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Beating of a Chief by his subjects is indiscipline of the highest level-Minister

Rural News Beating of a Chief by his subjects is indiscipline of the highest...

Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama says the recent beating and assault of chief Muyombe of the Tumbuka people of Mafinga District is indiscipline of the highest level.

Speaking in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali yesterday Mr. Malama says he condemns the act by the traditional ruler’s subjects in the strongest terms.

The provincial minister has since directed the police in the area to be on high alert and bring culprits to book and ensure that acts of such nature are avoided in future.

He has further directed that the perpetrators who managed to escape as well as those already in custody face the wrath of the law.

So far 16 people have been arrested in connection with the beating and assault of the chief.

Chief Muyombe of the Tumbuka people of Mafinga district was on the morning of 2nd May gravely assaulted by his subjects who were also demanding that he steps down because he allegedly does not come from the linage of Chiefs.

Some of the people who attacked the chief are reportedly still hiding in the neighbouring Malawi and a search for them continues.

Meanwhile, the Chief Muyombe who admitted to Chinsali District Hospital after being assaulted has been discharged and is back at his palace.

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  1. Good Italian job. A chief is a person who if they err should be disciplined. Politicians should desist from directing police and let law take its course. They will face the full wrath of the law? Do people mean it when they say this or it’s just a good English phrase? Politicians are not part of the judiciary to just be issuing arrest warrants to everyone. So even if the chief is wrong the wrath of the law must be faced by those who are right?

  2. Too funny. Anyway I’m quite sure that chief had it coming to him. If for no other reason just by virtue of being a chief. The idea of a chief belongs in a museum.

    • The Idea of Chiefs is actually as useless as the people that uphold and perpetuate it… am happy because I have no person I call chief. All beings, family and chiefs themselves deserve heritance from the Lord and not assuming ownership of things they never created – that’s criminal. I can beat him too if he messes up with me and therefore, chiefs should take note that they are subject to punishment from their followers or subjects when they misbehave; mess up with me and I promise you beating you will never forget.

    • Is he the only other Chief, or has he offended you?

      Why don’t you go and get him yourself, what is keeping you from pleasing yourself with what you so long for?


  3. And you Mwimba Malama, you are the “people” who caused this fracas by not resolving a long standing problem of the Tumbuka people. This so called chief who was sorted out has stolen from the rightful owner of the throne. You as the minister should work to unify these poor villagers by getting to the root cause of the problem. We are living in the light of democracy where the voice of the masses should be head. If you are a wise minister, try to reflect on what you have failed to do then you will see that your intimidation will only please this so called “chief”. What is a chief without the support of his subjects?
    I trust that our wise Edgar Lungu will look at this matter to allow justice no matter what. Fintu ni Lungu even in Muyombe

  4. It is about the right time we spring clean some of these concepts and notions. Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Princes/Princesses – all these must now be sent to the dustbin of history where they rightfully belong. Why do we even waste tax on upholding some of these notoriously atavistic and in most cases savage practices? Most so-called Chiefs historically got to their thrones on the back of massacres and pure savagery and yet we think that is “part of culture”. Let’s stop BS-ing each other and send these practices to the dustbin. Let intellect, compassion and wisdom win in this century!

  5. Good lynching there guys! He needed to be beaten thoroughly. Now next Mpenzeni needs to be taught some behavioural lessons!

  6. @Ulubunda, how else can you describe a chief who dances like a kabova in night clubs? open your eyes!

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