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We have many people working with us in the UPND-Father Bwalya

Headlines We have many people working with us in the UPND-Father Bwalya

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

Patriotic Front (PF) member Frank Bwalya has said that said people surrounding UPND president Hakainde Hichilema are not happy with his leadership style.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Father Bwalya said that Mr Hichilema will be shocked with what will remain of his party before the 2016 elections.

“Three months before the elections, HH will be shocked with what will happen and remain of his party,” Father Bwalya said.

He said people are no longer viewing the UPND as a party that is likely to form Government as evidenced by the defection of its vice-president to the PF.

“We have many people working with us in the UPND but it is surprising that the man who claimed he controls the intelligence does not know,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said if Mr Hichilema knew that Mr Kapita was defecting to the PF, he would have fired him but he didn’t.

“He claimed that he controlled the intelligence. Why then didn’t he know that Mr Kapita was defecting? If he knew, why didn’t he fire him as per rules of politics? Then he feared repercussions,” he said.

And press statement posted by UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo, attributed to the party’s media and publicity committee, described Mr Kapita’s departure from the party as “good riddance”. Mr Lifwekelo described Mr Kapita as antagonistic and divisive.

“Mr Kapita had lost credibility and his departure from UPND will elate many genuine UPND members who feel very strongly that he was a plant in UPND and was eating with both hands,” the press statement reads.

Mr Kapita, a founder member of the UPND, and former MP for Mwinilunga West, defected to the PF along with several other UPND members in Mwinilunga on Saturday and was received by President Lungu.

“It’s with a heavy heart I am resigning from the UPND, a party I helped to build from inception in 1998,” Mr Kapita said said at Freedom Square.

Former Solwezi East MP Richard Taima said the departure of Mr Kapita from the UPND is good for the PF.

“Mr Kapita is a man of high political experience whose defection is a big plus to the PF and cannot be down-played by the UPND,” Mr Taima said.

Mr Taima also thanked President Lungu for his all-embracing and inspiring leadership style.

He said President Lungu has embraced all well-meaning Zambians into his Government regardless of their political affiliation.

“Due to his likable and inspiring leadership style, President Lungu will lead the PF into victory in 2016 even in areas where the PF has faced resistance such as North-Western Province,” he said.

He said in politics, victory is either on account of political party popularity or an individual’s popularity and influence and that President Lungu has both.

And former Kabompo East MP under the UPND ticket Lucas Chikoti, who is now chairperson for the Council of Elders in North-Western Province, said Mr Kapita’s resignation is a huge blow to the UPND and a gain to the PF.

“As elders, we mingled with President Lungu at Kansanshi hotel the other night. He is a humble man and he is amiable. This is what is attracting people to the PF,” Mr Chikoti said.

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  1. We know people in politics just follow money to sustain their living. But we are now not happy under PF and we want to try HH next year. This father Bwalya is always barking like a dog because he wants a job in PF.

    • Frank Bwalya still looking for a job. Namanje Kaminamisa Lungu hasn’t offered you a job? Maybe you are nt praising him enough

    • Edgar Lungu, very humble guy indeed – must just take the country in confidence on the plans and vision he has for Zambia ( not Sata’s)!

    • When you you say “we want to try UPND next” who are you referring to? Of course not us the many Zambians!! It is very clear that UPND is a failed project and people will not listen and buy from rhetoric and stories, they want tangible results as a result of projects that empower them and their children.

      If you really a political analyst, you can tell that there is a big problem in opposition especially the self loud mouthed UPND. Accept that there is leadership crisis in UPND under HH otherwise you are dead and buried.

      Under H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu our country is poised for serious development never seen in our country before. Watch this space.

    • Scumbag Bwalya,

      Very useless chap! Just kill chickens as what you know best.

      The Skeleton Key

    • Iwe screte code whatever u ar withyour fake name ifwe kuno ku northern we ve reflected and proved that Lungu is a failure who has failed to govern our country by embracing criminals like RB and our vision is lost that bashikulu ba sata had.am better with HH than with kaminamisa wha has destroyed our party atase

    • I agree with you this stupid job seeker cadre. Even himself said it is no longer a father.

      UPND for 2016. We are on the ground encouraging young people to get their Green National Cards. After that, to register has voters.

