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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

UPND should not be defensive, Kapita’s departure is not good riddance-Canisius Banda

Headlines UPND should not be defensive, Kapita's departure is not good riddance-Canisius Banda

Dr Canisius Banda talking to journalists
Dr Canisius Banda talking to journalists

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) vice president for politics Dr Canisius Banda says the departure of former vice president for administration Richard Kapita to the Patriotic Front (PF) is a priceless gift on a free golden platter to restructure the party and do better.

In his Face-Book posting, Dr Banda said people in the UPND should not become too defensive by saying that the departure of Mr Kapita was good riddance stating that it would be a mistake.

“Mr Kapita’s departure is a grand opportunity for learning and renewal in the UPND. We, in the UPND should not become too defensive by saying that it is good riddance. That would be a mistake,” he said.

Dr Banda said that Mr Kapita’s departure was based on a personal desire to reorder his life.

“And I still believe that there is a role for dissent/opposition in life. For as long we remain incapable of holding a view opposed to our own we must saddle others with this vital responsibility,” he said.

Dr Banda said the UPND should emerge stronger now saying Mr Kapita deserves the gratitude from the party.

We, in the UPND should not become too defensive by saying that it is good riddance. That would be a mistake,” he said.

“Let Mr Kapita go, and may God go with him wherever he goes. We pray that wherever he goes, he will always remember to touch other people’s lives, that he will work for the security of others for therein lies his own,”he stated

And Speaking to QFM, Dr Banda described the defection of its vice president for administration Richard Kapita to the ruling PF as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Dr Banda said that Mr. Kapita’s departure has also created room for the party to renew itself and get better.

Dr. Banda has told Qfm News that what Mr. Kapita has left in the UPND is a vacancy and not a vacuum.

He saod that his party will in due course have Mr. Kapita replaced.

The UPND vice president for politics however thinks that Mr. Kapita’s decision to leave the UPND for ruling PF is personal and he should be thanked and respected in return, adding that ys the UPND thinks that such a decision is in keeping with Democracy and is not at variance with country’s national law because Mr. Kapita is merely expressing a fundamental freedom of associating with a political party of his choice.

Dr. Banda stated that the UPND now has a grand opportunity to learn and to restructure.

He said that this is why the UPND takes Mr. Kapita’s departure as bases for gratitude to him as has it has presented a chance the party to perform better in future.

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  1. Iwe Mukanfwilwa, just keep your mouth shut. It is too early for you to start making party policy statements. UPND is a disciplined party and has an official spokesperson. You can join PF too if you want to bring PF indiscipline to our mighty UPND. The president has not spoken on this and Mr Kakoma has not, we shall take your rushing to the media is opportunity seeking and just trying to reposition yourself to bring chaos in UPND. Be warned, we shall smoke you out too.

    Viva HH2016

    • Canicius Banda is wise, I respected him the way he handled his wife’s funeral. The only mistake he made was to demand medical reports of sick presidents.
      Ba Kapita might be sent in diaspora as ambassador, and soon we will be blogging together here at LT.

    • Owe mumbwe, these were dr banda’s personal musings downloaded from his facebook page, he was not making an official response! do you have to stigmatize someone for being a widow(er)? primitive indeed

    • Very good and wise observations Dr Banda. Us for me, I still believe UPND can do even far muxh better for the Zambian people if HH4K16 continues being in touch with the grassroots. I like the new HH. Lastly, HH should start mobilising individuals like myself with vast experience in the National Health Service ( NHS ) so that together, we can rebuild a better Zambia where no one had to die in RSA just for the sake of trying to make ends meet. A better health services in Zambia will prevent health professionals from migrating but instead, serve it’s own Zambian people. HH4K16

    • I was chatting with two UPND Executives at Holiday-In Lusaka a week ago, while in holiday back home.

      These are friends that I have known for 30yrs. The sentiments are that HH wants to personally attack Lungu day in day out, which is a big mistake. Better for him to tell Zambia what he would do uniquely.

      I also agree with Alias Chipimo that the opposition should concentrate on accountabilities & checksums

      Bands is correct on this one. This should not be taken lightly but a stable where UPND must recovery quickly

    • Long and winding article for nothing – there are just three things that Band said;
      1. Kapita’s departure is a chance for UPND to restructure
      2. Kapita is thanked and wished well
      3. Kapita is not irreplaceable

      But it seems there are deep- rooted problems in the UPND as Banda deliberately omits to state what HH’s position of this defection is. It’s a major dent on HH’s following in Northwestern province – especially after HH’s earlier statement last year that ” … We can work with Lozis, but we CANNOT trust them…” – making the picture really bleak, given that Western & Northwestern are UPND’s “strongholds”…

    • See how the educated and wise comment unlike cadres who only know “good riddance” to every action at variance with their opinion. Well done Dr Banda and should Kapita see your comment I sure think he will deeply reflect and act responsibly in his own way when looking back at UPND.

