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President Lungu arrives back home from Luanda , Angola

Headlines President Lungu arrives back home from Luanda , Angola

President Lungu at Labour day in Lusaka
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has arrived in the country from Angola where he had gone to attend the One Day Extraordinary summit of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).

President Lungu arrived at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) at 21:15 hours local time aboard the Presidential Challenger Jet.

Vice President Inonge Wina, Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila, State House Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata, and other senior government officials welcomed President Lungu.

Defence and Security Chiefs and other PF officials were also on hand to receive the Head of State.

And speaking to Journalists, the Head of State described the Luanda One Day Extraordinary Summit of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region as a success .

He expressed happiness that all delegates from the countries that attended the summit have shown interest in the welfare of the each other.

President Lungu however said all the GLR countries will continue to respect each other’s sovereignty adding that no country will detect on each other’s internal affairs.

While in Angola, President Edgar Lungu urged Leaders in the GLR to avoid behaviour that leads to the suffering of the people by adhering to Constitutional provisions of their countries.

President Lungu says it is important that the Leaders of the GLR continue to strive together in search for sustainable solutions to the challenges that they face as a region but that this could only be realized if they honestly and frankly confront the root causes of the conflicts.

Mr Lungu says the endless migratory trends of the people in the region in search of safety, peace and stability is hard to imagine in the 21st Century.

“Surely the unbearable pain and sometimes the permanent injury they suffer in such circumstances should impact on our conscience, when we act fairly and play by the rules as Leaders, we shall surely prevent the many conflicts that afflict our region today”, said President Lungu.

The Extraordinary was opened by Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos who is also the current Chairperson of the ICGLR called for concerted efforts among the regional Leaders to find lasting solutions to the insecurity that has recently engulfed some of its member states including Burundi, Central African Republic, South Sudan, DRC and Kenya.

The Extraordinary Summit is being attended by six Heads of states and Government from the Great Lakes Region who included President Edgar Lungu, Joseph Kabila (DRC and the host Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Others were Catherine Panza-Samba (CAR), Denis Sausso Nguesso (Congo Libreville) and Salva Kiir of South Sudan.

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa also attended as a guest Head of State.

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  1. Welcome back my friend Edgar. Bana Dalitso was asking when you be back, I only answered “.. mulamu please !! P.K Chishala sang… kwangala mwangala bushe kwapa menso hooo, aba banenu ba Nostra temulilo bakonkele… Beshile mukunjebati…. Edgar nakolwa”.

    • Edgar Lungu and Ngosa Syambilula are both lawyers who presided over the brutal Police Force when they were Minister of Home Affairs. They lamentably failed to amend the Public Order Act, how can you expect them to preside over the enactment of a people driven. As for Ngosa Syambikula, he has no constituency and is just spineless soul with no character. He moves with the wind.

    • just in time to fire that none thinking minister of tourism who has launched a war on our brothers and sisters in the forests. sanctioning their butchering all in the name of a few pieces of silver from that so called white, cracker slave imperialist beast all for his fun and games. get out of here iwe chi mayo chi kapata!!!!!

  2. Hate him or like him. That was a very good speech he gave. Said it as it is without mincing his words as far as conflicts/civil strife is concerned in Africa.
    Greedy African Presidents who will not give up power no matter how much blood is shed.

  3. Very poor and stinking speech coming from a drunkard of a president.

    I wish he could die today. Next year seems to be too late. The man ia a very big liability to this wonderful country.

    • excellent speech Mr President and welcome back.

      upnd will never rule Zambia under its leadership of hh. hh is a liability to the wonderful country (Zambia)

      Iwe ka ?Hildah Malama just shut up.

    • Hilda Malama u are the one whose dying first instead,honestly how do u wish death on someone?Shameless PIG that you are,this is a platform to share ideas about the way forward not wishing death to others.

  4. Let us nickname the dental formula man as grass hopper because just like his mentor for corruption, he too likes moving.

    Stat home u full.

  5. Welcome back Mr. President we thank God that you are safe and sound. Now let’s deal with issues at home, I wish to bring to your attention that 2016 is around the corner and it’s time we concentrated on big issues affecting our economy unlike following HH’s moves because the police are making him popular and we can’t allow that to continue happening. The best we can do is to ignore him but produce better results by strengthening our economy.


  7. Did he bring back some chocolates? Watch Angola overtake south africa as a powerhouse of Africa and Zambia’s still sleeping.

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