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Burundi general declares coup against President Nkurunziza

Headlines Burundi general declares coup against President Nkurunziza

Burundian soldiers control protesters facing riot police seated in a pickup truck in Musaga, on the outskirts of Bujumbura, on April 29, 2015, during demonstrations against the President's bid for a third term. Since the protests started, the army has regularly come between the police and demonstrators to avoid further clashes and the protesters believe the soldiers are neutral. AFP PHOTO | SIMON MAINA
Burundian soldiers control protesters facing riot police seated in a pickup truck in Musaga, on the outskirts of Bujumbura, on April 29, 2015, during demonstrations against the President’s bid for a third term. Since the protests started, the army has regularly come between the police and demonstrators to avoid further clashes and the protesters believe the soldiers are neutral. AFP PHOTO | SIMON MAINA

A Burundi army general says senior officers are “dismissing” President Nkurunziza, amid unrest over his re-election bid.

The coup d’etat was announced on public radio, with senior army generals saying they were deposing the embattled President Pierre Nkurunziza, who is travelling to Tanzania to meet East Africa Community leaders to discuss the recent violence that has rocked his country.

“Forces Vives de the nation have decided to take charge of the nation,” Godefroid Niyombare, a former SNP chief fired in February, said in the radio announcement. “President Pierre Nkurunziza is removed from office.”

Godefroid Niyombareh announced that a national salvation committee had been set up to run the country.However, it is not clear how much support he and the other officers have.

Burundi’s opposition leaders have denied being behind the coup. Former rebel militia leader and presidential hopeful Agathon Rwasa told IBTimes UK he did not know about the coup.

“I am discovering it now on the radio, just like you,” he told IBTimes UK from the capital Bujumbura. “Now, we will have to see what happens next.”

Source:BBC News,International Business times


  1. If there is a time one would support a coup, it is in this case. Selfish African leaders not willing to respect democracy and will of the people. I wish the General every success

    • Victory to the people of Burundi who did not give up even when the police were shooting them.

      Lesson to Zambians, don’t fear the police and ignore the public order act.

    • It is a pity that it had to come to this. Democracy has been violated, it must be restored soonest!

    • I agree these African leaders don’t learn to selfish to leave office i wish the coup succeedes and let the army take over until the new elections but this general also must not test power and want to be there forever let the people vote for who they want be like zambians.

    • @Obatala Lungulitis

      You are very much right! Some coups are necessary. Haven’t you heard coups that are celebrated by citizens? Such should be one. If voluntary vacation of office is not achievable force is the next alternative.
      Yes ‘Violence begets or breeds counter violence”. But some Generals have better intentions. Gen Obasanjo proved it. He handed over power voluntarily 3 years after his boss Murtala Muhammad was asassinated. He won people’s trust & was rewarded with 2 democratic Presidential terms 19yrs later. Gen Buhari has just been rewarded with democratic presidency 30yrs later for his stance against corruption when he ruled as a military man. Generals build better Towns, Abuja built by generals is better than Lusaka. They only become brutal if u don’t give them time.

    • And by the way, Captain Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso died a hero, revolutionary and still loved today 28 years after his death (MHSRIP). He is in fact revered. But he was a soldier. Ask any Burkinabees they will tell you they still want him back if it were possible!

    • A coup is an under-estimate. They must arrest the guy and take him to prison without trial. What a nuisance he is!

    • I totally agree. This is one of the instances in which I would support a coup. Nkurunziza should be arrested on his return for crimes against humanity and sent straight to the ICC.

    • @ Neutral # 1.4

      Unfortunately you forgot to mention that when Gen. Buhari was overthrown by his own co-conspirator Abacha (whilst performing pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia), Nigerians were subjected to the abuses 100 greater than the one perpetuated by the Constitutional Government of deposed President Shagari.

