The Copperbelt Energy Corporation has announced plans to expand its business following the full acquisition of the Realtime Technology Alliance Africa, the country’s second largest Internet service Provider.

CEC Liquid Telecom’s Managing Director Andrew Kapula has announced the development to ZNBC News in Kitwe on Friday.

Mr. Kapula said in a statement that Realtime will now focus on the retail and business markets not regulated by the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority –ZICTA.

Mr. Kapula said the CEC liquid telecom would provide communication services to homes and businesses of all sizes across Zambia, using satellite and fibre networks of CEC Liquid telecom as well as its existing WiMAX network.

He said CEC Liquid Telecom will continue to provide wholesale products and services to all licensed operators in Zambia.

Mr. Kapula further said Realtime will receive network access from CEC Liquid Telecom on the same terms as other providers.

CEC Liquid Telecoms is a joint venture between The Liquid Telecom Group and Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC), a Zambian power generation, transmission and distribution company.

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  1. This is good news for the consumer. Perhaps the cost can decline if more companies come on board. For now there risk of an oligopoly or cartel.

    CEC can now transition to TV. Just that ZICTA does not think in those line. Only in Zed is innovation an enemy of government.


    • Zamtel is busy making commercials for somebody to make hay while his sun is shining.
      Zamtel services have been going south ever since the Libyan managers (Lap Green) were kicked out


  2. This is great news indeed.CEC keep up with the same spirit.We need such investments in Zambia.



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