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I have no apology to make, most of us see UPND as a tribal party-Davies Chama

Headlines I have no apology to make, most of us see UPND...

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama has that said the ruling party was holding a national character as it was far from tribalism like the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mr Chama said this when he addressed PF officials at Eastern Comfort Lodge in Chipata yesterday that it was on record that the UPND was a tribal party and believed on tribalism like it was evidenced with the way the January 20th 2015 presidential election votes were handled.

“I have no apology to make; most of us see UPND as a tribal party. After the death of its founding president, Mr Anderson Mazoka who was Tonga, the party was succeeded by another Tonga in the name of Hakainde Hichilema,”Mr Chama said.

He explained that PF after the death of its founding president Michael Sata who was a Bisa from Mpika in Muchinga Province, the party went ahead to elect Edgar Lungu as Party President.

Mr Chama said President Edgar Lungu who was elected Republican President he would continue until 2019 as party president.

He appealed to people to understand that President Lungu was embracing unity in the nation through the One Zambia, One Nation slogan.

He said there was need for Zambians to unite and embrace one another.

Mr Chama said Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba would never be Republican President.

He said Rainbow Party was just in Lusaka, adding that the opposition party cannot win an election because party structures were not existing at grassroots levels in the country.

Mr Chama has since appealed to party members to continue growing up the party in the province by welcoming new party members.

He said Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and others who expressed displeasure over former Petauke Central MMD Member of Parliament Dora Siliya who joined PF were just expressing their personal views.

Mr Chama however says there is need to continue mobilising the party.

He thanked MMD through former republican president Rupiah Banda and other political parties for assisting the ruling party to win the presidential by-elections.

“There was Cozmo Mumba’s party, there was Mike Mulongoti’s party, there was Fr Frank Bwalya’s party, the MMD and Mr Rupiah Banda and others we say thank you very much for helping us to win the presidential by-election,” he said.

He said there was need to respect political parties which assisted the ruling party to win the presidential by-election by not hitting back by party members.

Eastern Province PF Attany Mwamba called for discipline among party members in order to grow the party in the province.

And MMD PF District Chairman Ganizani Kakungu complained over tension between MMD and PF members stating that the issue of Double Sim strategy was not explained fully by the top ledership.

The meeting was attended by Provincial secretary Eddie Kapalu and several PF leaders.

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    • In the 21 century when other countries are talking of science and technology, in Zambia we are still talking about tribalism…yaa! PF yes we voted for you and will vote for you again (because you are not tongas) but can we talk about the economy now? Is your campaign message for 2016 be centered on how tribal UPND is?

    • Tribalism tribalism tribalism.. Does PF have any message for the people who voted for them apart from reminding them that UPND is tribal?


    • No, he is calling a spade a spade. UPND is a tribal party. There is no question about that.

    • True my brother. One day some people will learn to dance to the tune of the music they are preparing now.

      Can this Buffon define what tribalism is. Has he ever looked into his own party activities, appointment, developmental allocations.

      Is he aware of freedom of choice, association etc in a demoncracy ….
      Some people are useless indeed and power drunk.

      Shame shame indeed

    • Chama just look at the names serving in your foreign missions and get back to the nation with statistics. Recall numbers never lie. For now Mr Chama all you need to do is relax and enjoy your position both Mumbi takes over that seat.

    • Oh no, Zambian papers! Can we talk about better things and show some POSITIVE ENERGY. Like;
      1. Chingola -Kitwe road employs 900 for LOCAL youths
      2. Construction of New KK International Airport terminal progresses to 40%
      3. 10 Zambians graduate at Monarsh Australia University as pharmacists
      4. Construction of Solwezi-Chingola road completed
      5. Bonzo Primary School in Chibolia upgraded

      Not jas only TOKO and NO WEKI

    • Peopleof Zambia kindly ignore the log in my eye while I harp about the spec in my brothers eye

    • @ ?Wanu Ngwee

      “… jas only TOKO …”:
      1. Chingola -Kitwe road employs 900 for LOCAL youths (lets hope the finish before reaching retirement age of 65)
      2. Construction of New KK International Airport terminal progresses to 40% (And I say that has not yet even re-started, I am every day working at LUN/KKIA. You are little laying rascal or 1mbecile cadre)
      3. 10 Zambians graduate at Monarsh Australia University as pharmacists (More Pharmacists die in accidents’ in Zambia every year)
      4. Construction of Solwezi-Chingola road completed (To which standard and within the terms of tender?)
      5. Bonzo Primary School in Chibolia upgraded (Great. What about universities and bursaries?)
      “…not jas only TOKO …” but a lot of CRAP&WANK!!!

