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Police summon Fred M’membe and two Reporters

Headlines Police summon Fred M’membe and two Reporters

Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M'membe
Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe

The Zambia Police Service have summoned Post Newspapers Editor-in-Chief Fred M’membe along with two Reporters Kombe Mataka and Mukosha Funga over an undisclosed article that was published by the newspaper.

The trio have been summoned to report to Woodlands Police station on Tuesday morning for questioning.
Police sources have confirmed that police have been instructed to detain and arrest the trio for publishing a story alleging that the PF government secretly contracted a US$192 million from China for military upgrades.

President Edgar Lungu upon arrival from Livingstone on Sunday expressed displeasure that some Journalists have resorted to writing what he called irresponsible articles about state security.

On Saturday, Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili had called for the arrest of those behind the expose describing them as unpatriotic.

And a posting on the Post Newspapers Facebook page stated that a criminal investigations officer who identified himself as Chama visited the Post offices on Bwinjimfumu road and said the two post employees were required to appear for questioning at woodlands police station tomorrow morning.

‘When Post defence Counsel Nchima Nchito asked what the interviews would be about, Mr. Chama said it was over “some publications” but did not give details,’ the posting read.


  1. But if the information, according to Lungu, was not true, why take this case further. They say that the truth hurts. I think Lungu is lying. There should be some truth to this loan information. But why hide a loan if it is for public use? Something is very fishy here.

    • Is Lungu also the defense minister? Could they trying to syphone money thru the minister less ministry?

    • Fred is a cat with nine lives, he will come out of this unscathed.I doubt the police have done a thorough job in preparing the necessary paper work

    • The purpose of attaining power is to use it therefore Lungu is just flexing his muscles. Mmembe need not be afraid of any thing but I bet he feels really important now. Moving right along, nothing to see here!


    • Once a humble man as per PF beliefs now a silent humble thief.
      We were told that Edgar alebila naba mukamfwila impiya

      Mulevota bwino mwamona nefyo mulevotela
      Lungu is bad now with chief money lover Rupiah Lungu bwafya with Edgar Banda PF rebranded


    • The way he (Mr Lungu) disrespected Dr Scott when he (Dr Scott) was acting president, the way Mr Lungu manipulated his rise to be adopted PF presidential candidate, the way he threatened the other candidates such as Miles Sampa, Kambwili, etc., the way he was voted in by raising up of hands, the way he is holding on to Defence Ministry, the threats he issues out such as all those who dont believe in him must leave the country or I will fall on you like a ton of bricks, or Dr Scott is not my friend because we dont drink together, etc., etc., explains the type of a person he has always been.

      We saw all these signs and yet we pretended that Mr Lungu was “humble”. From start, I never saw the so called humility that you were talking about. Please, leave the Post Editor alone.

    • @Peter.

      You see why you are getting thumbs down it is because it is one thing to disclose what equipment you are trying to procure and disclosing that you have contracted a loan. Don’t just follow EL blindly. There is no one who mentioned about the equipment apart from you and EL so don’t get excited and start mentioning this that the POST did not write.

    • @Peter.

      You see why you are getting thumbs down it is because it is one thing to disclose what equipment you are trying to procure and disclosing that you have contracted a loan. Don’t just follow EL blindly. There is no one who mentioned about the equipment apart from you and EL so don’t get excited and start mentioning what the POST did not write.

    • Yes Membe may have had nine lives but his last one may have been living in Mutembo.
      And mutembo is merely a ‘mutembo’ ready for burial.

  2. Its an offence in Zambia to reveal a hidden fact. They may even start resolting to torture to extract confessions. Beginning of Stalinist behaviour. We need no Gulags here. Pls be sober and just dress up when caught naked, period. Noti ifyakulatutinya twakana

  3. Zambians are now proving that Edgar Lungu is a dictator. The man hates freedom of speech very much. May all the people that voted for Edgar Chagwa lungu be cursed. May Chishimba kambwili die of Sugar Disease and BP.
    May edgar lungu die next year b4 the 2016 elections.

    • May you die before him. May all your bad wishes get back at you. You are not the author of life. If you have not repented, what a shame you will end up in hell. Your satanist HH will also die at some point. It is our destiny to die. No one live for ever.

      Where is your sanity. Please think about your own life before you wish other to die. Death could be at your own doorstep. Maybe at the door of someone you love so much. You may wake tomorrow mourning. Be careful with what you wish.

    • So, Yebo Nkusa,

      What exactly is your point?

      We wish Chimbwili quick death and Kagwa to collapse and not ever get up, and you wish us quick flight to hell.

      What makes you different from us?

    • Anonymous, you are responding to my comments which are not aimed at you. My comments are a response to other people’s comments here. I believe you are not the right person to respond.

