Vice President Inonge Wina has expressed sadness at the passing on of Patriotic Front Member of Parliament for Bangweulu constituency Chifita Matafwali who died in India yesterday.

Mrs. Wina who is also PF National Chairperson says the party has lost a very strong and dedicated member who served the party well and participated in all debates in parliament.

“The Party has lost a very strong and dedicated Member of Parliament and I want to express my condolences on behalf of the Patriotic Front to Mrs. Matafwali and family and the courageous son who gave part of his body to his father who unfortunately could not make it,” the Vice President stated.

The Vice President also conveyed her condolence to the people of Bangweulu constituency for then loss of the representative.

Mr. Matafwali passed on yesterday at 11:00 hours in India whilst undergoing treatment at Appolo Hospital.
Clerk of the National Assembly Doris Mwinga announced the demise of Mr Matafwali last evening.

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    • Come on, this man has never done anything wrong to you. It is really sad that he has died, his family is bereaved. Everyone has got the right to seek treatment when they are not well. Let’s be sober! This man was not even a deputy minister and was satisfied with just representing his people!


    • @Nubian, you know some of us we do whatever it takes to die. We are not cheap or useless just to late death enjoy us. If you think you are not useful, then just die without trying even cheap places like India. Me I will even try Jesus to save me, I will not give up again.


  1. Calm down lord voldemort @1.1.

    Late Matafwali was too sick to recover even if PF sent him any where on earth. The principle to learn is, what morality is there about ordinary Zambians who die needlessly, for lack of foresight by PF govt to provide effective health institutions in Zambia for all Zambians.
    Death occurs to anyone poor, rich, thief, clergy, leaders and famous.
    Inonge should not take pleasure in sending her fellow leaders abroad for treatment, aninsult to majority who die at home. KK the founding father of Zambia had his medical check up at UTH. What is so spercial with PF members to always go abroad seeking medicals and come back in casckets.



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