    • Truth pains but reality pays. 95% of UPND members are Tongas while 95% of Tonga speaking peoples are UPND members. Any wonder why sensitive government documents are being leaked on a daily basis?

  1. UPND call PF illiterate and they have not apologized. Why should chama apologies? Only a Tonga can be president. What were your sentiments when you dreamed that lungu has lost and Mosses who didn’t enter the promised land was leading? Tribal party UPND.party for illiterate PF

  2. That is why Milupi has joined them. During the last presidential election he appealed to Western,Southern and North Western provinces to vote for HH instead of appealing to all provinces of Zambia. And just the other week,he (Milupi) appealed only to cabinet ministers who hail from Western province to ensure that a loan obtained for improving water provision in Western province is not misused instead of appealing to all cabinet ministers regardless of their tr1be.

    • Haven’t you noticed that you are the one talking about tribe? Milupi raised important issues about the $14 m loan. And monkeys like you only see his ethnic group.

    • Davies chama is just another example of a stupid man. He will soon eat his vomit like Wynter kabimba.

  3. In the football world, a defender hardly scores. Chama, stop defensive and offensive politics. Just prove your words by actions. Your (PF) scorecard is what matters, not revisiting election issues. Witch-hunting will keep the country in a campaign mood all through.

    • We are free people, and we are to say what we want. The difference between upnd’s carders and the PF’s is that there is a lot of idiocy in upnd’s contributions apart from only one upnd MP namely Mwitwa who for the first time praised EL’s Leadership last week.
      upnd’s president can’t do that because hh is simply immature and has a demon called “Delay”. This demon delays hh’s growth specially the growth of his Wisdom. The PF is the only God given party that is to develop Zambia.
      Upnd’s development plans are based on growing more maize for the people of Zambia to continue eating nsima and mabisi. Too elementary to say the truth. They are so much behind that to them promoting other foods is not development. Pathetic idiocy

    • @Black woman with pink malebe

      Are you normal? Are you of Zambian stock? Which Zambian voter does not subsist on nsima? What other foods are PF promoting – maybe Chikwanda’s champagne and caviar from stolen govt money? Zambians will be starving this year because of PF’s stoopidity.

    • Buck Teeth idi0t,you can’t just make your point without insulting, shallow minded UpeNd miscreant! Dalo idi0t!!

    • hahaha @ Black woman…you first call them Idi0ts, then they ask you if you are normal and you cry out that you have been insulted….hahaha.. That’s funny indeed.

  4. Mr. Chama, people are tired of constant blabbing on tribalism.

    The reason your party was elected does not have nothing to do with presumed or actual tribalism. What People of this country want its very simple, better living condition for them and theirs families.

    In so far, 44 for months after PF was first elected, huge majority are still waiting for actions and instead, only thing you can provide are empty self gratifying words.

    Please Mr. Chama, to day is 100th. day anniversary of the latest PF government led by HE the President Lungu. 100 days of empty promises and “populist” directives without even sent of clear action which can at least point in a right direction.

    Mr. Chama, tell the People if your party can and when deliver on its promises.

    • You see upnd is a sick party. It can not see the development that is taking place. So blind to the bones.
      All the promises PF made have been started. What promice has not been started? Most of them are in place.
      Just to give you an example “during the January presidential by-election campaigns, hh was only promising to continue with Sata initiated developmental projects. He became so loose & excited that he even praised all the government efforts. Even Munkombwe was denounced and sacrificed for confirming at a rally that upnd was a regional/ tribal party.
      My friend PF is the only true party. Soon PF will be famous in Western & N/western provinces. Watch this space. U will remain a one S.province Tonga party

  5. Instead of fixating on UPND, PFoolish Chama should concentrate on delivering on his party’s election promises. For most of us, PF is for northerners and easterners.

