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All UPND MPs directed to reject amendment of the constitution bill

General News All UPND MPs directed to reject amendment of the constitution bill

Members of Parliament during the opening of Parliament by President Sata on September 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Members of Parliament

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has directed all UPND Members of Parliament to reject the piecemeal amendment of the constitution.

UPND Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has disclosed the development to QFM News via telephone that the UPND MPs are fully aware that the country needs a new constitution and not the amendment through parliament.

Mr. Lifwekelo says this is because the PF promised to deliver a new constitution during campaigns and not to amend the current constitution.

He says the PF manifesto is very clear about the adoption of the new constitution through a referendum and not the piecemeal amendment of the Supreme Law of the land.

Mr. Lifwekelo says the UPND President has told the UPND MPs to ensure that they do not support such moves by the PF government to amend the constitution instead of delivering a new one.

He says the PF government ought to know that their decisions on the constitution making process will haunt them in 2016.

Last week, Justice Deputy Minister Keith Mukata disclosed that the 50% plus one vote and the presidential running mate are some of the clauses government will take to parliament for amendment when the house resumes sitting next month.

Mr Mukata added that government will also table the clause on having a fixed general election date among other clauses which do not need to be subjected to a referendum.

Mr. Mukata told QFM News in an interview that government will be disclosing more clauses which will be taken to parliament for amendment as time goes by.

He advised stakeholders to consult widely on other clauses they want government to take to Parliament for amendment.

Mr. Mukata said that the amendment of the constitution was a continuous process which required the inputs of relevant stakeholders.

He said that his ministry was consulting widely with relevant stakeholders including the opposition political parties, adding that what government is doing is merely to provide leadership.

Mr. Mukata however cautioned that taking the clauses to parliament does not mean they are guaranteed of being enacted, stating that parliament has the powers to reject or approve them.

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  1. UPND must uphold its record of championing the sensible ordinary Zambians. This is the Party which in 2002 blocked MMD’S budgetary increase of taxes on diesel. In 2011 they blocked MMD’s flawed constitution that did not have the 50%+1 clause. We expect UPND to stand the ground and block these barbaric manoeuvres by PF. Pieces of silver given to Kapita and his cousins will not entice UPND MPs to support PFoolish liars.

    • use real names.using fake names clears shows that you are not genuine.Why call yourself buck teeth lungu.This constitution issue must be handled with care!Especially the 50%+1.This is entering the govt through back door.Remember, the first cut is the deepest,not second one.It also means lack of self confidence by those advocating for 50%+1.upAndOWN is always after frustrating gvts.Look at the way it has destroyed mmd-reduced it ashes in order to ascend to power through the backdoor!!People are awake now, from the way the campaign was done in January, 2015-awe mwandi upAndOWN na Kapita na pita-awe mwandi!!!!

  2. so what was the purpose of the technical committee appointed by sata? 90+billion was spent on that committee. What was the purpose of those submission made in all provincial centers country wide? Didn’t the PF reject the adoption of constitution through parliament when they were in opposition? Its about time politicians were held accountable.90 billion can just go to waste like that.

    • The purpose, my friend was for PF to distribute money to people sitting on the Commission in an attempt to influence them to draft a constitution that would guarantee PF’s hold on power. What Zambian want is a new constitution, not an amendment as per PF manifesto on page 42

    • This is poor leadership from UPND.

      What will HH benefit from this DICTATION?

      This is childish politics.

      MP’s are elected to debate and create an accounterbility environment in parliament.

      What HH needs to be doing is to ask his flock of MP’s to challenge PF and Lungu in parliament with a good fight and debate.

      It is the silly and childish boycotts created by KK that lead to the demise of UNIP, when KK forced his flock to boycott general elections In 1996. And there came the death of UNIP.

      MMD just said .. Thank you! And went on to sweep the elections.

      Then again, HH has never stood or debated in parliament to understand governing from inside the system.

      HH has become irrational of late and it is not helping him.

    • hit the nail on the head,upAndOWN has no direction,no wonder Kapita na pita mwalobailyauma!!!!

