The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) has expressed fear that corrupt practices among Accountants would dent the good image of the profession if not stopped.

ZICA president Wesley Beene said Zambia cannot win the fight against corruption if accountants are corrupt.

Mr. Beene said in an effort to end corruption among accountants, ZICA has joined hands with government to ensure that graduating students abide by their professional ethics.

He was speaking in Lusaka today during the eighth ZICA graduation ceremony held at Government Complex.

He disclosed that ZICA was ready to protect and support the public interest disclosure (Protection of Whistle blowers) Act number four of 2010 where information from individuals and corporate bodies is kept confidential.

Mr. Beene has since implored graduating graduates to observe the ethics of the accountancy profession in accordance with their calling to serve the Zambian people.

And speaking earlier, ZICA Chief Executive Officer Kabeta Hapenga disclosed that ZICA has established a whistle blower protection fund.

Mr. Hapenga has meanwhile challenged the graduates to transform and defend the accountancy profession.

Those who graduated include 81 students who have completed ZICA professional level, 371 at licentiate level while 640 students completed the accounting technician level and four students graduated in taxation.

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