A 72- year-old Freedom Fighter of Kalabo District has advised government to ‘ decentralize “ the Africa Freedom Day celebrations so that rural based Freedom Fighter can also celebrate the day in their respective Districts.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues based in Kalabo District, Mwakoi Mwanamambo says government should take the celebrations to the rural districts in the similar like the Independence day celebrations every October 24th.

ZANIS reports from Kalabo that the former freedom fighter said in an interview the few surviving Freedom fighters would like to be part of the celebration unlike the prevailing situation where they just witness the event on television in their respective homes or localities.

Mr Mwanamambo noted that it was difficult for surviving Freedom Fighters from rural areas their colleagues in Lusaka in the face of social-economic challenges adding that government is not keen to act on his suggestion it should arrange logistics for rural based freedom fighters to travel to Lusaka.

He observed that celebrating African Freedom Day in Districts would give an opportunity for deserving rural Freedom Fighters get awards for the role they played in the liberation of Africans.

Mr Mwanamambo was optimistic that government would look into the matter so that the few surviving Freedom Fighters in rural areas were recognized.

The Freedom Fighter called on young people to help organize and take part in the celebration so that they get the information and learn more from elderly people so as to appreciate how history.

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