  3. Sata and Kabimba made it impossible for the new constitution to be delivered in their first five years in power by buying time. Now however sincere HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu might be on the constitution it is not just possible to have it delivered before 2016 elections due to mainly time left. I believe PF leadership at the moment are very sincere on delivering a new constitution but time is not on their side unless as a country we can agree to postpone the 2016 general elections by some months until the constitution is delivered!!!!

    • And I believe that pigs can fly!
      In so far, no electoral promises, either in 2011 or 2015 have been enacted.
      Can you please amplify why now you do believe?

  4. It is the democratic right of UPND MPs to do this. However, this will only allow the process to drag further and allow the 2016 elction to be held entirely on the current constitution. This will work against UPND. If HH losses in 2016 under the current constitution, it could be the end of him and the party will be very demoralised, lose all its steam and dies slowly.

    If HH is trully a good politician, he should see how others are playing the game. He should not let his bitterness blind and to see what is happening on the political landscape in this matter.

    This is a real issue HH and UPND should handle seriously and not the salaries issue. This is a test for HH’s political mantle. Lets wait and see how he plays his cards. Interesting to watch.

    • @Yebo Nkhosi. Well said! The problem with UPND MP’s is that they would rather listen to HH and not their employers, the electorate. To call them childish is a big insult to children! What a pathetic bunch of adults!

  5. If upnd have any hope of forming govt in 2016 they must support these amendments otherwise if these elections are held on the current constitution they will lose heavily and it will be bye bye to hh. Don’t be cheated the result will be the same less than 45% and the winner will be ECL, so bane the ball is in your court. Play it wisely or lose again
    The best for you is to see what amendments are tabled in parliament then decide after all the numbers in parly are against you

    • Whilst you advise “…to see what amendments are tabled in parliament then decide…” (which I agree to), you have already taken decision?

  6. Changwa Lungu promised us a new constitution by 2016. So amendments are not what were promised to us. Sata and PF walked away when they rejected RB and administration wanted us to have a new constitution. In Zambia we have failed on everything. but good at wasting money. How our country has takes over a decode to enact a new constitution just shows that we are docile or passive.

    • I don’t like it when people try to impose on others with what they did not commit! ECL never promised new constitution by 2016 and he never even signed the contract with GC. It was the clueless opportunistic opposition who know nothing about governance issues who kept promising about everything including impossibilities! Next time listen carefully to rally messages from different platforms then you make informed decisions!

  7. But 2/3 in parliament can be met with or without upnd. Mmd and pf command more that 2/3 of the house. Think under five is just wasting his time and exposing his childishness

  8. I feel sorry for HH and his party. They collectively just can’t think. They don’t even check the Zambian populace what is at stake. They seem not to know where they are going. With the confusion PF went through before the January Presidential bye election, one would expect that may be UPND could have nailed it but unfortunately, it is getting worse by the day.
    UPND needs fresh blood to lead it. HH needs to go and denounce tribalism/regionalism if anyone can ever take this docile party seriously.

  9. Honestly, PF will win the next election by a landslide while they are watching them. Politics is about strategising. Look at the popular issue and for Zambia, popular issues are among others: Poverty alleviation, jobs, food, money in peoples’pockets, respect for workers, healthcare etc.. UPND just opposes for the sake of opposing, without really thinking deep about the issue. Sorry guys, you UPND opposition members, if not careful your party will soon go into political oblivion, mark my words. By the way, don’t take me as a PF sympathiser, I am just a Zambian who loves mother Zambia, I neither belong to any of these silly parties.

  10. This constitution issue is not about HH and UPND but for all Zambians regardless of their political affiliations even the generation to come. So it very sad and F00lish for someone to say it will disadvantage HH if UPND if they fail to spport PF’s proposal of piecemeal amendment and lose 2016 elections. If anything its not even making sense. @Yebo Nkhosi you’re a mental patient now i believe

    • No my man. Iam only forced to respond to you guys because instead of discussing matter reasonably, you resort to insults. Iam human too. How do you expect me receive all your insults and not to give you the same medicine. If you will stop being emotional and stop insults. see things as mere discussion, I will respect your comments and dignify our differences. This the appeal Iam making. Let us honor each other and respect our different opinions without insults. But insult me, I will hit back.