    • Is PF going to spare some $500,000 of the Eurobond or from the $198 million Chinese loan to appease Canisius Banda just like they did to Richard kapita? This coming election will require another $1 billion loan for PF election mobilisation operations that have started with Richard Kapita.

    • Let Kapita ask Richard Taima! Taima resigned as an MP for Solwezi East but rejected for bye-election won by Villie Lombanya who has never debated anything in parliament. I hope Taima is now an Ambassador: Eat with them else he cud be languishing and admiring the MP allowances he forgo. As for Kapita, lets hope the reported $500,000 (KR4,000,000) is true, then you are somebody. Why pay you that much just to defect to PF when you are not even political heavyweight? Otherwise I think it was just $50,000 or K500,000. Use it wisely because you may start remembering the little you were getting in UPND! ‘Lucky Mulusa was just so lucky’ to be appointed Special Adviser. Unless you also have RB’s backing, I wonder if you will not be dumped!

  2. Well said Mr Banda. If only u behaved like this since u joined UPND, people would have respected u. This is how a mature politician should respond to issues of this nature. The advise is full of wisdom with a lot of facts.

    • While I appreciate the wisdom, I smell a rat here. This doctor is to move too if hh does not appoint him to succeed Kapita. It’s just a smell of a rat that he himself Banda is a ‘rat’. Watch this space. Banda wants promotion or he quits…Zam-politics ni “mafia”

  3. Sometimes it’s better to say the so that you can plan better. HH says Kapita was bought so that mean that even Felix Mutati was bought to support HH?

    • Iwe, it was public knowledge that when Mutati and them were switching camp there were many discussions. Unless you have just woken up from sleepless slumber you would not have missed the talk about 20 MMD MPs joining the UPND campaign team, among them independent MP Mucheleka!

  4. After the death of his wife this man has become wise. What he is speaking here is sense. HH listen to this guy

  5. He has explained this diplomatically.that’s real maturity.dont think this guy should in upnd.

  6. I didn’t know the man was a founder member. They is aloT of truth in what the Dr. Has said. The aggression from UPND cadres is astonishing. UPND its not the end of the world but it’s close.

    • The advice is to all who rush at chastising others for jumping ship due to personal reasons and freedom of association.

  7. Harsh economic & social realities under PF will is not good for our fledgling democracy! One really has to thrive beyond the horizon.Its really hellish & a crisis scenariorical episode in PF era,only the real men will survive! Shakafuswa Johnas was off the hook also,we don’t know who’s next to receive the red cent again & defect in the name of human rights & freedoms thereforth justifying the absurdities & the unjustifiable! Eesh,life in Zambia,nikondo bane bwafya! Bo-Kapita meet you in the political field as we canvassing for 2016 votes for a real change! For sure,may be Kapita was the Jonah of UPND,or may be he was the Moses of the children of Israel,we may reach the promised land now! Let’s have either Mucheleleka or Felex for a difference now! Thank you Bo-Kapita for having…

  8. Every event in life presents threats and opportunities. Departure of Kapita is one such event and UPND, with good strategy, can reap benefits. In 2011 another Vice President, Francis Simenda, resigned to join PF. And what has happened to the party? It has become stronger. Strategy is what matters!

    • I remember Mumbi told Sata that he would never be president. He actually confronted Sata at a polling station and accosted him telling him to go away. Mumbi was at one time a member of the inner circle. I don’t think the joke was funny for Mumbi when Sata was sworn in President of Zambia.

      Vibwela musogolo sivizibika!

  9. ! Thank you Bo-Kapita for having sustained & stabilised UPND up to the time me’Civilised Sam’ has known UPND & politics of the belly of the Munkombwes! I really admire Ackson Sejani & Hachipuka as well as Patrick Chisanga! Bo Bob,come back to UPND now thax!

  10. There are more to defect soon. Watch the space.
    1. Garry Nkombo- Has reconciled with Chishimba Kambwili after calling him “jhikala” in parliament. CK has accepted the apology and ready to accept him in PF.
    2.Charles Milupi(He will soon announce the dispanding of his party and join PF.

  11. The PF is a party that went such tabulations during the time of Micheal Sata before finally forming govt in 2011. The PF had 28 ‘Rebel MPs’ including the then secretary general who insulted Micheal sata before cameras on the voting day.

    But what came out after elections was a surprise to many people. The party that was scandalized by Chanda Chimba with 28 rebel MPs defeated the corrupt MMD which was led by Nyamasoya.

    In the same way, Kapita’s defection is a great blessing to the UPND.

    Edgar Muslim Kachasu Lungu will lose the 2016 e;lections to HH and Mr. Kapita will be domed like the rebel MPs of PF.

    Watch the space.