  6. Such tribal statements coming from a leader cannot help build a nation. They are divisive & injurious to a lot of people. Mind you there was only a very slim difference in number of people who voted for PF & those for UPND. Surely, you can’t continue saying almost half the voters were tribal! This tendency to say “WE ALL KNOW” – who are the “WE”?

  7. Wow! How can you take anybody who equates RB’s influence to Pachifentelo Mumba’s seriously? I mean come on!

  8. I thought voting for PF was the best thing we did, but now PF is praising and bringing the people we voted out because of corruption. PF has lost direction. Just for the sake of numbers PF has sunk so low, it has lost integrity. It will be a waste of time and resources to vote for PF.

  9. Is there any sense in the so called embracing unit theme by saying that mr SG?look it is wiser as a person of your status to think about the people who voted in that way and ask yourself ,do you want to win them back all its ok?,if you know that not only one tribe voted for the tribe’party’ even people in your own village voted for it ,so do you think they agree?you are in govt mr SG ,that stratege. Wo’nt work mind you it has outlived the post has used it for almost 15yrs ,people needs mature minds and they know how it worked for you,in opposition you do’nt win trust by destroying other trustship,all you need is to prove those who did not vote or suppoted for varios reasons wrong.mind you the same RB) na kalibumba kakwe,you are praising failed to convice the zambian people so he…


  11. Indeed you do not need to apologise. Eastern has so many tribes but one common language – nyanja, so is southern -tonga, western – Lozi, muchinga+ northern+luapula – Bemba. The hate, abusive language, intolerance is coming from the people from the above mentioned regions. Chama cannot apologies because the hate for other tribes apart from his cousins is within his genes. It is like the Jews and the samaritans..UNIP and MMD are gone and next will PF. We should now be looking for up to UPND, Rainbow, NAREP, FDD.

  12. Chama is one of the most ignorant chaps i have ever come across. It does not surprise me that he was appointed by a fellow clueless sangoma believing visionless cretin called lungu. If you do not campaign in certain areas how do you expect votes there? The very fact that the pf saw no need to campaign in southern upnd strong holds proved that they had tribal prejudices even before elections. Enough with these illiterate pf goons. Vote upnd in 2016

    • Here where you have come we discuss real issues. Not the way you behave like a f00l at tumfweko. We need maturity here and we don’t need to be hearing only from your boring views. I have always feared you coming to this blog after the way you have made tumfweko blog so boring because of your childishness

    • I ll now vote upnd not the njala pf party of belly and triblist politicial who always talk tribe not development which is not in their foolish heads.am real bemba mind u I hate pipo who shrive on trible talk like the pf and to make things worse they are even including all bembas or speaking for us all bembas as if we all support triblism.chama and mumbi should speak for themselves not us because they have being given jobs by ka lungu and they think we are all employed or all bembas all eating together with them,big no as bembas we are suffering together with our fellow tongas,lundas,luvales,kaondes but these fools chama and mumbi want to use us for them to loot and prepare their children’s future and family leaving us lost in poverty big no to me.these are the willie sandas who are lootin

  13. But this ***** again!!!!we are tired of this nonsense iwe chi chama waunfwa….tribalism, tribalism every day .we all know pf z th most tribal party in the history of our democracy.look at the appointments from the time your useless sata won ..did u hear HH at any time talk tribe when he used to get zero votes in muchinga, northern n luapula? All u are telling us that even our relatives in muchinga who votd 4 hh ar tribal mr empty head?

  14. Iwe pink hole stop this madness pliz
    ..surely if you are among the living can you compair HH’s success in life,his amazing wisdom, intelligence to your idiocy? ????God have mercy on this moron.

    • What amazing wisdon naimwe ba kick chakuti…ndiye upuba wamene tikambapo uyu! You want to turn that boy into a semi-god atase malabishi! You sir tar neo call, what have you acheived to brag about? Gellout!