      This Kapita is no longer a factor in North-Western Province period

  2. Only foolish and mad people will vote for PF next year 2016. They are getting loans from other countries and share secret to buy houses but after the media publish they start complaining

    • These things happen. Look at Sata/PF, even just before the 2011 electio swhich he won, his former SG Mumbiwas villifyinvhim that he is a nobody. Didnt he have other strong SGs such as Chimumbwa, “bought away” from him in order to cripple him. Ba UPND/HH, take heartand note that these things happen and should have been expected one wayor the other. Use this opportunity, to bring into your Party, stronger and new blood from Northern or Eastern Zambia with more potential vote numbers unlike Kapita to improve your situation.

  3. When the wind of change comes with or without Kapita, HH is going to state house. Kapita is not UPND and UPND is and will never be Kapita. Don’t be over excited ba PF to think that Kapita has resigned becoz of bad leadership from HH, he (Kapita) has simply resigned like many other african politicians and Zambia in particular for his stomach and nothing else.

    • He is a father to Edgar Lungu’s children. Who knows may be he used to go out with his wife.

      To me, he is fatherless and jobless Bwalya who used to rape catholic nuns.

    • He is a father to Edgar Lungu’s children. Who knows may be he used to go out with his wife.

      To me, he is fatherless and jobless Bwalya who used to repu catholic nuns.


    • How many times have we been subjected to this nonsense of HH winning elections and all we see when we decide is self claim the “I have won I have won”. Please give us a break. Haikavotela Heka will NEVER rule Zambia, the chances are 1 to a million!!!!

      Mr. Kapita understood UPND better than you chaps yapping aimlessly and the fact that he has joined the Progressive men and women in PF, many will jump on the boat. Don’t ask why because I wont tell no lie. UPND is long DEAD.

      And if you ask me, you are better off keeping quiet because we are very annoyed with what you criminals did in January elections and we will teach you a lesson you die with.

      Tatulumbila umwenso mu PF, we are just serious people. Let your HH go and cheat some few disgruntled chaps in UK and see where it will…

    • which state house?Built a state house in Monze for HH because plot one along independence avenue takengilemo!!We saw this coming!!UPND is now in the Political Intensive Care Unite (PICU)!!

  4. Too bad ba Frank Bwalya has been reduced to a cadre who is unleashed to verbally attack political enemies of PF.

    • That’s the beauty of PF, it’s President does not talk, but others talk for him. Humble, meek, committed to duty, does not fight with words against other politicians but can just go to them or invite them, and the game is over in his favour, while your under-five will be spending money to buy support.
      If EL continues with this style, he will stand again and win in 2021. PF for Zambia’s development.
      Long live PF…ECL

      Mwamona mwebo ba Mulongoti ka? Tame your mouth and be part of the development. Bu President tabwamilinga.

  5. In all honest, Zambians please. “Actions speak loud than words”. The change we are seeking in Zambia is not about HH. The reason we are looking at HH is because of issues like:
    1. Hiding a $192 Million and you make a dull and invalid excuse that it in national security to hide your own money from you
    2. Unlimited borrowing that will lead the country to lose its sovereignty because foreigners will own everything
    Among many other things… With or without HH PF must be kicked out no matter what. HH if you reading this, just know next year you are going to state house. Lungu is very scared and is poaching desperate and unprincipled people like Kapita and this fake father that slaughters a chicken at rallies

    • Pretending all is well in UPND is a joke things are not right we need change at top executive level even if HH takes us to another presidential loss but let us increase the numbers in parliament but let us start talking more no one is an island

    • Ba Chisenga, kapita has neva been a factor. A dormant guy who just managed to still campaign funds. How dead z a party which only has a 2% difference with the party in power. Stop this hatred n empty claims we are more educated to these issues than u do.

  6. Those are politics of the belly Mr Bwalya. Now compare the number of political heavy weights, self made men and women who have moved from other parties and supports UPND to one Ben Kapita. You will find where the balance is but certainly not your wish.

    • The so called “heavy weights” were there even in January 2015. They campaigned cat and dogs for 90 days and fly the country like grass hoppers.
      ECL only did it for 21 days there he is in State House. Dont tell us that even the next “big” one to defect is a nobody…watch this space and remain with your Indians and Maureen.

