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Mutembo Nchito tribunal sitting on today

General News Mutembo Nchito tribunal sitting on today

DPP Mutembo Nchito
DPP Mutembo Nchito

THE tribunal appointed to investigate allegations of professional misconduct against suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito is today expected to determine whether the proceedings will continue.

This follows Mr Nchito’s submission in which he wants former Chief Justices Ernest Sakala and Mathew Ngulube to recuse themselves from the tribunal sittings.

Tribunal secretary Mathew Zulu said in an interview yesterday that the tribunal will sit and make a ruling today.

“Yes, the tribunal will sit today starting at 09:00 hours, at the same venue,” Mr Zulu said.

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    • @nostradamus-iam equally tired of this case.it seems this is a Chikopa reloaded case which kept on and on until Sata died.

    • Mutembo Nchito the man! Zambia’s smartest lawyer. Envy and corruption choking his haters.

    • m j banda. Unlike you Mutembo is educated. Unlike you, he knows his rights. Unlike you, he does not want to sit on his rights and be dictated to by a Tin-pot dictator.
      If that is being big-headed, then I also want to be “big-headed”! We need more “big-headed” people in Zambia! Besides, why hate someone simply because he is “big-headed”? The question to ask is “Is he right or wrong”! Simple!

    • @ws, the person who has no name initials, with education, you can’t tell me that mutembo is more educated than me when don’t even know me. Not all people will be lawyers and stupid like mutembo. Can you tell me your level of education cos it look like you are just a tick sucking blood who depends on other people’s prosperity. Stop saying we but I. Please learn to call a spade, a spade. This tendency of praising every wrong is for the useless guys like you.

  1. Mutembo is a crook and must pay for his transgressions. Whatever can be said about him, he is the worst DPP this country has ever seen. Fighting corruption is not to injure and intimidate innocent Zambians. RB is innocent and time will prove this. But Mmembe want to score a wrong point that he ensured that a former president is jailed. Then he will claim authority that he has power to put inside iron bars a president. This cannot be allowed to happen and will not happen.
    Mutembo and Mmembe have squandered all recoveries made from the so called corruption fight during LPM. They do even want anyone to raise the issue.

    • Where is the proof that Mutembo is a crook? Simply becoz an ex-jail bird like Richard Sakala says he is a crook does not make him so! RB is facing charges in court. Let us see what the Nigerians say about their oil.
      You take Mutembo to court if you know that he is a crook, but not to Chongwe Magistrates court. Whatever happens with this ruling, Mutembo will be vindicated. CJ Ngulube is corrupt. The ZAMTROP account is there for all to see. Why is EL afraid of an Open Tribunal? What has EL got to hide? No, we are not having this nonesense!

  2. Looks like it is a stalemate. The issue of holding hearings in public should be troubling some people but there is no way out of it as many public figures are in the terms of reference.

  3. Useless and waste of tax payers money. Do we really need to fatten these chief justices further than this.

    Whatever the ruling Mutembo is taking this matter to court if they rule against him. This is what I can foresee.
    How can the accused, the chief justices make a ruling on matters raised against them?

  4. mj banda @2.2. How can I tell that Mutembo is more educated than you?
    i) By your faulty reasoning. You say Mutembo is “big headed”. What is the basis of that assertion? Is it so simply because you say so?
    ii) You refer to Mutembo as “stupid” – why? If I look up the profile of this “stupid” man, he seems to have done well for himself and has quite a good worldwide reputation. I doubt you would “fit” into that category, judging by your wild statements made without backing “facts”. If you were more educated than Mutembo, who by the way has a Master in Laws, I would be horrified, looking at your level of reasoning!
    iii) The “reason” you give for him to be “nailed” is that he is “big headed”!! Is that a logical reason to “nail” someone? Shows shallow reasoning!!! What…

    • @ws, why didn’t u ask me my level of education other writing rubbish. Being educated doesn’t mean to be a lawyer only. Think before u post. I thought you would say mutembo nchito is a professor!!!! Google mutembo how he acquired his wealth and post it back to me. Remember mutembo has been abusing his position to accommodate himself, what a selfish character.

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