    • @Aleshaday
      Thanx Sir/Madam,
      It shows u & me well read!
      Otherwise its not unfortunate that I didn’t mention the Abacha brutality. It was the worst in Nigeria. The only reason ignored it is because from my comment am justifying the Burundi coup. So its pointless to mention the negative esp. when LT limits letters to 800 per post. Equally you would agree that Babangida was worse than Obasango and Buhari but Abacha was the worst of all. Are you aware that He even jailed Obasango only to be released after his ‘Viagra’ induced death?
      The point I was making is that Obasango and Buhari were better leaders despite being military men. How else wud u explain their electoral democratic victories?
      Babangida & Abacha Can never win an election? Baba tried it few years ago and failed.

  2. I wake up everytime thanking God iam Zambian. Lets call each other Nyama soya, akabotolo, kachema and pa chi fintelo. but not to reach to these levels. Keep it up Zambians

  3. This is way to go,, let some power hungry leaders of africa learn to follow and respect their constitution…..its jst too muc of this nkurunziza

    • What else do you expect from HH 6 elections, Nawakwi 6, Nevers Mumba 2, please leave space for others you have suffered electoral nightmare and its enough.

  4. A govt that is formed in that way in most cases in Africa is not supported by International organisationsmeaning there will be less support and in the final analysis it’s the people that suffers.
    So let these people do the correct thing in order for them to help their people.

    • Man, I do not support you on this. People of Burundi have the support of Au, Eu and USA. The coup is not a permanent solution, but for now, all the success to the generals. Let them hand over power to civilian government with 18 months. Nkurunzinza deserves it.

      I prasie The Almighty God that I am a Zambian. Thank you GOd for making me a Zambian. Yes we differ, but we do not fight,

    • I totally agree with you. Civilian rule must be restored as soon as possible. Military rule will plunge the country into serious political turmoil.

  5. When are African leaders going to learn that this is no longer the 19th century where very few citizens or non at all knew their rights.

    This is the 21st century and citizens are enlightened with their rights so it is very foolish of some African leaders thinking that they can make themselves semi gods and manipulate their way.

    Bob Marley once said and I quote ” YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE BUT YOU CANT FOOL THEM ALL THE TIME” off quote.

    African leaders for once be wise and stop behaving like ostrich birds.

    Help the security personnel to remain in their barracks by doing the right thing.

    Too bad for Burundi because 2 wrongs don’t make a right .

  6. …Coup deta s are not the best. Ask Capt Solo. Mwamba Luchembe. Christon Tembo. Godfrey Miyanda etc.

    The problem is selfishness coupled with greedy from these leaders.

    FTJ tried it in 2000-2001, people rejected him strongly. One only shudders to think of what might happned had he ignored the rejection from the Zambian people.

    RB tried it in 2011, he was told by KK to stop it when he unleashed soldiers on the street by saying that he did not trust the Police.

    You see, even in Burundi, the people didn’t trust the Police, they allowed soldiers to come close to where they were and hence COUP!!!!!

    Hope military rule is restored very soon.

    • Do NOT tell lies.
      RB handed over power voluntarily and peacefully. When did Kaunda ever say he persuaded RB to hand over power.
      Stop lies. Who are you trying to please.

  7. Military take overs, like motor accidents, do not just happen, they are caused. They are caused by heads of states with waxed ears.

  8. A worse evil than a military coup is a leader who stubbornly clings to power in spite of the will of their citizenry. He retains power at the ballot by hook or crook, and retains it for his family and cadreship. I sincerely hope Nkurunzinza’s bottoms have been kicked for real. Bamumbwe aba!!

  9. That’s the only way to retire these demwitt African “so called” leaders. It’s only because of their Wanton glutinous theft of the poor countries resources that they are afraid of prosecution once they leave office. They cling to power to coverup evidence of looting.

  10. We in Zambia have resisted this before and it cannot happen here so there are no comparison. Opponents of the sitting government must just work hard to convince voters.

    • But in Zambia we don’t have General but corporals.
      I hope this Burundi President can see sense. Why not just go and enjoy your money and travel the world? Next these soldiers will put a bullet in his think head. Poor mother Africa; always on the wrong end of the equation!

