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UPND’s Cornelius Mweetwa praises PF under the leadership of Edgar Lungu

General News UPND's Cornelius Mweetwa praises PF under the leadership of Edgar Lungu

INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili (r) and Choma Central Member of Parliament Conelius Mweetwa stand together as matchers (not in picture) pass. This was during the Youth Day celebrations at Choma stadium
FILE: INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili (r) and Choma Central Member of Parliament Conelius Mweetwa stand together as matchers (not in picture) pass. This was during the Youth Day celebrations at Choma stadium

Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has praised the Patriotic Front-PF administration under the leadership of President Lungu for enhancing interaction between the opposition members of parliament and senior government officials.

Mr Mweetwa said the peaceful interaction between opposition MPs and senior government officials under President Lungu enables MPS to work closely with the government in improving the livelihoods of the people in their constituencies.

He said opposition MPs are now able to freely attend national events as well as developmental gatherings because of the change the PF administration has brought about were interaction of MPs and government officials is concerned.

Speaking when he addressed farmers at the Choma Diary association project launch in Choma yesterday, Mr Mweetwa said the PF administration deserves to be commended for enhancing interaction of the opposition MPs and senior government officials in the country.

“I wish to praise the government for bringing about change in the interaction of the opposition MPs and senior government officials which was a great challenge in the past”, he said.

Mr Mweetwa said MPs are a part of government because they belong to the three arms of governance as law makers, hence the need for them to work closely with the government of the day.

He however, urged opposition MPs in the country to respond positively to the peaceful environment the PF administration has created in order to enhance development in the country.

And speaking earlier, Chief Singani of the tonga speaking people in southern province people said it is good to hear an opposition MP praising government for promoting interaction for the sake of development.

Chief Singani said traditional leaders also feel good to see the peaceful political atmosphere the PF administration is promoting in the country.

Chief Singani added that as a traditional leader he is non- partisan and working closely with the government of the day.


  1. Keep redeeming yourselves from the shackles of tribalism and start and aligning with patriots.. Zambia is a melting pot of many progressives. Tribalism has no future whatever the utopia held.

    • It is simply common sense and those with eyes to see should see that Lungu is tying to bring normality to national matters.
      However, those blinded by self interest will of course see it differently and continue to shout at roof tops making empty noises in the name of “free media” and “opposition politics”

    • This is the guy that should be the PRESIDENT OF UPND.

      HH does not understand this at all. He is so fixated with an ALL REDICULE MENTALITY. As far as HH is concerned LUNGU should not be given a chance.

      HH has failed to sell his vision to Zambians. Unfortunately being a leader is about extending a hand.

      He has totally failed to tell Zambia what he would do different but rather just using his Corporate Macho to experiment on people’s minds.

      HH is behaving like KK who so strongly believed that it was either him KK or his family that were qualified to be UNIP. And where is UNIP today.

      HH has intimidated his followers using his wealth. In his head, he STRONGLY believes that he is the ONLY one that should be the President of UPND… HE IS WRONG!!.

      UPND… Wake up !!!

    • Mr. Mweetwa is being the MP we have always wanted, wise clear and concise. If he is to be the next president of the UPND, he shall have my vote, only if her highness President Hilary Rodman Nawakwi does not stand. Mwenyo, when will your people learn that Zambia is now for us all, no more Sata and his cohorts of the relic Jurassic generation to hinder communication and development.

      Viva Jesus, all praises to him.

  2. This boy Cornelius will certainly go very far. You can actually see that he has cast his vision way beyond Southern Province. This is the kind of leadership that will propel Zambia to greater heights. Ba HH bena awe lupiyafye mumatumba bambulamano!

    • This confirms the rumour that he will be adopted as a PF candidate for Chingola and there after a Minister in the PF govt

  3. standa singo zambia plou are flee. land o worker and joy……… zambia zambia flimen…..

  4. Tribalists always talk of tribalism. Mwenyo, what justification do you have to label Mweetwa a tribalist? It is inevitable for opposition MPs and senior government officials to interact. And this is how it should be. Even in Parliament they do. Even outside Parliament they do as the case with HH at GBM’s house with Chikwanda, Miles Sampa etc. If you say HH is tribal, would he have attended a non-Tonga function (matebeto) and enjoying the company of non-Tongas? It is the accusers to redeem themselves from the shackles of tribalism!

