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Rosewin Wandi won’t resign says ACC board of directors

Headlines Rosewin Wandi won't resign says ACC board of directors

ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi
ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi

Anti Corruption Commission Chairperson Justice Timothy Kabalata has disclosed that the Board of Commissioners has concluded that there are no valid reasons for Commission Director General Rosewin Wandi to step down.

This follows a letter to Mrs. Wandi written by National Revolution Party President Cosmo Mumba who threatened to carry out countrywide demonstrations if Mrs Wandi does not step down.
Mr Mumba demanded that Mrs. Wandi steps down for allegedly leaking classified information, inconsistency and incompetence, selectivity and bias in investigations, failure to realize role to probe corruption case and that the Commission has now become a scarecrow to the public.

But Justice Kabalata disclosed that the Board of Commissioners has considered the allegations as, not only a personal attack on Mrs. Wandi but also an assault on the Board and the entire ACC.
He said the Director-General is a professional of high integrity and the Board has very high regard and confidence in her leadership and management of the affairs of the Commission.

Justice Kabalata said the Commission is conscious of the need to safeguard national security and will ensure that this is upheld at all times adding that the alleged leakage of classified information to the media is currently being investigated by the Zambia Police Service.

‘Therefore we do not understand the basis upon which Mr. Mumba made the conclusion that the leakage came from the Commission and the Director-General in particular,’ Justice Kabalata said.

He said the Director-General and the management team of the Commission have remained consistent and competent in the discharge of the Commission’s mandate.

‘The Commission will not be intimidated by any person or groups of persons with intent to distract the Commission from performing its functions professionally. It will continue to investigate all credible allegations that are brought to its attention with the view of establishing the commission or non-commission of an offence,’ he said.

He has since urged members of the public to employ various strategies to tackle corruption in both private and public and these strategies cover the Churches, NGOs, Government Ministries and Departments as well as parastatal institutions.

‘The Board wishes to reiterate that it has all the confidence in the Commission’s men and women, under the leadership of the Director-General Mrs Rosewin Wandi and calls upon all members of staff to remain vigilant and focused in their duties,’ he said.

‘The Board is confident that the Commission will continue to discharge its mandate as by law provided and will not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority. The threat made by Rev. Mumba for country-wide demonstrations in order to have the Director-General out of office is both uncalled for and highly irresponsible.’

Justice Kabalata said the Board of Commissioners has concluded that there are no valid grounds to cause Mrs. Wandi to resign adding that the culture of intimidating public officials and institutions especially those diligently performing their duties should come to an end.

‘Mr. Mumba’s has accused the Commission of being “a scarecrow to the public”. On the contrary, the Commission does not exist to intimidate or scare anyone. Rather, it exists to diligently discharge its duties in the public interest. Therefore every well-meaning and law abiding citizen should have no cause to fear the Commission but rather support it in the discharge of its functions.’


  1. Mr. Kabalata stop wasting your energies on this cosmo, just ignore him. He is a mental patient on the run from Chainama

    • cosmo maybe right,why are you saying he is a mental patient? you will realize that its actually you is such a one.sit down with him,you will find out that he has the facts.viva cosmo.

    • public notice:the chainama mental hospital of lusaka zambia ia looking for its petient card no 0067 whose name is cosmo muumba,pliz if anyone knows his whereabout take him to the nearest police station before he starts comfusing grz institutions

  2. He featured his wife in the Chawama bye elections. I wish I could have the statistics on how she performed. I take Cosmo Mumba as a political comedian like the late Chama Chakomboka. He has no mental discipline.

  3. Awe ba Mr. Pachifentelo Mumba imwe mwalitemwa red carpet so just compaign for your presidency. Do not attack other people without facts otherwise you may lose ama vote ka. But you made me laugh ati ngaulimupepi nokufenta kusalila calimo apakufentela kekekekekeke

  4. But why keeping members of the cartel in high offices. She is one of the few cartel members still enjoying in govt and leaking info .
    I support Cosmo on this one and in fact let all pf youths lead this agenda to remove this cartel woman from govt. Let her go and work for mmembe and hh.

  5. Both ka Cosmo, & Rosewin are NOT honest beings.
    They are in it for their own Bellies!!
    Its called POLITICS OF POVERTY, where one is not judged by deeds, or services they offer their citizens, but who can Shout the Loudest, & suck up to the Master who fills that Belly!
    Any wonder politicians jump from party to party, as if changing undergarments??
    Ni pachifentelo zowona!!

  6. My honest opinion is that ACC, DEC, Police, Prisons, Army, Justice system shall be headed by Europeans only. They are the only ones who can withstand the pressure of politicians and cadres alike. They can bring sanity and rule of law back to Zambia. Left to me, I will say the same thing even for top political positions.

  7. Please can the. President quickly resolve the boady for acc including wandi.to me that kamalata thing is too pompous let them them all go asap

  8. I am only surprise that Mr Justice Kabalata wasted his time responding to the comedian Cosmos’ publicity stunt

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