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HH deserves state security-Ntewewe

Headlines HH deserves state security-Ntewewe

HH at Kabwata Police Post
HH at Kabwata Police Post

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Ntewewe has demanded that the Zambia Police Service should start providing state security to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Ntewewe said as leader of the largest opposition political party, Mr Hichilema deserves police protection.
He condemned the move by the police to summon Mr Hichilema for allegedly breaching the Public Order Act.

‘As YALI, it baffles us that the police can abuse the Public Order Act by harassing Mr Hichilema instead of protecting him because he is an imminent citizen of this country,’ Mr Ntewewe said.

He was speaking Thursday morning when he featured on the Platform radio program on Joy FM Radio in Lusaka.
Mr Ntewewe urged the police to abandon the use of the Public Order Act which he said was an archaic and colonial piece of legislation.

On the same program, SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Chembe advised the police to respect Mr Hichilema’s rights of association and movement.


    • @ ndobo:

      Yo are very F00LISH. Dont you know that the only person whom Edgar Kachasu Man fears in Zambia is HH.

      So i support the proposal of Ntetwa that HH should be guraded 24 hours per day and 7 days per week as he is clearly the incoming president after the Kachasu Man has failed to ran the country.

      Imagine today its 22nd May and nop Civil servant has received his or her May salary. This tells you how impotent and incompetent Edgar Lungu is.

      Edgar Lungu should consider stepping down on moral grounds, he has failed to run the country.


    • I think it’s high time as Zambians we accepted the fact that we can never be the USA or the UK. In the USA once the presidential party primaries are completed and the main candidates are definite then state security is provided. In Zambia every Jim and Jack wants to stand for presidency. How then do you expect the Zambian government to provide security for each one of them.
      If HH thinks he is more important than the other opposition leaders, let him pay for his own security. Or better yet why don’t YALI provide security for him.
      Once you understand that Zambia will never ever be on the same level as the USA or the UK you will stop these nonsensical statements. Zambia as a country doesn’t even have a decent clinic for crying out loud!

    • iwe Ntewewe, the current POA in it’s current form was enacted by UPND and MMD before PF had any member of parliament. Laws are laws and they should be respected, whether bad or good.

    • @Hilda Malama aka The Accurate Source aka Danny; not all Zambians are thick skulled. We get it Edgar is drunkard and HH is the second coming of Christ. Next time change your style of writing before you change your pseudos. Just friendly advice!

    • There is no question that HH is the leader of the opposition and the State should treat him as such. The problem is pettiness. The PF leadership are so scared of HH. They have gone ahead and instructed ZNBC to deny HH an interview. How can you explain why a National Broadcaster has failed to bring HH on a live Sunday Interview?On the hand BBC, VoA, MUVI and other reputable TV stations have hosted him.

    • State security for losing elections 5 times consecutively is what you want to honor him for. Upnd is dissolving next year when we retire HH and are you saying state security will follow him. Come guys use the top for thinking and the bottom for Xex. Sata was a larger crowd puller than under five but state never accorded him security. HH broke the law with impunity and admitted before the young police girl and you want state to waste security on law breakers. Better we provide security to the law abiding citizens than this law breaker under five.

    • Was this said about Sata when he was the main opposition leader? Did Ntewewe and his likes ask government to provide state security for him (Sata)? Has HH asked for state security? If Police started following HH around, the same people will accuse them of spying!

    • History repeats itself, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and Harry Nkumbula in 1971 faced the same law. No one is above the law the Police are there to reinforce the law. HH should be the last person to break the law which has there since 1960.

    • The suggestion is simply laughable.

      i thought he already has access to state security by way of getting intel reports before President Lungu

    • Ntewewe, when did UPND become the “largest opposition political party” in Zambia? MMD has more members of Parliament than UPND, so what metrics are you using for you to say that UPND is the largest opposition party?

      Just because Hakahinde makes a lot of noise doesn’t make UPND the largest opposition party. If anything, Nevers Mumba deserves state security more than HH going by the numbers of MPs.

      If HH adopted MATURE and RESPONSIBLE politics like other opposition leaders, he wouldn’t be attracting the kind of vitriol (even to the extent of wanting to harm him) from citizens. He seems to be a REBBLE ROUSER so he should live with the consequences.

      M.C. Sata led one of the biggest opposition party in Zambia yet he NEVER cried for State security, so what makes HH special?


