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The size of the Zambian economy is a disgrace-Sinkamba

Economy The size of the Zambian economy is a disgrace-Sinkamba

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba has observed that the size of the Zambian economy is a disgrace.

Mr Sinkamba said the small size of the Zambian economy is an indictment on all Zambians on their lack of productivity.

He said it is shocking that Zambia is the only country is Sub Saharan country that has seen its development index worsening over the years.

‘Around 1972, Zambia had a better GDP than Botswana and South Korea but today, these countries have made far better progress than we have and it is really a disgrace that the size of our GDP which is around US$ 20 billion equals that some private companies and some individuals in the western world,’ Mr Sinkamba said.

Mr Sinkamba who was speaking during a live Let the People Talk radio program challenged Zambians to change the way they think about the local economy if things are to improve.

He said Zambia needs a change of paradigm and political leaders that think outside the box.

‘Every politician that has come on the scene has told you the same lies. There is no innovation in their messages. We need ideas that will totally transform this economy and the Green party has proposed the medicinal marijuana project which has the potential to bring in US$ 10 billion a year,’ Mr Sinkamba said.

Mr Sinkamba said those opposed to his national medicinal marijuana project are victims of western propaganda against the growing of marijuana.
‘The problem is that our people have been indoctrinated for a very long time and I know that this will take time for people to fully understand what we seek to achieve for Zambia,’ Mr Sinkamba said.

The Green party leader revealed that the Drugs Act legalizes the cultivation of marijuana but in a controlled environment.

‘We already have a law that allows the cultivation of marijuana but we lack the implementation guidelines. We have since drafted a Bill which will provide for guidelines and controls for people willing to start the cultivation of marijuana, we have shared the bill with President Lungu, DEC Commissioner and a few stakeholders,’ Mr Sinkamba said.

He also challenged the Zambia Medical Association to come out in the open and defend the medical benefits of marijuana.

‘It is a pity that the medical association has chosen to keep quite when people are issuing wrong statements about marijuana. Just the other day, Mrs. Mbahwe, allowed my junior DEC officer to denounce the cultivation of marijuana but Mrs. Mbahwe knows the benefits but she has decided to remain mute about it,’ he said.

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  1. Goodbye to your Blue Party, sir and wish you all the best in the dreamland where you might cultivate some illegal green plants.

  2. Why would one expect to get more from these recycled “Belly Politicians”, who would’nt be even fit to manage a pigsty in any normal functioning state.
    Most have jumped ship like broke hookers, from U.N.I.P, M.M.D, & now in P.F, managing & milking ministries then & now.

  3. I personally know individuals whose businesses gross more that $20bn annually. $20bn is comparable to some small rural county government GDP in the USA. $20bn is a budget money for winter snow removal in a couple of states. The duty of government is to empower the districts and cities, promote small manufacturing- assembly-plants. Provide incentives to farmers to grow export crops. Negotiate with Western foreign firms (not Asian) to locate their assembly plants in Zambia. Zambia does not need to invent anything to get back on track, simply study how others have managed to come out of poverty and pick out what’s reasonable and practical.

  4. How do you expect the economy to grow when half of the civil servants are appointed by the president . The job description of our president should be …..human resources manager . Very soon he will start calling clerks to state house for appointment ceremony

  5. The generation that took over the reigns of power from colonial rule at 1964 are bunch of failures. They failed politically by endorsing a one party dictatorship, they failed to run the country on sound economical principles, they failed to maintain- manage and expand industry and agriculture with the exception of white people. They failed to foresee population growth and plan accordingly, they failed to keep up the country with the changing technological advancements. But of course they have been very successful at having multiple wives-girlfriends and children outside of marriage. A very disappointing generation they have been.

    • Very true, I have high hopes for the young generation in Zambia to turn things around. The older generation has been a disappointment even at family level failing to provide economical and moral examples. Zambia has more than what it takes to pull out of being a borrower to become lenders.
      We can’t simply sit back and wait for them to die out but we can certainly tell them it’s enough and they need to step out for the young people to lead the country to a prosperous future.

  6. Politics aside , the country’s economy is a big joke. But get me right , I don’t know who stands accused in this un productive retrogressive developments. My only solace and pride about my zambia is the Zambians themselves , loving , peacefull and practically anchored on principles of UBUNTU.

  7. We let our production Plants lie idle, because we import finished products of what they are supposed to produce. Can we then seriously expect our Economy to grow. That is what is termed wishful thinking.

  8. What a f.o.ol! Zambia’s current GDP is larger than Botswana’s. Zambia is the third largest economy in Southern Africa after South Africa and Angola. I think this moron mean’t to talk about GDP per capita. Western Corporations are huge. They have turnovers that are larger than a lot of countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. So I don’t see the relevance of the rubbish he is sprouting.

  9. The work ethic and culture in Zambia needs to change if this country is to develop. Even if the younger generation takes over, the work culture is even worse than the madalas in power. Work ethic. Or culture is passed on as we see how our parents work. The poor work culture that was left by UNIP is still prevalent and it has gotten worse.
    The politicians do very little but amass wealth so this is the example to the younger generation.

  10. Half the national budget spent on paying civil servants. Promising to raise their wages by 20% (which will mean 60% of national budget). Then you expect the remaining 40% to meet medical, education and other needs and services. What a jolie!

  11. Half the national budget spent on paying civil servants. Promising to raise their wages by 20% (which will mean 60% of national budget). Then you expect the remaining 40% to meet medical, education and other needs and services. What a joke!

  12. Captain solo was right with his coup de tat,he saw beyond the lines and wanted the best for zambia.but you know a few understand.

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