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30 % of Zambians perceive the judiciary corrupt and not trust worthy

General News 30 % of Zambians perceive the judiciary corrupt and not trust worthy

High Court
THE 2014 AFRO-Barometer report has indicated that 30 percent of Zambians perceive the judiciary as being corrupt and are withdrawing trust in the institution.

The survey that was conducted in collaboration with RuralNet Association also says that there was a slight decline in the percentage of Zambians who trust the judiciary from 62 percent in 2012, to 59 in 2014.

Making a presentation on behalf of the two organisations in Lusaka yesterday, Doris Musonda said that few Zambians had contact with the courts of law.
“People do not take their cases to court because majority of them think that it is costly. Many of them think that lawyers are expensive and the court costs are expensive,’’ she said.

Ms Musonda said the survey revealed that some eople did not have faith in the Judiciary because they did not expect fair judgment.

She said the number of people who thought that the courts could make fair decisions had declined.

“Only 50 percent of people in urban areas trust the Judiciary, while 65 percent of people in the rural area trust the Judiciary,” Ms Musonda said.

She said the study further revealed that 64 percent of males had trust in the Judiciary as compared to 54 females.

Ms Musonda said it was also found that men knew more about the operations of the Judiciary than women.

In addition, the survey revealed that some people may not be conscious of their rights, while others are docile.


  1. Actually the number should be double that – 60% Zambians have no trust in the courts or judiciary. All poor people in the country (who by the way are in the majority) perceive the judiciary to be highly corrupt and only inclined to serve the interests of the rich and famous. You never asked for my opinion in your useless poll

    • If a Chief Justice , Enerst Sakala can be so subjective, compromised as to decline greeting a leader of the biggest opposition Party, can he be objective in his delivery of justice. I don’t think so. That’s why Mutembo Nchito is justified that the two Chief Justices recuse themselves because they have not shown objectivitity. Ba Enerst Sakala is clearly subjective, compromised and biased and can’t be trusted to deliver justice. If he can show ulupato openly, can he be trusted, no. Infact he ought to be ashamed and just go and rest at home that’s all

    • jj ulabeja. You are supporting your crooked tribesman Nchito. So what if Chief Justice Sakala did not shake Hakainde’s hand? We cannot have a mediocre lumpen as our DPP. Take your own colloquial advice and sit somewhere.

  2. Shocking statistics!

    “30%” hypothetically is minimal. I would resonate with cases of divorce only, but categorically on corruption, I hypothesis that it shall exceed 75% in not trusting the system.

    The stance is based upon major cases of corruption charges against BANDITS who have had been embezzling public funds, yet they are now embraced by PF Bandits.

    First RB & M’membe et al fresco should be PF’s priority, but the former is now preserved in PF. Bandit Dora is another, DPP Mutembo Nchito skeletal scenario is also home to failures to truly trust the justice system.

    Otherwise, this is rhetoric leadership.

    The Skeleton Key

    • Let us not forget that, there is the everyday corruption that never even makes it to the news, because it has just become part of everyday life: nearly every public service is tainted.

    • Its not that Nchito should be DDP, point is that is the CJ impartial/ objective to deliver justice if he can openly show such hatred to a fellow human being, a brother. Answer is very questionable. But Nzelu, you have you own opinion just as I have mine

  3. This report is a lie. I think the correct percentage is about 5 percent. Many Zambians abt 95% know how upright and impeccable our judiciary is. No one should drag into mad our court system

  4. The remaining 70% who have trust in the judiciary have never been to courts. 100% of those who have been to the courts know there is corruption in our judiciary. As simple as that.


  6. As a victim of court officials, I cannot argue with this. At least I have tasted the medicine of a corrupt judicial system. Most officers look innocent because they normally use court clerks to solicit for money on their behalf.

  7. Chief Justice Mambilima puts a smile on my face. That woman shall categorically change the face of the Zambian Judiciary for ever. We need a new Law association to compete with the incompetent LAZ ( Law Association of Zambia ). With Wise old and new Justices and Lawyers et al.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

    • We’ll see, CJ Mambilima will be tested with the RB case. We’ll see if she will deliver justice. She was appointed at high speed by her tribsmate mmh. We’ll wait and see

  8. The number is surely very Low. Which pipo were interviewed if i may ask? Why do i ask? I have been a victim of injustice. Starting from a Lower Court overturning a High Court Judgement and file missing. Many poor pipo lose genuine cases, especially women because they have no where to run to.

  9. I hope Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima, will bring this injustice, especially on women to an end. Someone will mess up cases and then they are promoted to be Judge. What would be expected from such a person. I hope such pipo will be fired if found guilty. Demotion will not help us at all.

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