    • Dont be s1lly, civil servants are used to get paid late. They can even go two months without pay thats not a big deal. HH yes is a better candidate but he is for you guys. Ifwe ifintu ni lungu fye nangu tucule.

    • He is not the leader of the largest opposition party. He is not even a councillor, what security? Cannot he pay from stolen money from privatisation? Stolen cattle by his mentor Mazoka, shared with him?

  1. How special is hakainde than others,be the one to provide him with security using your own money wanvela ka.

    • HH is not special as an individual but he is special as a leader of the main opposition in Zambia. Ntewewe is right on this one. Today is ECL in power and tomorrow is HH and ECL might be the leader of the main opposition. Let us move with time and the democratic dispensation.

  2. @ Hildah Malama:

    Thanx alot Dr. Hildah Malama for your educative comments. Surely HH deserves State Security as he is in principle in charge of the contry.

    Edgar Lungu has delayed paying the Civil servants because HH has not yet passed a statement on the same, but if he does pass it today, the sick president will quickly pay all civil servants their salaries.

    • Wishful thinking will not take you anywhere. HH is a defeated politician still leaking stinking wounds. A loser deserves no state security. You lost accept it. No matter your insults, you still remain loser. No matter your insults, EL remains President of the Republic of Zambia. HH remains a regional leaders. This will make his last and final defeat in 2016 even more painful. Please continue your insults, they show how painful you feel for losing, maybe you will feel better. We feel no pain at your insults because we beat you and we are happy. Pathetic losers.

  3. All Civil Servants should forget getting their salaries this month.

    We told and warned yo not to vote for Edgar Lungu but you refused to heed to the advise. See now you have started suffering but this is just an ice berge of the worst which is coming to haunt you.

    Starting from June 2015 all Civil Servants would be having their salaries delayed for even two months just like TAZARA Workers.

    So people are paying the consequences of having voted for a visionless drunkard.

    Your children will now be suffering and will never tast the beaut of Zambia until HH is allowed to liberate you from your bondage of Edgar Lungu the drunkard.

    • What salaries are you talking about?What is it that you lazy civil servants do.your pay day is pa sate ,what’s the date today.?

    • @Wajimona: Don’t waste your time on confused “Danny”. He/She (who knows what “IT” is!) the same UPND sycophant calling itself “Hilda Malama”, “The Accurate Source” and now “Danny”. Check out @Dalitso post above!

      Trust me, it is a waste of time and energy to try and convince a LUNATIC that they are not crazy. Anyone who writes one post under one name (Hilda Malama) and then turns around and writes another post in a different name (The Accurate Source) to praise themselves for writing n0nsense in the first place is one fcuked up individual in the head. She even continues with the same rubbish under yet another name (Danny)—that’s a LUNATIC for you!

      Sorry for using “IT…” because even her/himself doesn’t know who he/she is—female or male—Danny, Hilda, or something…

    • This is not the first time that civil servants are getting their salaries late. What is the problem with you guys? Everything is politics, no wonder you are pathetic losers.By saying so,you think you will lure masses to your regional party. SHAME.

  4. This is the very reason the police say HH should inform them of his movements or meetings or random gatherings so they can provide security for him and his entourage as well as the public.
    This security is not only for HH but also the public. Hence, Public order Act.
    Now imagine if there was no POA, HH goes on his random shenanigans, he is confronted by a group of panga wielding PF psychopaths. A fight breaks out between the two parties, public peace and order is disturbed, some opportunists (UNZA students) start looting and smashing cars. Who do you blame?

    I used to think UPND cadres are a bit smart. Boy was i wrong!

    • @ William Tekere Banda. To refresh you, PF cadres smash, loot land and panga each other and everybody else with the so called POA in place and none is arrested. Who is to blame?

    • @ William Tekere Banda; I used to think the same but @ Hilda Malama is about to pop her corsets and lose elastic in her knick.ers trying to convince us all, through multiple pseudos, that Edgar Lungu is a drunkard and that HH will liberate Zambia from the shackles of poverty when he actually helped getting us there!

    • We are talking about 24hours security for the leader who lost by the cooked 1% . Today is HH asking for this and tomorrow it will be ECL. Democracy has to grow and accepted by all .