      It is for the reason that I find no substance in your comments regarding what I wrote. I enjoy coherent, cohesive and constructive discussions. Please, do not make get lost in the woods by following your pointless comments. You know, at times it is better to silent than expose yourself as being below par level of discussing issues at this level. Some levels are too high for people like you. I want direct responses to my comments period.

  4. When we were telling you that Edgar Lungu is inseni many of you were arguing with anger. See now how is is ruining the coutry.

    I have now started believing the circulating rumours that Edgar Lungu is a biological son of Rupiah Banda born outside wedlock.

    No nomal person can be behaving like edgar lungu

    Leave Dr. Mumembe alone you drunkard. Just concetrate taking yo ARVs. Embasy Park is waiting for you.

    • Yebo Nkusa,

      What has Kagwa’s parentage got to do with HH?

      Your excitement makes me think you are living in some way on his mercies.

    • Anonymous,

      I take note of your wish that I die of heart attack. Let me tell you that I do not fear death. This world for is but a waiting place for me to go and be with my Lord in Heaven forever. Iam ready for it because I have Jesus Christ in my life. if I die today, I know Iam alive. What about you? Do you any hope after your days on earth are over? For me no evil shall prevail. Iam a child of God. Try me and God will prove you wrong. My God stronger than your devil.

      All Iam asking you and you fellow evil wishers is that you let go of your hate and bitterness inn your heart just because your HH lost to EL. You cannot change that. You are only destroying your personalities. Let go of things you have control of and cannot change.

  5. That is the problem of having a muslim for president. Every thing he does is in the name of the Shariah Law.

    Edgar Lungu has more dictatorial tendancies than Micheal Sata.

    The watchdog should be adrrsing him as “The Drunkard Dictator- Edgar Lungu”

    • Tell the your Watch Dog to not forget to address HH as a devil worshiper and failed politician.

    • Yebo Nkusa,

      You are gonna die of heart attack!

      Slow down, these missiles come with the territory. Ask Kikwete. lol

    • Anonymous, I wish to let you know that Iam not afraid of death because I am a Christian. I know without any doubt that this world is not my permanent place. I have an everlasting place in Heaven and I cannot wait to be with my Lord forever. I pity those like you who have no hope beyond the grave.

      The devil thought had Jesus killed on the cross, but was defeated. truly even people like you will never win with your evil intentions. You are only blessing me more. You are not the controller of my life but God. I wish to advise you again that my God will always fight my battles. He will turn table against you.

      You may think you and your devil worshipers killed Mwanawasa and Sata. You dug your own graves. Hell is waiting for you. Your devil worshiper HH will never become president of…

  6. Trying to silence the media will back fire like an atomic bomb. The previous govts have tried and failed. On international level Zambia seen as under dictatorship rule of Kamina misa. If the story is untrue why wanting to investigate the post. Lungu is fighting the four state which he has no control over. Lungu Kamina misa is digging his own down fall. We hear the Vice President is going to northern for three working days. Northern is complex and is unforgiving. This time they will not cheat and use Sata for their evil intentions.

    • We are waiting to see if your HH will manage to win any significant votes in 2016. He and UPND will suffer the last and final defeat. UPND will go into liquidation and Zambia will be relived because regionalism will have died with HH and UPND. Never should we have a party and leader like HH and UPND. Divisionalism and insults have place in Zambian politics. PF will prevail in Northern province.

      HH tried to use MUVI and was disappointed. He is trying to use the Post, disappoint is knocking at his door. Let the Post deal with its own dirt. No one is above the law, not even the Post. Let the law take its course.

    • Yebo Nkusa,

      Well said, “Nobody is above the law.”

      So, now tell me, what is the name of the criminal residing at Plot One, who has been withholding vital information about the death of Ruth Mbandu? Don’t you know that withholding information in an investigation, especially as serious as this is a crime? He’s on record.

      Tell the praying mantis to come clean!

  7. Somebody must kill this rat called Fred M’membe!!!the id1ot has caused too much hell for mother Zambia!!!am pretty sure that majority zambians will celebrate his death just like they celebrated the firing of Wynter Kabimba by late Sata!!

    • Ba LT this post should be deleted and investigated. How can you allow your publication to be used for threats to someone’s life? And if Fred dies tonight?

  8. If it’s not true there is no need to investigate the said parties. If it is true, what other loans has the PF acquired in the dark corners of state house? I believe strongly that this government can’t be trusted. Government shouldnt hide loans and their intended purpose. These resources belong to the citizens, our leaders should be accountable. Anyone who thinks otherwise is corrupt, just like this government.

    • It must be true that this government of crooks was trying to hide the loan from the citizens. What is wrong in telling the nation about the loan even if it is for security upgrades? The country must wake up and smell the coffee about these crooks. This case will backfire on these PF dictators. One wonders how many loans that they have secretely acquired. It is shocking!