  5. Yah, Mweetwa has seen that he will grow old in the opposition and hence has started aligning himself to the Party in power. Mwandi Mweetwa akonsoni fwilile mwi bula, be open minded and broad based

  6. PF sympathisers are missing the point of Mweetwa. What he is saying is that in order to bring development, the MP has to interact with government officials (ministers/civil servants) since development funds come from govt. Mweetwa is also comparing the Sata regime and the Lungu one. There is no indication in his that he is supporting PF as a party.

    • You blind HH follower, you have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear. Mweetwa is saying that we belong to one Zambia and that we can work amicably even as we subscribe to different political affiliations. It makes huge sense than the position of HH, who thinks that political differences is same as enmity. HH is not a politician, but a selfish populists. He is a huge liability to UPND.

      With people like Mweetwa, UPND can form government at some point because it makes politics more interesting than insults of HH.


  7. Once upon a time? Time, time story time never ends but it should end with Poor Finishers!!!

    That is why Hilda Malama (Real Name) insults you day in day out.

    Ba kolwe imwe!!!

    You think this is your country alone.

    Te chishi chaba nyina (Ask Shakafuswa)

    • Te chishi chaba nyina “This is not your mother’s country”. I know what you are thinking, that I am Lenje. Im not. But Lenje people are legendary.

  8. This is the kind of leadership people are expecting from UPND.Well done Cornelious.This man deserves to be a leader of UPND.The pary should try him,iam sure UPND will not regret.

    • To all our UPND supporters, dont pay attention to the PF supporters that are praising Cornelious; this is fake praise. LT picked this article because it suits PF and they are trying to bring confusion in UPND. It wont work. Nice try, but we can see through you.

      There is nothing wrong praising the government when they do good things. That, however, does not make one a PF supporter. Im a supporter of UPND because of their principles and sound policies.

    • Mr Intelligent, I can see that you are not intelligent going by yo comment. Talking about how legendary Lenjes are and all that bitterness against other tribes. Who are not legendary? You tell, whats special about Shakafuwa he just showed his thugery side of himself that’s all, and its nothing to be proud of. What a shame

  9. Why should there be friction between us. Lungu presides over Zambians and should HH, Nawakwi etc. win they will preside over Zambians not men from space.

  10. @8.1 Mr Intelligent. Indeed you Mr unintelligent. People are talking about unit here but you want behave like IS that has no value for humans.

    • @Ndaje Kahks and Jj – Obviously, you guys are misunderstanding my comment. I was translating what the other guy posted and not necessarily encouraging division. Im not even 100% sure my translation was accurate.

      On my saying that Lenjes are legendary, im referring to my Sunday school teacher when I was growing up. He was Lenje and very good to us. All the Lenje people I have ever come across have been very good to me, hence my calling them legendary. Aint nothin’ wrong wit dat, is there?

      If I were Lenje and had made such comments, then you would have been justified to call me names. But im not. Anyway, I forgive you for calling me names.

      I apologize to those who mistook my comment for encouraging division. I stand for peace and prosperity to all Zambians.

  11. Remove HH in your comments you dull PF cadres.Conelious is simply talking of collaborations among Opposition and Government for development.This does not mean he is saying that PF is is better than UPND in terms of manifesto.PF’s manifesto is socialist while UPND is a mixture of Capitalism coated with socialists policies.This is what UK and USA is doing.

    • It is impossible to remove HH from comments that come from his party members. this more important if this done in comparison to the attitudes of him (HH) and his juniors. Do not bury you head in the sand. We need to see HH for his is exactly. His junior reasons better than him.

      So we will never stop commenting on HH’s attitude as long as he is a key political figure in Zambia. It is up to HH and yourselves to redeem yourselves from the bad political position you put yourselves in. regionalism and selfishness has no place in Zambian politics. HH must understand this.

      Mweetwa is the right kind of people Zambian politics needs. Unity in Diversity. Abash the proud and selfish.