    • @JOHN.You are the crazy one…how many Zambians are living a normal life?Suffering is the order of the day and you cant see it,yet you are busy supporting suffering…I guess you have got a job somewhere and that makes you not to think out of the box.Being OVER FED BY PF

  5. The law of this land does not provide for that . this Ntewewe thing is a dreamer. before you open your mouth investigate . what do we abuse of power it is doing something which is not in the law.Even chagwa has no power on who to give state security and if Haha! feels he needs protection let employee one. Zambia cannot afford to give every jim and jack state security the reasources should channel to other services.

  6. This much we knew that Mr Ntewewe would be rebulfed by the uneducated cadres of this nation. What Mr. Ntewewe has said need to sink in people’s mind that it is the the truth. Whether you like it or not that is what is supposed to be done. Take it or leave it, it is up to you to swallow this bitter pill or you die. The police is supposed by law to protect those people or citizens deemed endangered by other people. You do not need to be a Minister or whatever, but as long as you are a public figure that commands authority, police must provide security + protection. We Zambians are so dull that the same laws we put in place we are not able to interprate them. The thing is, it is clear that whatever HH says sends fever around, some fall from their seats and some POLOMYA MUMALA. Good…

    • Iwe, that’s why he needs to inform the police whenever he (HH) decides to go on one of his political escapades in the kombonis so the Police can at least be aware in case he gets into trouble. But even this simple logic seems too complicated for HH and his UPND cadres.

      HH has been one of the most difficult and disrespectful person Zambian Police has ever dealt with. He ignores laws and police advice with impunity. And when he gets in trouble, he turns around and blames the same Police for not providing security. How confused can Political leader be? What is so hard about simply informing the police if UPND activities are not something illegal? Don’t make the Police’s job too difficult for nothing.

      If he dislikes dealing with the police, let him hire his own security!

    • mulyokela deserve state security than some of you because 1. you looted 2.you are protected by the blood of the devil

    • @Rizzo…Hatred will kill you my Bemba brother… you are still young.HH IS THE LEADER OF THE opposition UPND.





  8. Ubufontini pa Zed is just too much. You should be asking the Zambian people to reduce the state security because Zambia is a peaceful country unless you plan to turn it in to a police state. We thought HH was one of the richest men in Zambia so why can’t he afford his own security?

  9. Let him use his cows as state security , am sure 20 bulls surrounding him would be enough security .

    • @NegaNega
      Even replying to people like you is just waste of time.My grade 4 kid can reason better than you…If you don`t have anything to say hold your trap.Just your posting tells me that even in life you have accepted your situation,that is suffering .Thank you.Wake up Zambians

  10. Ubupuba…HH has his own security…. Can’t you see the goons hanging on the side of his vehicle…All you want is State Security and you forget those are under the command of EL. If something happens to HH you want to dent the name of EL…No way…let HH use his money to provide his own security….It’s like you want to see a motorcade of security personnel following HH and cops lining up the streets for him…Hell No! There is only one Republican President and that is EL

    • You are among the so many F00ls that have made our country poor and the government systems almost coming to a halt! No salaries for civil servants and you are still supporting blindly…….consult your brains before you write anything!!

  11. Let me get a bit of clarification here, does Mr Ntewewe want state protection for HH alone or for all opposition political party leaders?

  12. Your idea ba Ntewewe is good. However in our democracy the fact that HH leads the largest opposition political party is not an institution of governance formally. Ours is winner takes all loser loses all. That is why ba Chikwanda balelandila ukwebati democracy yesu tayaba bwino. Ordinarily, Democracy yesu ifwile yacita recognize HH na Nawakwi pantu nabakwata considerable constituency based on outcome yama results ya last election. Ukucilapo, HH ena nakwata nama members of parliament abengi. Ico tali mu parliament, it puts him in an awkward position. Eco nama MP bakwe balesuminina incito mu government ya pf ukwabula input yakwe. Ngakuti twacita institutionalize leader of the opposition then nomba twingamupela ama condition of service apengaba na state security.

    • point of correction, MMD is the largest opposition political party based on number of seats in parliament. The fact that HH came second in the last election does not make the party he leads number 2.

