hell hole. Why anyone not see what goes on that these rápists think they are above the law just because they are members of the police force, and they are abusing their power granted them due to their positions.

    Its, helpless victims vs drunk police savages!!

  7. ZP are more of a “gang” at the police station & if a woman goes there for help they are likely to abuse her even more; physically & verbally! This I know – I’ve been in a situation where I went to police for help & they literally turned against me.

    Police officers with Criminal Records are a common thing. Records ranging from murder to drunk driving etc….

  8. If the proper justice have failed that girl mob justice should be applied. A muzzle loader aimed at that cop’s balls should do it.

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