  12. The only nonsense I see here is that the same morons who were supporting Sata’s divisive and tribal politics are the ones supporting Mweetwa’s observations. Funny indeed. This is the very reason why when PF puts in place a bad law or policy, they ululate and praise, when the same PF that put that bad law or policy revokes it, again they ululate and praise!! What kind of humans are PF cadres kanshi? it doesn’t look like they are normal humans with their own heads with brains. The interpretation of the comments from PF supporting Mweetwa is that they are admitting that Sata was a terrible divisive political animal whose departure has brought about positive change within PF. Na siliza bane

    • Your have not silizad anything because you have not started anything. It is UPND who have a tribalistic vocabulary. you just hated Sata because he beat your under five. Why is it that it is only you UPND guys who always see tribal anything.

      Mweetwa did not talk about tribe, he talked about working together. Do not bury your head in the sand. UPND needs to change. Mweetwa is right. It is not in the interest of the country to fight each other even when the time allows you to work together and enjoy each others positive contributions, either opposition or ruling parties.

      People like you belong to uncivilized politics. Political maturity is what Mweetwa is calling for. HH and some of his blind followers need to learn from this man.

  13. Some people are praising Cornelius not because he has made a good point but because he has said something “good” about PF. If he had said something “good” against PF the same people would be calling him names. That’s the level of unity they mean. What a divided country.

    • That is exactly the point. We are praising Mweetwa for saying something good about PF. UPND is doing something good PF members should equally acknowledge that. This is what Mweetwa is saying and it is right.

      Why do you want to insist on quarreling unnecessarily all the time. This is a bad seed planted by HH in you guys. Hating for the sake of hating will not help HH and UPND get into plot 1. It will only alienate him (HH) with majority voters further. Learn to live together in diversity. Being proud for nothing will not help.

      UPND needs more of the Mweetwas. We are not saying you compromise who you are UPND but learn to live with others in harmony.

  14. HH has a lot to learn from cornelius. Development of Zambia is everyone’s responsibility,regardless of tribe. UPND needs a convention!!!

  15. @Yebo Nkhosi. Can you illustrate how regional HH and UPND are? You are the people who always talk about regions and tribalism. Everytime you give a speech (PF leaders), you are talking about the same, tribalism. We are tired of this never ending song and yet you do not tell us how you will reduce unemployment, high ZESCO tariffs, lack of access to education due to high school fees, appreciate the Kwacha etc. PF needs to put its house in order; major in the majors and not minors.

  16. We still have quite a number of blogers who never appreciate even if when some people are making some adjustments. These are the people who enjoy seeing people on each other’s necks, really sadists. This HH you always redicule will send you to your garaves the more you hate him. The man is as innocent as he can be only that he has commitment to assist some citizens enjoy the life himself s enjoying. @?INDEPENDENT OBSERVER , you are always a dreamer, because of the hate you have for HH. For once try to be analytical and not just opening mouth out of hate for an individual. i hope this message finds you well f not……………

  17. @ yebo thanx for agreeing with me. We need to appreciate each other when we do the right things. We are zambian foremost. HH included.
    Secondly never in my blogs have I mentioned that I’m UPND or any party cadre for that matter. So please deal with your obsession with HH & UPND alone.
    Lastly, as I have said before ECL & PF are already in power. They don’t need cheerleaders. They need checks & balances.

  18. Good boy Mweetwa. These are words we want to hear from mature politicians not under fives. If Mweetwa is fade up with UPND perpetual opposition, yes by virtual of his good words for president Edgar Lungu and PF, he is very welcome in PF. Let him renounce UPND membership and disown HH. Mweetwa never insulted Sata the way Dora Siliya did. I stand with Kambwili to block entry for Dora in PF. Mweetwa can come in, Dora get out.

  19. Good way to think Cornelius. I think this boy has refused to be initiated into HAHA’S University of FREEMASONISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. PF supporters have not answered me. Can you illustrate how regional/tribal HH and UPND are?

    • Simple. He only wins in one region and tumbles in the rest. Something that happens in one regional is referred to as having regional character. (Not the character in the Ireen Mambilima song).

  21. No need to be personal bane,when development comes,in whichever region be it north,south east or west it will b for all Zambians.because in all these corners we find Zambians
    Parties will come & go,politicians will come & go but Zambia will remain
    Today it is EL tomorrow it might be sondashi or any other person & we expect them to work for a common goal “ZAMBIA ” lets not insult one another for being affiliated to a particular political grouping,religion or tribe.
    What we are currently doing as Zambians & Christians is worser than xenophobia .
    “ndife amodzi tikondane,tilemekezani”
    God bless Zambia

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