    • Don’t compare Sata to your HH. Sata was another with his PF. In this modern democracy, elections cannot always be a repeat of the past. Stop dreaming, you are just at pains because Kapita has damped you. He has seen that UPND is going nowhere. He a politician with vision. Manje manje Dr. Banda will follow suit. Watchout!!!!!!

  12. ….Canisius sentiments are suspicious….looks like he is preparing an atmosphere where by he should not be condemned when he also decide to defect….
    ….I can see the desire and determination of PF tying to render opposition useless and in principle achieve their anticipated goal of one party participatory democracy……..
    ….men sometimes are very selfish (because they make and formulate traditional and cultural rules….to suit them)…..imagine if it was a woman in Canisus status of having recently lost a wife…..there could have outcry/condemnation for her to speak in public too soon after just having buried her husband….bla bla bla….

    • @ Scrutinizerer,
      Exactly my thoughts my brother, Band’s sentiments are extremely suspicious, it looks like he too has received pieces of silver and he is preparing his exit. Remember that PF started courting Dr. Panda during the late Sata’s era when he was caught frequenting state house???

      Our politicians are a very big disappointment to us the voters because as Munkomwe rightly put it, most of them practice politics of the belly. Education aside, they are all in it for personal gain. What a shame.

      Nobody will be surprised if Can.ous jumped ship tomorrow, he is really preparing his bed.

    • Isn’t he the same one who used to visit State house without informing UPND and when later asked he said it was for medical advice. UPND need to seriously scrutinze it’s members including those in leadership. May the Lord strengthen UPND.

    • @Economist,
      So you are saying Kapita’s move is a defecation and NOT a defection, in other words the discharge of solid waste from ones bowels!

      Kapita forgot that “ba nyela ukutali” …

  13. Departure of Mr. Sata presented an opportunity for PF. Is govt better now under Mr. Lungu or it was better under Mr. Sata?

    • Frankly, it’s better now since that ultimate Bemba tribalist died timeously. But govt will be best under UPND.

  14. It can pain to see people like Kapita leaving UNPD but it is his right to do so.This does not mean that when one hides resourses for the party then he must be left like that.
    We held him in high esteem but he has decided to join the party of his choice.
    North western will still support UPND as there is nothing PF has done in the province.Kafwaya is the provincial minister but look at the solwezi itself.
    Its not the name of people which we follow but the governance of the country.
    HH be strong as Kapitas vote has been replaced with mine.
    Time will come.God bless.

  15. @hilda,keep on dreaming until your kachema goes into oblivion.your bad language is an example of where you come from.uncultured woman with no proper reasoning.you will keep injuring your secret troubles for as long as you believe in your self centered pride.

  16. Good statement Dr. Banda. You need introduce exit interview for you to know reason pipo leave / defect .

  17. I foresee huge problems in PF owing to the people who are joining them right now. These are people who would want to be in top positions. There will be confusion in a near future. People joining PF are doing so to gain political mileage and not the love for the party. Mr. Kapita has not genuinely joined PF but to achieve his personal issues. The man was bribed.

  18. Everyone has a right to associate or disassociate,in zambia politics is a living for those without any other means,the va2ncy can ae filled by mutati who does not live on politics alone.

  19. He has excercised his democratic rights; let him go; after all he is not the brain or backbone of the party; more of us are joining UPND and we will get stronger; so what? a link in a chain is broken; it can be mended maybe he will bring sanity and civilisation in the PF which right now is a savage party using pangas and pistols to silence everyone;

  20. people are flocking to pf because is borrowing money and dishing out to people like the talked about K500,000 very few people in zambia under pf would turn down that offer but remember some pupils have no window panes on their class rooms in this cold and one big man gets 500,000 and some cadres are celebrating ignorantly.think thick heads

  21. let kapita go…… better people will come i.e mutale nalumango, lumba kalumba and other better people will UPND will remain sound and more effective…….get NRC and register as voters PF is gone…..

  22. Boring, next vice president please!
    By the way when are they sorting the cartel? Is it true that one member of cartel now intends to reconcile and sell his colleagues in exchange for freedom from impending trouble?

  23. Personally, I don’t know much about Kapita because he hasn’t been a very vocal chap. Similarly, I sometimes wonder why UPND has such a quiet Secretary General. This party needs to jack up its act in order to appeal better to the general public. I hope they’ll use this opportunity wisely.

  24. Can you really be a normal person to work with or follow HH the Under 5? How can only one ant believe he is everything and others don’t matter? Could it be that those around him are just parasites trying to milk him off knowing very well that he doesn’t what it takes to be a leader of a beautiful country like Zambia?

    Please someone out there tell me just how possible it is that one can honestly work with this upset person for whatever reason.

    Fortunately, no matter how much the Under 5 will pretend to be good to the outside,deep down he is a devil, controlled by demons and dark forces that he worships – Indeed he is a Satanist-

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