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Most PF leaders suffer from mental and moral bankruptcy-UPND

General News Most PF leaders suffer from mental and moral bankruptcy-UPND

Kuchuunga Simusamba
Kuchuunga Simusamba

The opposition UPND has launched a scathing attack on the ruling PF describing its leadership as morally bankrupt and suffering from a special mental illness.

UPND Deputy Spokesman Kuchunga Simusamba said threats by PF leadership that they will mobilise their youths to sternly deal with UPND members that will demonstrate over the constitution are unfortunate.

PF leaders including Deputy Minister in the Vice Presidents Office Stephen Kampyongo and PF Lusaka Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba have threatened to deal with UPND members that will demonstrate over the constitution mailing process.

But Mr Simusamba charged that the mental and moral bankruptcy that has afflicted most PF leaders is responsible for their alleged failure to understand democratic norms.

He said the special disease of the mind makes PF leaders misfits in a democracy.

He said most PF leaders sound as though they are out-patients from a greater east university behind Mtendere in apparent reference to Chainama Hills Hospital, a mental health facility.

‘W e are disappointed with the threats coming from the PF leadership but we have always understood that most PF leaders suffer from a special kind of mental and moral bankruptcy that actually makes them misfits in a democratic setting like ours,’ Mr Simusamba said.

He added, ‘If you analyse the statement, it makes them sound like out-patients from a greater east university behind Mtendere there.’

‘In a democracy, protests are a norm and when people are not happy, they must be allowed to exercise their democratic right to protest. In this particular case, the UPND are not happy with the way Edgar Lungu and his crooks have been handling the constitution making process and so we intend to show our displeasure by marching from our party Secretariat up to State House.’


  1. By implications you are also saying that Zambians are like that too for voting the PF.

    The new campaign season is not yet. Focus on your strategy for 2016, and stop insulting others.

    • Well said Mr. Simusamba. The most brain damaged is Kambwili. The ldiot is attacking every one including members of his own.

    • Do you remember time when late Sata (RIP) was in London and jogging in Hyde Park what Hon. Kambwili said who has voted for PF?

    • Like someone has already said, not all Zambians voted for PF. Actually the majority voted for other parties.

      The late president Sata had no kind words for his ministers. He described them as being f0olish. May be calling them outpatients of Chainama Mental Hospital is too strong a description.

      On the whole, it is sad that the Zambian political scene is dominated by riff raff hence the absence of democratic tenets.


  2. Start from your secretariat and end st the parliament building. That’s where matters of constitution are dealt with. Why do you always end up to wrong destinations. Remember to obtain a police permit

    • @sponge bob
      When EL talked about the constitution during campaigns did he say that it is parliament to sort out the problem? He committed himself and you are one case Kuchunga Simusamba is referring to.

    • @ Point

      Please forgive him. He and the rest of PF “intelligentsia” (lol) suffer from self induced political amnesia.

  3. What UPND is saying is the same as what Fr Leonard Chiti is saying in the same LT. PF can not be trusted as they have told lies and failed to fulfill their promises made during the 2015 elections.

    • What about 2011 election?

      What about 90 days promises which much later Hon. Kambwili “qualified” as “electoral gimmicks” which “only stupid people can believe”?

  4. Non-violent protest is everyone’s right, the world over. PF, let us learn to be adjustable as you can find yourselves in either side of the political divide after an election. Loosen the grip and just listen to UPND. You may fail to fulfil their demands but paying attention itself shows your political will. Well began is half done.

  5. Failure lies with the many inefficient and ineffective civic educators in the guise of NGO’s and CBO’s for not doing what they are supposed to do i.e every citizen has a right to express themselves peacefully without hindrance.

  6. No wander Zambia is number 7 poorest country in the world yet number 13 richest in natural resources!

  7. So the egoistic UPND considers the unfortunate patients at Chinama less human? What a way to aspire for leadership! It will take time for UPND to win over all classes of voters to its side

    • It is the typical UPND sydrome. The are the normal ones, intelligent ones and morally upright ones. But remember Dr. Canisius Banda’s talk about the ill-health of EL and what later happened to him. These chaps will never learn.

  8. Simusamba only likens the reasoning of most PF leaders (and not all) to be similar to those of outpatients when he said “‘If you analyse the statement, it makes them sound like out-patients……”. He is not reducing their worth or thinks they are less human. Once a patient is cured, his reasoning becomes normal and stops being a patient.

  9. Kachunga you are a cantankerous misfit leader who does not understand anything about demonstrations.If you analyse the reasons given for taking certain parts of the draft constitution to parliament for enactment you surely would not advocate for any form of demosntration. UPND has been singing and getting exited about 5O+1 close in the constitution and Kachunga and UPND must be happy that the PF wants to deal with this matter urgently before the 2016 elections.Why then demonstrate against it?You are a dull hypocrete!!Get a life man and stop wasting our time!!

  10. Interestingly they want to march and go to the very people they consider mental patients to listen to their plight! Who is a mental patient now hahaha!

  11. Very, very, very appropriate comment. This is the only suitable comment for people who can find bedfellows with corrupt fellows like Rupiah, Dora and the rest disgraced MMD politicians. PF is the current form is led by shallow minded characters who can’t differentiate left from right. I really wonder what good they have found in finished MMD. The fact that Rupiah partly funded Lungu’s campaign does not justify going to these extremes. I really get impressed when I watch the campaigns currently going on in UK though not perfect. I think we need to enact a law to compel parties to disclose their sources of funding instead of ending up the PF way. Cry the beloved country!!!!

  12. UPND are making themselves look silly, reactionary and devoid of anything positive for the nation.

    When people are recognising mental health issues and trying not to stigmatise people with mental illnesses this buffoon shows us that they wouldn’t care less about it.

    God help us if UPND ever forms government!

  13. Simusamba you need to be educated about the rights of people with mental disability. They are not an object of ridicule to be compared to badly behaved people. Mental illness can afflict anyone including yourself. It is a disease just like any other. So stop stigmatising disabled people. I am very disappointed that UPND which claims to have educated people can issue such a derogatory and discriminatory statement. You have to apologise to all disabled people or you are not fit to a be leader.

  14. A normal human being going to a mental patient for solutions….lol
    these guys-the upnd chaps-are mad zoona. Who goes to a mental patient for solutions, only a mad one does that!

  15. It is these extremist and emotionally charged statements that put me off from the UPND. Why should the so-called highly educated UPND officials resort to such demeaning and derogatory use of language? Can’t Simusamba find a better way of communicating his disapproval of the PF’s reaction to their planned demonstration?

  16. I do not take politicians seriously no matter how loud they yap. Their profession is to criticize no matter what the other does or say. They will never agree otherwise they concede.

  17. Very unwise mr simusamba,mental illness affects everyone so don’t disregard people who suffer from it.Try to be factual when analysing issues.

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