  13. state security to who?ntewewe come on, and for what?zambian pipo are so inteligent some one losing election 4 times and you still think is a largest ?pipo who ar found at HH rallies we call the muselela kwakaba,meaning we chew his money but vote for PF ,Thats why when he comes to copperbelt we attend his rallies thier is good melile ,theu slaughter cattles ,pigs chickens goats ,drink some heineken and wines and see hon off.but when it comes to voting .PABWATO BANE ,PABWATO, KUNO NIKU KOPALA ,FWEBENE BA PF ,SO BANE MWIKALABA UKUBOKO NI PA BWATO.now tell me which largest opposition are you talking about?,dont confuse rally attendence and size of the party ,come ku kopala we show you

  14. @Yambayamba
    You are the Lunatic one cause you cant see that the country is sinking under PF.Open your big eyes please and be realistic.Unless you tell me that Edgar Chagwa is your uncle,then I will understand your docility…

    • Iwe chikamba chobe! We are talking about a crybaby moaning about STATE SECURITY and you take off on some useless tangent that I have NOT touched in any of my comments. What the fcuk is wrong with you HH @$$-lickers????

      By the way, Edgar is my Mulamu not Uncle…….hahahahaha….sych!

  15. ntewewe is just like ba mutale nalumango,”PF WILL BE OUT OFF POWER IN 2016 WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT”post quotes”was nalumango dreaming or drunk since there is a lot of wine in UPND offered for free.only a dreamer can start building castles in air ,the performance of our economy is dependant on the performance of the copper price at stock exchange in th UK and copper price has gone done which is now effecting our economy in zambia and the second the dollar which is killing all the economies in the world its flying at its own rates.but intellenctuals like nalumango ,HH cant tell the zambian the true but blame PF,guy go to tanzania and see how the shilling is performing?our kwacha is even better .i will have borrowed hon kabwili s words but i reserve them for now

  16. What nonsense. The constitution does not allow for this rubbish. Only a former President can receive this not someone who has never been and will probably never be. Rubbish. If you are Upnd and you are tired of waiting to enter state house try the Church where Christ provides security free of charge.

  17. The reasoning of most UPND cadres is Zinjathropical by conception!!!! Period. So backwards!!! Go and do what you know most, chema.

  18. What is special about the Hungry Hyena to be provided with state security?Why cant UPND provide security for HH themselves?Iwe Ntewewe grow up and get a life!HH says he is very rich why cant he provide his own security?Zambians will make a very big mistake if they make this dictator a president.That will be the worst mistake the country will make.Read between the lines and you will realise that HH is a bomb waiting to explode

    • @What a life

      Zambians you seem to be intelligent but in essence bupuba bweka bweka.You will always be suffering.HH is far much better than your PF.Whoever is brain washing you is doing a good job.How can HH be a bomb waiting to explode…I guess it has always been Tonga,Bemba issue…
      Ignorance at its highest order Zambia!

    • HH does not need state security for what now? He is comfortable and peacefully protected. I dont know what this Ntewewe guy is up to.

  19. guys who is ntewewe by the way?i dont know this chap,he is zambian?i have tried to google his details ,googles says tatwamwishiba uyo?he got erusions,

    • You are also part of the bloggers and may actually fall into the category of most bloggers! Kekekekekekeke, yaba! some tuma people? Awe sure!

  20. state security to who?HH, MULIOKELA,KAFUPI(KABIMBA),NAWAKWI,MAD PASTOR (ERIC CHANDA),COSMO MUMBA ,HERBALIST(SONDASHI) are all the same in the eyes on zambian.there are all opposition leaders now tell me who derserves state security?

  21. lukano chituse tell us why you exist?it like you very sharp,you exist becos of hungary hyena.politics are dirty twalakulamfya?

  22. Leader of the biggest opposition party??? Really??? I thought that is manifest in the number of parliamentary seats a party holds? When did the UPND surpass MMD in the number of seats in parliament? MMD may have its own civil war to resolve, but surely they still have more seats than UPND’s 27 seats. HH came second to ECL but his party remained at No.3 in parliament so its between Nevers and RB to decide who is the leader of Zambia’s biggest opposition party. Maybe I missed the memo and someone needs to educate me a little on this matter….

  23. Ba fikala, hatred won’ t pay you anything but let’ s call a spade a spade. The problem we have here in Zambia is that the so called Republican President enjoys a lot of powers such that he can even appoint a village headman. That is why most Zambians do not know and understand their rights as citizens of the country. Furthermore, some people just support whatever is implemented by the so called Police & the President because they originate from dull and poverty striken backgrounds where there is nothing tangible in place. We know them and that is the reason why for them, the only blessing is to work in government so that they can have access to looting the national wealth. Bangwele !!

  24. I don’t recall Sata being given state security when he was the strongest opposition leader. What is the problem with this Ntewewe?

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