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Sikota challenges fellow opposition leaders over Nchito

General News Sikota challenges fellow opposition leaders over Nchito

Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota
Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota

The opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) has challenged fellow opposition political parties to state whether they regret statements they made prior the appointment of Mutembo Nchito as the country’s Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

ULP president Sakwiba Sikota has recalled that three years ago very serious statements were made with regards whether or not Mr. Nchito should hold the position of DPP.

Mr. Sikota is asking opposition political parties that spoke out over Mr. Nchito’s appointment to state whether they still maintain what they said three year ago.

He is of the view this question should be put forth to such opposition political parties for them to also indicate whether they think they were erroneous in their statements.

Mr. Sikota states that opposition political should further state whether they are going to apologize to various people that had different views about Mr. Nchito being in that office


  1. Not necessary learned colleague as the matter has rendered itself invalid. No one knows the future. Statements made by whichever political party (parties) were based on known facts to them at a time.

    • IWE journalist, why can’t go into your archives and remind us about what the opposition leaders said, anything short renders this article EMPTY!

    • Oh please… take a seat! What kind of rubbish statement is this? How can you accept such inconsistency from your leadership? This is unacceptable!!!

  2. Firstly Sikota is a big full,very dull & he’s not even an opposition political leader for his family party is non existent,may be Alex Mulyokela yes can masquerade as an opposition political leader not useless Sikota! Please tell this moron called Sikota to just coil itself! We want rational & radical issues which will help change the untold social & economic miseries assaulting the majority poor Zambians! Ba-Sikota mulekwetako amano!People are despondent of hollow politicking!I wonder what would have happened if this dog lead UPND after Mwana Mubotu Kambela Mazoka!

  3. Very biased. This is tatamount to inciting Intenties to influence judgement. Your honour, I object.

  4. Nchito alibe Nchito, the worst DPP ever in Zambia especially that he served under the mad dog – Chimaiko Chilufyanya Stan. May his stinking corpse rest in pieces and his soul remain forever in purgatory. What a bad demise of only a few days of sex at statehouse with Christine Kaseba who is up for grabs

  5. Bo Sikota- uyasha iti manje! Its neither here or there- if we all don’t give each the benefit of doubt we wouldn’t have a a second chance in life! Nchito has himself to blame. He has lost favour and unfortunately its a mess! The hyenas are waiting, the vultures are hoovering, imimbulu are coming, step aside Sikota!

    • So what are you saying? Sikota is in support of Nchito being probed and you are busying saying nothing

  6. Mr Sikota you are missing the point deliberately. Do not think we are fools not to see what interest you are serving. On his appointment the opposition parties opposed him because of the cases that the government is raising now against Mutemo Nchito. The government action is immoral. It is the government that should apologise to the people and the opposition.
    Today the opposition is opposing Government action against Mutembo Nchito because it is being done in bad faith. The reason for Government’s acction is because of RB’s cases which they want to drop. Their action is not in national interest but to serve interests of an individual, namely RB. That is not justice.
    You are also being malicious because you are a friend of RB. Bwana you have no integrity.

  7. If bo Sikota wants to be seen to be level headed and fair, he should have also posed the question to the ruling party and those who ratified Nchito nomination in Parliament. Since the ruling party supported Nchito, what has changed now? Are we going to receive an apology from the PF govt who employed Nchito?

  8. This Foo.lish Old Ar.se never ceases to amaze anyone!! With his fake Qualifications, he keeps putting his dirty foot into his Ugly and smelly mouth!

    What’s the point of raising issues that were dealth with prior to Mutembo’s appointment? The majority in House won and Mutembo’s appointment was duly ratified in Parliament. The real question to this Stu.pid Arse.whore Sikota is why he had to wait for Sata to die in order to start raising issues that were dealt with 4 years ago? I have never seen nor heard of an adult lawyer with such a foo.lish and twisted mind like Sikota!!

    Sikota with his fake legal qualifications is no better than Masumba and has just shown us his deep rooted devil firmly embeded in him!! Just Go to Hell Sikota!!

  9. I think most of you who are over reacting over skota’s remarks must related.Your DPP called nchito just failed to execute his duties.However,I believe in justice,he made others to face justice let him do same.

  10. Does he want to be the next DPP? If an evil man digs his own grave, leave him to bury himself. The normal opposition warned the PF about your concerns. they called them disgruntled tribalists. You celebrated the insults. Now, what else do you want the opposition to do? You are asking for too much young man! Grow up, let the PF sort its own mess! If you want to be the next DPP, please, use Mulyokela!

  11. But UPND cadres, can’t you think positively, even just once? The only reason why Sakwiba Sikota is not your leader is because he was not tonga at the time that Great son of Zambia Andy Mazoka passed on, not that your chosen replacement Hakainde was a better leader, NO!!!

  12. This man is now worse than father Bwalya. He seems to want EL to notice him; may be is indirectly applying for the DPP job. He seriously needs to be examined like Rupiah and group.

  13. Whether Nchito had issues during his appointment or not but removing him now just for the sake of RB is wrong.

  14. Its disheartening to see the calibre of comments on this blog but for a few…I used to comment on LT because it was the only page where individuals could disagree in a rational but respectful manner but these days… cadres with halfwit brains from ZWD and Zambia Reports have moved here. Why are political parties like PF and UPND being turned into cult and their leaders into Messiahs?? Cry my beloved country where intellectuals have turned themselves into degenerates in the name of political parties… their children suffer while the politicians secretly break bread ans laugh!

  15. Bo Sikota…this Nchito issue is all about RB. He is a never die old man who will get to you at all costs. Read today’s post….18.06.2015. The old man is organising the Turkish business men together with his sons. These are the people that are fighting with the Turkish government whose leader is in exile in USA. Their leader Fetuller Gullen is a Turkish Imam that is operating like the Zambian curtail to influence governments in their favour. These Turkish business people are running a secrete movement through Schools which generate money for them to fund the secretive Gullen Movement. They have built a school in Kabulonga on the same principle of always trying to penetrate the different ministries which are not even related to education so that they can soften the system.

  16. For more info on Fetullah Gullen, search for: “Fetullar Gulen:Wolf in sheep’s Clothing?- CBN.com”. These are the people that funded Rupiah Banda’s expensive campaign in 2011 and got the Kabulonga land opposite Hill Top Hospital for free. The Turkish people there right are very chick and disobedient to the Eduactional system in Zambia. They are untouchable and everyone fears them at ministry headquarters. If you interfer with them….they just buy you a ticket to visit some foreign country and then you keep quite.

  17. Almost all opposition mps voted agaimst nchito…can they tell us what they have seen in him that now he is worthy supporting-

  18. Sikota is a lawyer for Ruphia Banda and the hired amstead crooked so called lawyer. These are crooks and will be happy to see Zambia resources rooted. Ruphia where ever ministry, district and Namboard he served the corruption and neptilism

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