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President Lungu expected in North-western province tomorrow

General News President Lungu expected in North-western province tomorrow

Zambian President Mr Edgar Lungu at the Dr David Livingstone Safari in Livingstone The Summit of the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State on the Reform of the Security Council on Saturday 10th May2015 . Pictures By EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
Zambian President Mr Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Solwezi district in north western province for a four day visit.

The President is scheduled to land at Solwezi airport at 8 hours en- route to Ikeleng’e district where he is expected to meet the victims of landmines.

This is according to the programme released to ZANIS in Solwezi this afternoon by office of the provincial minister Dawson Kafwaya.

Mr Kafwaya said on Friday President Lungu will tour Kansanshi mine and later hold a meeting with chiefs in the province.

On Saturday President Lungu is expected to hold a rally in Mwinilunga district and he will attend a church service on Sunday at St. Daniel Cathedral Catholic Church.

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  1. He shud have gone by road so he can see what we have always been saying about underdevelopment in NWP. There is also very good lutuku-kachasu there. Take a sip.

  2. Yes by road is better especially chingola- solwezi road and mutanda-mwinilunga-ikelenge…these roads are very bad.

  3. JAMAKUDI Wabe tall lay …… who do you think you are…..we chisushi we chi car lar….. Dont belittle the President

  4. You are welcome mr.President and we shall see what you will commsion in the province as you have been doing in other provinces.
    But your visit will not reduce fuel price,kwacha dollar relationship and the lack of money in circulation but the president and entourage will make DSAs for 5 nights more money in their pockets

  5. may be Mr Mulusa can walk again from Chingola to Solwezi and we can take pictures of him “clying” like he did in nth district of Zambia. fseriously, on that solwezi -chingola road, you are in a mbokoshi yalufu

  6. Lazy Bum Lungu doing what he does best, running away from the office every week whilst the economy spirals downwards!

  7. Good president ECL!!let voters know you in N/Western and Western since they never knew you during last election.votes from PF strongholds are already secured for you sir.so just gain some there and western.southern can remain with their tribal HH even in 2016 but they will cry again!!IFINTU NI LUNGU -2016!!!

    • If southern is tribal, then all provinces are because there is NO ONE on earth who is not a tribalisst including those who call others tribal. In fact they are worse on the ricter scale.

    • Mwinilunga and NWP as a whole will remain UPND same as Muchinga
      Luapula is UPND
      Kapita is not a factor .
      They are big fishes in NWP not ba Kapita kuwayawayafye

  8. At least Lungu is different from Sata who totally shunned the province and ignored folks from our mineral rich province! Bravo Sir!

  9. the President should utilize the roads in Solwezi, i was there a few days ago, almost suffocating with dust in the ‘town’. It takes 30mins to move a short distance. All the roads have pot holes. all the townships, Zambia compound, The bus station, you can not even recognize it. But all the mineral wealth for the country comes from there. Chiefs, citizens of the province why do you keep quiet???

  10. @tt, the pipo there have been shouting but this so called Pf does not care about that province. Just compare kasama, mansa or chinsali to solwezi. You won’t believe solwezi is home to the largest copper mine in Africa. Totally neglected! If that mine were in kasama or chinsali or mpika, wud have they neglected. No! Talk about tribalism, that’s an example. Don’t dare talk about the tongas, bembas are a LOT worse. I miss Mwanawasa. He was the only one who made sense to NWP. MHSRIP

  11. How best do we define tribalism during an election? After all, each one of us belongs to a certain tribe and one has the democratic right to vote to whoever he/she wishes. To me, tribalism is not the issue of many people from one region voting to a similar person but it is alienating a certain region, in terms of service, for similarily voting to another person other than you. We may therefore call others tribal while we are the real tr!bal!sts.

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