  9. The UPND and the PF are parties that are really Bibilical.

    The UPND represents righteous people while the PF represent the unrighteous ones.

    UPND Members are Sheep while the PF are Goats. UPND represent Heaven but to contrary PF means HELL or GEHENA.

    So all PF Members including Edgar Lungu and Fatherless Bwalya belong to the Dark Kingdom while the UPND including His Excellency HH and Erick Chanda belong to the Kingdom of the Light.

    So chose where you belong today, tomorrow may be too late.

    • Richard, You are a fake Pastor. Who told you that there are no Christians in PF. Do not bring God into your troubled HH, whose faith in God is doubtful from his reportedly faith in Masonism.

      God know no political party, but only those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in Him.

      Which cult do belong to? There some Churches, with some big following but are cults and misleading many people in our country. You seem to be a cultist. HH attends one of these churches as a cover.

      May God deliver you from your evil.

  10. Fred will really miss Sata. While he was alive Fred kissed gud bye to jails. Now we are back to the MMD days of Fred running away from the police yaipa bola

    • Which nonsense are you referring too? Whatever, it can also be stopped by making those who break the law to answer for their wrong doingings. Fred membe is not a super Zambian. It does not mean that if you have a tabloid you become immune to prosecution.

      Remember Aljareera reporters in Egypt. You and the wole world are silent, meaning that Egyptian leadership is doing this in the interest of their Country. We do not have to do things to please some political party in opposition or fear to make decisions because of HH and UPND.

      Membe is trying take our attention away from his court issues. We are interested to know what he did with his Nchito friends.

    • Yebo Nkusa,

      Slow down. Fred, whether superman or not, whether criminal or not, is still a part owner of the real estate called Zambia.

      The praying mantis needs to be careful oh!

  11. Eddy,

    Its only you who will celebrate. Some of us enjoy the Post coz at least it reports sense. I thought your Chagwa said he knows the pipo who are behind the leakage? Let him focus on those instead of wasting time with King Fred. Others before Chagwa have tried such tactics in the past and lamentably failed. Long live Fred Mmembe!!!

  12. On face value one would have thought Kambwili was wrong to refer to the statement that “whistle blowers should be arrested”. From this article it does appear that Kambwili should have said those who publish false stories should be arrested. If Mmembe and his team published a false stories, yes they should be questioned. If they (The Past paper) have proof they should bring it to court. Namakando is a lawyer he should know what he should and should not publish under the current law. In case he is not aware, his friend and business partner is not a DPP any more at least for now. So Fred behave like all other citizens of our land i.e when you err the police will visit you. Your Past news paper may not win you another award like you did when you called previous leaders as thieves etc.

  13. On this one am with Mmembe. 50 years of independence and we are back to the KK days of harassing journalists. That’s why we need the freedom of information bill so that pressmen can get information on request. Edgar is making a grave mistake he will live to regret. If Fred is lying why bother? This could only mean that the story is true. As defence Minister Lungu Probably has a personal interest in the loan.

  14. Why is everyone not asking why we need to purchase/upgrade military ? What is the reason behind this??? To borrow $ 192 mill for something that is not required or is there a more sinister reason ? Why are we not rather building old age homes for the aged, improving rural schools ( they have been renamed primary schools yet there are no books and teachers are more dull than the eager students), why are we not building houses, improving water / sanitation ????????
    why, why, why ?????????????

  15. M’membe got it wrong. He should have known why this loan was not anounced like others. Every country keeps security information away from every Jim & Jack. He is not as sharp as he pretends to be. His days are numbered.

  16. … You know, someone mentioned the late Ruth Mbandu!

    It is in Public domain that someone said that they know who killed Ruth Mbandu.

    Solomon Jere told the nation that ” A prominent politician is behind the death of Ruth, we shall reveal very soon actually this week.”

    The next thing that came Solomon was promoted….

  17. In matters of National Security, Government officials are free to remain silent. There is no obligation to confirm or deny that such and such a statement is true or false. If the response from a Government official is characterized by paranoia, then the possibility of criminal intent or intent to fraud could not be ruled out.

  18. Anonymous, again you are trying to lead to a topic I have interest in. Iam responding to someone else who made a bad comment about EL. To be frank I have no idea who Ruth is nor the circumstances that led to her death. So I cannot comment on this issue.

    One again, I will remind you that stick to the issue at hand and I will respond accordingly. Please do not shot at wrong targets. this is why you UPND guys are always missing the point. You and your HH are always addressing the wrong problems and end up thinking that the best way to get to plot one is to assassinate sitting Presidents, but your evil tactics are not working because God appoint people you never expect in Plot one. Your evil leader is always beaten. Beaten forever more. What a shame.

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