  11. Wamuyaya is only in Africa where leaders want to die while on the throne! Is it fear to face the wrath of the law for the wrongs committed while in office or is just cleave for power?

  12. @Ndanje Khaks, coups can happen anywhere so long as the ground is fertile for them to sprout. A coup will happen where all avenues for self-expression are closed and elections are a mere mockery of democracy. Wanton violation of constitutional provisions do enevitably lead to take overs. We are better advised to preserve constitutional provisions, having first given to ourselves a righteous and robust constitution. And those entrusted with the instruments of power have a big say in this. It is not enough to simply count on the mercy of God, as ever so merciful as God is.

    • I am sure you know that in Zambia the system is straight forward. If you fail to win an election you have simply lost. Don’t use excuses such as rigging. Just market yourself. Advocating for coups is not a short cut : it’s a wrong cut

  13. It is very difficulty to justify a coup but this one will be acceptable if the military will give back the authority to a democratically elected government as soon as possible. African leaders a a problem when it comes to democracy


    • That is usually the case. Once that General taste the sweetness of power he will ensure he eliminates all dissenting views!

  15. All those leaders gathered in Tanzania should just call off their useless indaba and go back to their homes to slove numerous challenges as Burundians have already found a solution for the problem of their despot.

    I wonder what they would have resolved while deaths of innocent people was on the rise

  16. Its important for patriotic citizens of any nations to put the interest of their nations first. Nkuruziza should appreciate that parliament hand picked him to lead Burundi and today he has become stubborn. The constitution should be respected. What is happening in Burundi is bad looking at what these people have passed through. A young man like Nkuruziza was supposed to be a model of democracy but now has plunged the nation in a boiling cooking oil. Let the Army facilitate democratic dispensation as soon as possible to avoid another genocide there.

  17. Most African presidents are very selfish. Burundi may go back to turmoil due to sheer constitution negligence. Nkurunziza manipulated the court to favour him. No wonder he does not mind tainting his legacy. This may be the beginning of another turmoil, God forbid. I read that Chiluba attempted getting a third term but failed. Once African always African.

  18. Can anyone here tell many soldiers have ever handed power back to civilians? Best they have done is to become civilian and continue ruling!!

    • Obasango did it! You are not well read or you are too young. He handed over power to Shehu Shagari in 1980. Shagari was later overthrown in 1982 by now President Muhammadu Buhari who was also overthrown in 1985 by Gen Ibrahim Babangida. cCheck my comment @ 1.4 & 1.5.

  19. President Nkurunziza or should I just say former President Nkurunziza invited this tragedy on himself. The people of Burundi gave him two terms to govern them. He should have been grateful to the Burundi people. Demanding for a Third Term and killing protestors is not the best way of thanking people who have given you two mandates.

    To the Generals who took it upon themselves to ‘dismiss’ the former President Nkurunziza and ‘bringing back salvation’ to Burundi, whilst your methodology of doing things may not be the best, we urge you to quickly restore civilian rule and go back to the barracks.

    To us Zambians, we should thank God that we always find ways to resolve such issues peacefully. To our gallant Men and Women in uniform, we salute you for not ‘dismissing’ President FTJ…

  20. President Nkurunziza a born again Christian by name alone. These are the wolves in sheep skin the bible talks about. It would be well if pastors in the world preached against hyenas masquerading as angels. Great for the people of Burundi and the Military for protecting their citizens.

    Viva President Nawakwi, viva Bo Inonge President number 2.

  21. Its been a tough journey for us in Zambia, but I will never love and respect any National in this vast World even half the way I do a Zambian. In a million ways very few countries compares with us. If you are ashamed of been a Zambian you have not known the world . I miss you Mother Zambia! I wish Burundi a quick return to peace .

  22. Thax,our General to have saved life and property for burundi people,but ensure elections in 3months time to have a democracy in burundi,we shall vote for u.

    • Too early for thanks, now there is full blown civil in Burundi. That General should have left the civilians fight to the end. They were definitely going to win.

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