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This Paramount Mpezeni wants the quick tarring on the road projects

General News This Paramount Mpezeni wants the quick tarring on the road projects

Mpezeni with Mwata Kazembe
Chief Mpezeni with Mwata Kazembe

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni People of Eastern Province has called for quick completion of the tarring works on the Chipata-Chadiza and Chipata-Vubwi roads under the Link Zambia 8,000 Road Project.

Chief Mpezeni said yesterday that it was disappointing that the tarring of the road networks was dragging due to erratic funding from Government.

“Let the contractors speed up the construction of these roads networks because I am aware the construction of the roads has been dragging due to lack of payments from the Government side,”he said.

The paramount chief said he would ensure that he lobbied for the speedy construction of the roads network.

And China Jiangxi International Corporation (CJIC) Limited project manager Lin Ning and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) project manager Yimo Wang have stated that payment was the big issue facing their construction companies.

“The biggest issue why the project is not moving is payment,”Mr Ning stated.

Mr Wang said that his company was still waiting for the payment from the Government in order to hurry-up the construction works of the road project.

A fortnight ago, Parliamentary Committee on Estimates led by Bwengwa UPND Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu assured the contractor of payments.

This was after the parliamentary committee had expressed satisfaction of the road project which China State is doing.

In 2013, Government awarded CSCEC a contract for the rehabilitation of major roads feeding into Chadiza District at a cost of K713, 114,097.33 while CJIC was awarded the contract for the tarring of the Chipata-Vubwi-Chadiza road at a cost of over K529, 047,638.88.

According to Status update, CJIC were supposed to complete the tarring works on Chipata-Vubwi-Chadiza road by 15th February this year while China State was expected to complete the road project on Chipata-Chadiza-Katete by 15th January this year.

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  1. chief

    top dog, head

    leader – a person who rules or guides or inspires others

    administrator, executive – someone who manages a government agency or department

    administrator, decision maker – someone who administers a business

    capo – the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate

    department head – the head of a department

    don, father – the head of an organized crime family

    superior general, general – the head of a religious order or congregation

    general manager – the highest ranking manager



    • @MUNGÍKÍ: I can not understand what you trying to put thru, a chief is also Zambian and has the right to push the government. Your nonsense writing is what has made Zambian Government stu.pid and fo.oolish. they started projects that are now stuck because there was no planning.

      So what the hell, be smart and responsible.. if these road projects are not finished what will happen?? Loss for Zambians as they we be eroded by the rains..

      Get serious else don’t post your rubbish like your PF ministers..

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  3. Jesus and God don’t need your money, neither have pockets. If someone is asking for your money to do Gods work, they are taking advantage to you, wise up. Pedophiles and râpists who hide under cloaks and enjoy a free ride on the backs of their congregation aren’t doing Gods bidding and never will.

  4. ‘This Paramount Chief’. Have some respect LT. Thats a Paramount Chief you are talking about. Don’t annoy some of us.

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