Kitwe District Commissioner (DC) Chanda Kabwe has cautioned some civil servants holding higher positions in the district who are in the habit of ‘cheating’ young ladies with job opportunities in exchange for sexual favours.

Mr Kabwe says jobs should be given on merit and women should not fall victims to such Gender Based Violence-GBV acts.

Mr Kabwe says young women who are in need of jobs should not be abused by some selfish civil servants as there are disrespecting the values of human rights.

The Kitwe District Commissioner says women though vulnerable or not should be highly protected because they add value to the nation’s economic development and without them the country cannot move forward.

The DC said this in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday.

“I won’t hesitate to severely punish the perpetrators of GBV at places of work in government departments in my district. A job is a fundamental right of a human being and women should not be victims of sexual harassment at places of work. I would like to warn that perpetrators of this vice that the law will soon catch them unaware,” he said.

He said civil servants are public workers and they should lead by example by not engaging themselves in GBV activities because such a vice is detrimental to the development of the nation.

Mr Kabwe said senior civil servants must help government reduce GBV cases because the number has reached alarming proportions in Kitwe district and country-wide.

Meanwhile, Mr Kabwe has said he is happy with the good works the Kitwe District GBV Coordinator Shupe Makishina is doing.

Mr Kabwe said Ms Makishina is spearheading a leading role in sensitising and educating the people in rural areas about the dangers of GBV.

He said the District GVB Coordinator is supporting the government in combating GBV cases in the district because women are widely affected as compared to their male counterparts.

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  1. True MR D.C. And the ladies should be blamed also.
    And create employment for young people so that they do not become victims of such.
    P.F has failed to create JUST OVER BROKE (JOB). This is the fourth year nothing seem to show for. Streets of Kitwe are filled with street vendors one cannot even walk properly.


  2. This is the mistake of government.

    Don’t warm people over criminal acts, fire them!

    When you do this, others will learn to respect the law.


  3. A government with no morals, fire them simple…hit them where it hurts the most..’no source of income’ …why warm someone when they knew the rules before…



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