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Friday, February 21, 2020

Zambia Police denies UPND permit to hold countrywide demonstrations

General News Zambia Police denies UPND permit to hold countrywide demonstrations

The Zambia Police Service has denied the opposition UPND a permit to hold countrywide demonstrations today over the constitution making process.

But the UPND has vowed to go ahead with their planned demonstration in Lusaka today at 14hrs.

UPND Demonstration Coordinator Chisankama Mudenda has told journalists in Lusaka that the party does not need a Police permit to air out their anger on the delay to enact a new republican constitution.

Mr. Mudenda says it is a constitutional right to demonstrate without seeking Police permission.

He states that the demonstration in Lusaka will start from Munali round about through Manda Hill up to State House.

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  1. Peaceful demonstration is one’s birthright worldwide. The presence of police in such an activity would only be to offer security to the demonstators but not to disperse people expressing their disatisfaction unless they (police) are biased. In the long run, the truth stands with or without the police harassment.

  2. You do not need a permit to demonstrate in a democratic country, only in third world countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  3. Tribal party UPND is totally confused!!!they cant believe that they lost 2015 election to a new comer ECL who only campaigned for 3 weeks and had no Govnt machinery to back him!!!now they 100% know that with no new constitution which has a 50 + 1% clause,then tribal HH will have no chance of beating ECL!!!wait for more tears in 2016 after your HH loses for a record 5th time!!!PLEASE ZAMBIANS STAY AWAY FROM THESE CONFUSED UPND CADRES!!!LET POLICE BEAT THEM UP!!!

  4. Lungu has now become so power hungry that he is scared of losing next year, That’s why he wants to beef up security/military. He wants to have enough weapons on hand so that when Zambians get tired of his bullshit and starting rioting, he can control people with violence. lungu so wants to be like that crazy dictator Mugabe, that he will do what ever it takes. He probably wants Zambia to use the U.S. dollar as its currency like zimbawe. I hope that in 2016, people will wake and vote him out of office. Just think about all the promises he made to get into office and now that’s he here, he has disregarded them. I truly hope that a civil war does not happen because of this crazy man.

  5. Hakainde should get a permit as he goes to report to the police on monday. He will likely cause disorder as he will attract a crowd.

  6. A demo about what? Unnecessary démagogues unscrupulously matching and buffooning ANd insulting, wont unb logical by any level he adedness.hh shud hv bin The Président of The République of Zambia now! What happe nd?unless u are on an a serious medication….

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