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Big Cats Hunting: Zambia risks EU and US tourism ban-Green Party

Economy Big Cats Hunting: Zambia risks EU and US tourism ban-Green Party

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

The Green Party has warned that the US and the EU may impose a ban on all Zambian tourism products if it fails to reverse the recent the decision to allow the hunting of the Big Cats.

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba stated that the entire tourism sector stands to significantly suffer in view of civil society lobby, led by LionAid for the European Union and United States to place a ban on Zambia’s lion hunting imports.

Mr Sinkamba has since reiterated his party’s earlier position that Government reverses its decision to lift hunting of lions and Leopards species until a competent wildlife census is conducted

‘Further, we urge Government to reverse its decision as From our experience on the Victoria Falls elephant campaigns, if government fails to yield and the EU and the US impose a ban, the lobby may cascade to cover other tourism products on offer in Zambia offers as well,’ Mr Sinkamba said.

He said although Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata says government has introduced stringent measures to guide the hunting process and that only 46 cats will be killed in the 23 hunting blocks as only two will be allowed per hunting season, his party does believe there are a lot of other innovative things that Government can, and must do, in order to protect these animals.

‘If someone out there has money to spare, and wants to donate several hundred thousand dollars to wildlife conservation in Zambia, they do not need to come and kill endangered species to donate,’ he said,
‘Technology has made it extremely easier to transfer money electronically around the globe. One does not need the hassle and bustle of trekking through bushes and thorns to track these animals to donate.’

Mr Sinkamba added, ‘The Minister says killing the 46 cats will earn this country and communities reasonable income. Furthermore, the Minister says hunters were allowed to kill five cats in the hunting block but now we are not allowing more than two cats per person. We reiterate our earlier position that safari hunting as a conservation strategy is a wrong notion.’

He said killing endangered wildlife in the name of saving it and earning revenue is just wrong.

‘We know for a fact that the ulterior motive of safari hunting is killing endangered species for fun, not conservation. Besides, killing even one lion without any concrete data on the population of the species, is an extremely irresponsible.’

Mr Sinkamba added, ‘we therefore urge government to resist the temptation of dirty money like safari hunting and do the right thing: sustain the ban until Zambia has conducted the censure and sustainable eco-tourism schemes are put in place.’


  1. It is unbelievable that GRZ has resolved to allow hunting of big cats without knowing how many are there in the bush. It would be extremely irresponsible to do that without weighing in on the impact. Let government reflect on this advice, we are all stakeholders.

    • All wise people have spoken , even the weed smokers know PF govt has made a foolish and most absurd decision. Ifintu ni Lungu, kill the lions, ifintu ni Lungu, fire, kill the leopards, ifintu ni Lungu.

    • Good thoughts Mr Sinkamba,but I don’t agree with you on entertaining threats from the UK and USA. Zambia is a sovereign nation and I believe this issue can be solved internally. Tell those chaps to go and look after wild animals in their home countries.

  2. I belong to PF but don’t support the move by govt.Please govt listen to the pipo.Zawa doesn’t have accurate data of lions and leopards. you may finish the lions in the bush.Please let somebody who loves animals and understand the nature to head the ministry of Tourism ba lungu.Jean Kapata lacks the knowledge.She’ll be just swaddled by white crooks.We love Zambia n this move will make PF unpopular.I love nature and can’t support hunting of lions.We young pipo now have knowledge to know where Zambia is going.We can’t be cheated.Better we attract more tourists than hunting lions for money.

  3. @ Moscow(op) zambia is in a mess because of id1ots like you,you ain’t even ashamed of saying “I nyo nyo to PF but iam against this”

  4. When ‘missionaries’in reality.. SLAVE MASTERS, brought their ancient book of lies that we now know today as ” The bible” Africans did n’t even know they were in Africa.
    The whip and the gun, forced them to learn fast.. including worshiping a foreign made up god.

  5. When true that we need to conserve animals, linking it to boycotts by some chaps elsewhere is sad. RB once remarked; NIZAWO NYAMA?
    If possible why not sale live cats to interested individuals or countries. I am sure we can earn the same cash, or not?

  6. We need as many people as possible to raise against this silly idea. ..Lazy Lungu can easily save a $1,200,000 a year by simply getting rid of all those free loading deputy ministers with their benefits.


  8. Lion has a right to live. But mlandu ni ya masamu… South Africa makes many billions from hunting. Why should we sacrifice the opportunity to grow our own hunting industry?

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