      VJ the veteran politician who campaigned viciously for HH has already ditched him in case you haven’t seen this yet!! Go ask Masebo and GBM, in which party are they toady if indeed they are not regretting having supported the Under 5?
      Strategy and intelligence separates the boys from men. Pa bwatoooo, nafuti nafuti, pali One Edgar Chagwa Lungu fye for the next ten solid years period!!

  7. @domwbwa very true the man who defected is richard kapita now pf are behaving like he is richard upnd.i think mostly who comment here are below 10 they dont know that towards 2011 almost 25 pf mps were working with mmd but still banda wept

  8. Even if it’s free speech, why does the media give time to political leeches like Frank Bwalya? Instead of concentrating on Pf and job hunting, he is busy castigating others taking us back to a one ‘Party’ state. Ubupuba na mubukulu!

  9. Sata used won Northern, Luapula, Lusaka and CB twice in 2006 and 2008 but did not go to State House. Mazoka also won Lusaka in 2001 but did not go to State House. So the notion that some regions are what make you president is mere hallucination.

  10. If UPND is trully finished as claimed by rogue job seekers like Frank and Taima, Why is it giving them sleepless nights?
    It is PF that has opened doors archived long forgotten rogues like Taima. ECL is embracing the so called new members in the spirit of all inclusiveness at frustration of genuine PF members.

    This is a time bomb for ECL. These noise makers are hungry jackals ready to devour every chunk of opportunity. Alas these jackals are now even controlling him. Imagine Mwamba Refusing to take up a diplomatic appointment to asia and demanding for South Africa?

    Once these opportunistic and highly infectious jackals settle down, we shall surely see the worst turmoil in PF. Its going to be scramble for jobs and lion shares.

  11. It is politics of the berry.UPND is not finished its people like Taima,Chikoti,Kafwaya,Chingimbu and now Kapita are the only jews who are not seeing what is happening in North Western Province.
    All provinces can vote for PF but not North-Western.
    Is Lungu not ashamed to come and hand over equipment bought under CDF?
    What project has Lungu launched in the province with given time frame apart from the usual promises?
    What development has Lungu started in the province?
    Gone are the days?

  12. spot on Fr Frank Bwalya, EL is the most qualified and suitable leader to lead our country to prosperity. viva PF. hater will die of jealous and envy

  13. Ati he defected with several UPND members,be specific it with 2 pipo.We wish him all the best but its good that he is out.He was not active.We will revert to our old system of 3veeps for political,admin and economic.I propose Dr.Banda,Maureen Mwanawasa and Mutati/GBM.This will be a deadly combination.Just thinking.This fatherless Bwalya,its time for him to officially marry than for him to continue misbehaving at mayela.

  14. Lifwekelo was forming PF for Sata when Kapita and Mazoka were doing mwanawasa bad. Lifwekelo would have been somebody in PF had he faith and patience with his former boss Sata. It is funny how a new comer to UPND like Lifwekelo can call a founding member and former boss of his in UPND a ‘plant.’ Cisungu tamwaishiba or what?

  15. The fact is that Edgar Lungu is losing. I know he will try to invite sangomas but that wont work. Time is up for him to leave.

  16. Zambians stop fighting for other people’s weakedness and let’s just accept that a defect either from ruling party or opposition its a big lose to that party where that person has defected from;just to comment on mr kapita’s defect from UPND its a big lose because this man is one of the founders of this party besides that he knows all the coners of UPND don’t just bwata bwata without observing and asses the situation.

  17. Chamba, mashabe and masturbation are not good for the brain. Find a wife, settle down then we can trust you!

  18. Since the tragic ascendance of one Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba to the pinnacle of Zambian politics in 1991, the depth of the rot he engendered and allowed to fester has literally percolated to the very heart of the state.

    The stinking and corruptive state-institutional legacy he left behind now runs so deep and wide. It has shown a cunning resilience to endure his well-deserved demise from an overdose of Viagra. Right through Bwezani Banda, Chilufya Sata and now Lungu, the roller-coaster rolls on, unabated! If nothing is done to put brakes on this debilitating cancer, it is likely to ultimately devour the state itself.