  15. Such remarks from a fool like Chama will never stop us from supporting UPND as tongas ,and I will remain so .Chama you are a dog not wealthy to be alive. I wish you bad luck in your life because we did not choose to be tongas and we are very thankful to GOD for being TONGAS. This is the difference between as tongas and bemba thieves like you Chama.As tongas don’t live on politics like you chama. Just enjoy your stolen money.fool

  16. Whether you like it or not,UPND is a tribal party OR A VERY TRIBAL PARTY!!go to its secretariat and prove me wrong.even the language spoken is 90% tonga!!!plus have u ever heard tribal HH speaking bemba? apart from broken nyanja,this chap only speaks bantustan languages!!!most of UPND leaders are bantustan!!WE HAVE PROVED THAT UPND IS A VERY TRIBAL PARTY SO WELL MEANING VOTERS MUST NEVER VOTE FOR THIS PARTY BCOZ IT CAN DIVIDE US BADLY!!!SO MUST ALL UNITE IN 2016 AND RETIRE TRIBAL HH BY VOTING FOR PF!!!!

  17. Mr. Chama no need to remind us about the truth that we all know! Get down to work and stop that broken record thing!

    • What truth are you talking about you tribalist,when did stronghold turn into tribe? SNP has just won 56 out of 59 seats in scotland their stronghold,have you heard tribalism? You are very backward sir.

  18. PF has forgottten how Zambians knew the composition of Sata PF led government. All positions were that of Northeners and Luapula including parastatal chiefs and clerks in diplomatic postings.
    The arrival of Lungu on PF prominency was not by design by PF membership. All what needs to be known are the views of Guy Scott, Inonge Wina and MP for Matero, GBM, even thief Kambwili.
    For Cham to point a sperk in someone’s eye leaving a log wedged in his eye is shameful. Zambians are not all that foolish, PF has began to embrace RB not knowing what has is eating them, does Sata agree in his grave?

  19. Chama just like his deputy Mumbi Phiri are talking unity and next, disunity through tribal talk. In the last election alluded to, Lungu didn’t even bother to campaign in Southern province the way HH toured the whole country and the results showed. The UPND has councillors in all provinces and an MP on the copper belt and in the last by-election Sinda constituency voted for HH. While Chama is busy trumpeting his tribal talk UPND is busy increasing votes in PF strong holds. Recently in Senga Hill by-election UPND amassed thousands of votes in Mbala deep in Northern province and you continue to say UPND is tribal. The tide is changing and it wont be long before they win more seats in PF strongholds. Stop this tribal talk. People want jobs and development that will put food on their tables.

    • Judy has spoken facts ba Ndanje, UPND really did get a lot of votes in Senga hill so I would suggest, kindly, that you retrieve that hollow container you call a head out of your butt crack and smell the fcuking coffee.

  20. The tribal tag plays well on the mind of voters. Chama is merely securing votes for next year. Am surprised bloggers fail to see that

    • You are very right. They know that they can use this tag to win them votes. Even when they mess the economy, people will only be talk that Upnd is tribal and that’s it.

  21. This man called Davis Chama is UGLY like SH.IT; Stands like SH.IT; Smells like SH.IT; Thinks like SH.IT; Behaves like SH.IT; Looks like SH.IT and therefore is TRULY SH.IT!!

  22. Extract from the Post, “Tribe risks UPND losing votes-Nawikwi.” “..we were in the UDA and we were doing very well as a team until our candidate HH said while in SP,” Please do not vote for the now late Sata, then a candidate in the 2006 elections, because he is a Bemba.” “In WP he said don’t allow Sakwiba to take you to a Bemba and Madyenkuku said UDA had to be led by a Tonga because the larger partner was a Tonga and that was the basis on which HH came to the fore as a leader of the UDA.” Like Nawakwi says these things are in print and cannot be denied. Although the late Kapwepwe was very charismatic he alienated some tribes when he said that the Bembas were suffering because of him. Nawakwi claims that her children are Tongas because of her husband and wonders where that puts them.

  23. How can you preach unity when youre the one with tribal remarks at every oppotunity.zambians know that Vice Presidents foUPND are not Tonga. Most office bearers in UPND are not Tonga. We are not stupid as pf wants us to look

  24. The tribal card is the only arsenal that PF has against UPND.Wherever seniour PF members go there song is UPND is tribal.Contrast this with HH message:that of unity.Slowly,people are realising that hunger does not chose tribe.Hunger hit every one regardless of tribe with equal force.By next years elections,the PF tribal card will be obsolete especially that more and more people of different tribes are joining UPND.I am already on the ground campagning for UPND on the copperbelt,dismantling the PF tribal gospel,though I am not even a known UPND member.