      I did not start these personal insults, I got them from you and your friends. Tell your friends to get sane instead. If they cannot discuss issues without insults, I have no respect for them and I will treat them as such, trash.

  11. UPND has no numbers in parliament and so they cant win there!!they have less than 35 MPs!!!plus Zambians never be cheated by UPND that they’re fighting for a better constitution for us,but just a 50 +1% for tribal HH to enter state house them employ these bantustan as they really know that under the current contitution HH cant defeat Mighty PF!!!BUT UPND IS FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE.ECL AND PF ARE ON TOP OF THINGS NOW!!THEY LOST IT UNDER GUY SCOTT WHO WANTED HH TO WIN AFTER SATA’S DEATH!!NOW ITS GAME OVER FOR HH AS ECL WILL 100% RETAIN POWER IN 2016!!!

  12. Upnd and HH are ba fimbwi no vision. They have no clue on how to win elections . in short they are masters in opposition . no matter how much you advise these clowns them Its just hhhhhh this hhhh that. they can’t think outside HH and to them they think hhs wealth will translate into national wealth once he becomes president. Get a life and look beyond HH and you ‘ll see a capable leader in Unpd, mwefimbwi mwe. No wonder our opposition is so week because of too much focus on an individual.

  13. @mutale chitapakwa-firstly UPND is not a docile party damny-get it! Being organised & civilised is never synonymous to docility-upgrade your grey matter!Secondly @Yebo Nkosi-a good constitution is not for UPND,its a fundamental pillar in any democratic country as it complements good governance! Its not an issue of UPND,it involves all tax payers who are the ultimate legitimate beneficiaries thereof.Its disheartening & mind boggling to read & see illiterate adults not understanding the pivotal role being played by a people driven constitution 50 years after political independence!This anarchial colonial constitutions have really outlived its usefulness as societal needs revolves with time! So please,you primitive illiterate adults understand that this is a national issue which is not in…

  14. @eddy & his fellow illiterate morons- The new constitution should outlive 2016 & should not be perceived for just winning an/or any election! It should not be just like 20th january 2015 elections where primitive PF supporters were stuck with Fintu NiLungu slogan not knowing that life goes beyond that! Look at the economy of Zambia right now & the polarisation as well as the balkanisation of this once united country under PF! Remember always that PF won’t be in power forever & the same injustices & absurdities being justified now may continue if not corrected now! A lot of tax payers’ monies have been spent on this issue by many successive regime without any tangible results! There must be progressive realisation in to thi effect & burry it once & for all! Always remember that there’s…


  15. This goes to show how UPND is truly the party for the people. Even when they know that the current electoral rules put them at huge disadvantage they still stand on principles and reject the adoption of the 50+1 by piecemeal bills in parliament. The excuses offered by government are also valid and there can be no middle ground. PF needs to hold a referendum or admit failure and pass this task on to the next government. BAKATEKA BAKUDYA BEKA

  16. UPND MPs are becoming irrelevant to their own cause. How do you as an elected official bow to someone that has no history of governing. Reason why Chiluba was dangerous for Zambia. He had no idea what leadership of a democratic dispensation entailed.

    viva president Nawakwi.

  17. up and down under 5 continue lamenting while pf is serious improving our peoples welfare

    Mukalafwafye na bps…2016 pf nafuti nafuti

  18. Why is the PF taking the already debated constitution to parliament for another debate? Why didnt the PF take it direct to parliament if they already knew contetious and non contetious issues instead of wasting resources (financial and time) through district, provincial and national conventions?

    Now i understand why the Grand Coalition is against taking the constitution to parliament! If you got the last paragraph from Keith Mukata, there is no guarantee that whatever will be taken to parliament will go through, meaning the PF with numbers on their side in parliament, will decide on what to give the Zambians or not. Sadly even one man parties with no member of parliament in the house are quick to okey the crooked option!

  19. There is a possibility that the PF might just make the numbers. If it’s true they need two-thirds to pass the bills, then they need 105 MPs on their side. They already have 78 and about three UPND MPs as deputy/provincial ministers. 2 MMD cabinet ministers, 6 MMD deputy ministers, 1 independent deputy minister. That gives them 90. The shortfall is now 15. Any other symphathising MPs?

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