    Starting with Chiluba’s Katebe Katoto scum though which the country lost millions, Banda’s Nigerian arms vile excrement to Lungu’s recently exposed Netsanet…

  19. Mengistu armsgate scandal, Chiluba set the stage for a “kaca” most injurious to the fabric of the state and Lungu’s latest scum is but a new landmark on Zambia’s well-travelled downward trajectory to doomsday!

    Have you ever wondered why a poor country like Zambia has such a massive cabinet that literally constitutes more than half of parliament? What of this useless and overly expensive culture of endless by elections Sata started, what is it really intended to achieve? And what manner of people would elect a clearly senile and diseased septuagenarian like Sata for president? After he, as was expected, dies in office after spending 3 years hoping from one clinic to another overseas, they go on to elect an alcoholic with fully blown AIDS and serious kidney failure problems for…

  20. Fatherless BWALYA; You can YAP, YAP and YAP as loudly as you can, but Lungu will never hear you and if he doesnt hear, he will never give you a job. We know what sort of hypocritical shameless person you are. To day you sit and eat with RB, the man you passionately condemned, To day you are eating with Lungu whose party you so much conemned not so long ago. Come 2016, you are likely to crossover and glorify HH while condemning PF and friends. Please Bwalya find a life and try to postively contribute to Zambia’s economic development which starts with respecting and appreciating the role of opposition parties in any democracy. Politics are different from religion where you believe without questioning.

  21. It must have been a painfull and shamefull moment for everyone in PF who witnessed the BOOING of Kapita. If Kapita was a figure in politics, shouts of praise and joy would have been heard. Analyze the who event.
    Mr. Chikoti and Taima have the same mentality like Frank Bwalya for we have seen them shifting posts. North-Western is not interested in the humility of people; we want to see development.

  22. You mingle with someone in less than an hr and conclude he/she is good! This is impaired judgement. Most of these defectors do so for survival, they have limited brains to develop the nation. Instead of attending to many problems of NWP, the provincial minister is in the president’s entourage just to fatten his pocket.


  24. People of Zambia, UPND and MMD are not finished parties. There is nothing wrong with their leaders. The problem is that they are both not attractive – there have no money to pay job seekers and hungry hygenas, that is the only reason. MMD hungry members went to support PF and UPND because they ‘food’. Even Dora knows this fact. She can cleanly win even on MMD but she is looking for more than the votes.

  25. Kapita is a real disgrace, but of course he joins the ranks of spineless Father Bwalya and others who “defect” just before elections to the party they perceive will win or to the ruling party so that they may have a job. It is a question of livelihood rather than principles hence Kapita’s “heavy heart” when he was announcing his defection!

  26. Which party is making the ruling party shiver?? Let us balance the opposition for checks and balances.

  27. cadre bwalya is a 5tupid m ad failed preacher and thrives on left overs under the dining table at state house i hear he is the one tasked to clean toilets there

  28. All is well with UPND, it really does not matter who takes over the reigns of UPND, what we know is thagt UPND is a party of the learned. We are all suffering now because the uneducated are in the majority and it will take quite a while for the situation to be reversed. We have a lot of these guys who are not in employment and majority of them are unemployable after all because of lack of skills. As a result they all seem not to loose anything whther the economy is doing fine or not because poverty is their comfort zone. They will make people in leadership as theirf small gods so that at least the social structures at grassroot levels are not disturbed for their own survival, because it is where they command a lot of authority through intimidations. LUNGU will continue to rule AS LONG.

  29. I’m sure Frank Bwalya has an idea of what happens to deceitful people like him when they depart this life! He has an idea of which spiritual realm he will qualify for! People must completely ignore this man until he finds his lost compass!

  30. From party president to chief cadre. There is a point in a man’s life when survival instinct kicks in and all principles are lost. Such is the stage the father has reached.

  31. This Jihad Bwalya as the chickens would call him is a mad former priest. Not sure why Edgar has Rascos like him around him. Anyway no society is complete without mad people. I suspect the guy smoked too much Ganja from his uncle Mpezeni.

  32. This Frank Bwalya is an opportunist. So why is he given interviews. He speaks on behalf of PF, in what capacity. Honestly he is still looking for a job and hoping that his utterings will earn him one. He does not know that he has been ignored!

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