    • HH is a white collar criminal. He knows how to steal smartly and project how hard he worked, ploughed the field, watered the crop, harvested it with his own hands, how he picks cow dungs day and night, HH is a arm chair critic and was lucky to be a Tonga picked by Anderson Mazoka to sit on Anglo American owned companies. Chiluba used him to sell of government companies for a song, the loot was shared by many and two of them are still alive and kicking quietly, HH and Valentine Chitalu.

  25. HH is a narcissist. UPND is a tribal party, funded by tongas who were made rich by fellow tonga Mazoka. Mazoka appointed tongas and lozis to Anglo American companies, HH, Muna Hantuba, Milupi, Chalala, the list is long.

  26. Chama, what is this? You mean PF of Sata has been dissolved and in its place you have brought MMDPF? Look at this quote, “And MMD PF District Chairman Ganizani Kakungu complained over tension between MMD and PF members stating that the issue of Double Sim strategy was not explained fully by the top leadership.”

  27. Obsession! This is just a campaign tool to block other tribes from occupying the highest office. Will vote for HH in 2016.

  28. This creature chama has an extremely low IQ! Like a monkey laughing at another monkey’s backside. Probably thats why EL chose hima s SG. He makes an ideal useful 1diot for Lungu.

  29. The word tribal is inaccurate and highly subjective. It is better to speak of regionalism. Southern Zambia includes Toka and Ila people. Consequently, it is unfair to single out the Tonga people. Some of the Tonga people I associate with are simply marvelous in law, mathematics, engineering, military, etc. The first political party to defend interests of African in the Northern Rhodesia was crated by Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula from the same Southern Zambia. It is quite possible that with time and imagination UPND will recruit more members from Northern Zambia.


  31. may be bembas see triblism not all tribes. us other tribes don’t see triblism in upnd but in pf who always talk tribe but I have never heard hh talking tribe in my life that’s why we voted for them but this time it ll be worse we are going to give upnd a biger amen to ruled this country

  32. I sympathise with the woman who not only has to live with and even Fu.ck this UGLY and Stu.pid chap Davis Chama

  33. Cry the high illiteracy levels in Zambia that we still can be treated to such kind of rhetoric! However among the educated, wise and, those with a free mind to analyze things for themselves tribalism is non existent what matters is respect for being Zambians of diversity and the wish for better lives

  34. Chama you are a fool! You need to speak for yourself and stop saying ‘most of us’; most of us who?

  35. Its true the UPND is a tribal party. The president of the party has always been tonga and all the parliamentarians are all tongas in all the constituencies the entire province. shame.

    • @chiparamba nkausu

      People like you should just keep quiet.Tell me which Tonga is an MP in Northern Province,Luapula Province….So what if the party president is Tonga?Your thinking is that of poverty…You will remain suffering…

  36. I have no problems with Chama’s assession and he should remain with such assession because he believes it is a good weapon to prolong his stay in the rulling party. If I may ask, could he tell the nation why the youths in Eastern province did not like him to continue as the Secretary for the PF party? These are issues. For me UPND in its current status is a scare craw to the rulling party and PF is scared to the born marrow. It is the more reason why PF does not even want to enact the pending constitution. There is no party in Zambia that is over popular than other parties. UPND right now is composed of intellects from across the country and I just pray that the false story about UPND will contine and then we know PF is continuing. All chama needs to d is just to be a bit more realistic.

  37. Okay, PF won the by-elections by about 2%. There is also a high possibility that they (PF) manipulated the election results. For argument’s sake, let assume that the elections were “free”, “fair” and “credible”. If we round off these figures, we will discover that almost half of the people who voted voted for UPND and the other slightly over half voted to PF.

    Now are you telling me that half of the Zambian population or rather half of the registered voters are tribalistic because they voted for UPND? Please, politicians, you are not dealing with children here. Can you start preaching unity and not these cheap politics. Last week there was an article from Kalima Nkonde on how the Government can create immediate jobs for Zambians….

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