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Government wants to harmonise fees for secondary school

Economy Government wants to harmonise fees for secondary school

Kyawama high school choir singing during Youth Day celebrations in Solwezi
Kyawama high school choir singing during Youth Day celebrations in Solwezi

GOVERNMENT says it is pondering a move to harmonise secondary school fees to help pupils attain secondary education without difficulties.

Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education, Science,Vocational Training and Early Education Sydney Mushanga said in an interview with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in Central province that there was no way schools in the same area would have different school fees.

“You will find schools are in the same area but have different schools, how do they arrive at those fees?” he said.

Mr Mushanga said that the money collected was not even used in a proper manner as there were questions as regards to the use of the pupils user fees.

“Government wants pupils to learn without difficulties in paying user fees, hence my able minister Dr Honorable Micheal Kaingu and I are looking at possibilities of harmonising the fees. They get the money but we don’t know what exactly they do with it,” he said.

The deputy minister has also ordered that no pupils should be sent back home for not paying school fees.

Meanwhile, ZANIS reports that Chibombo District Education Board Secretary Maybin Luulu says it is essential for children to start with pre-grade education before proceeding to grade one.

Mr Luulu says early childhood education is essential as it prepares pupils for their academic journey ahead of them.

He was speaking during the ground breaking ceremony for Chinsanshi Pre-School in Chibombo district on Tuesday.
The construction of the Chinsanshi Pre-School has been necessitated by Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) in conjunction with Lafarge Company Limited and the Lions Club of Longacres.

Mr. Luulu has since urged other stakeholders to come on board and supplement government’s efforts in promoting early childhood education in order to stimulate the interest of children in education.

And ZOCS Board of Governors Chairperson Maureen Simunchembu said Chinsanshi Pre-School will in the long term be turned into a boarding school and skills training centre.

Ms. Simunchembu said the skills training centre will enable vulnerable children get empowerment with skills in bricklaying, carpentry, tailoring and agricultural activities.

And Induna Chinsanshi said a fully-fledged pre-school in Chieftainess Mungule’s area will prevent children from walking long distances to neighbouring villages to attend classes.

He said most children have not been able to attend pre-school because they are too young to cover long distances.


  1. This will be a very good and wonderful move government! Pliz expedite the process! You will be antagonized but don’t relent! Let every child go to school! Harmonize the school fees for a better zambia

  2. Ati ” hence my able minister Dr hon Micheal Kaingu and I” OMG! Who do these fellows think they are.

  3. How about the mushrooming of small private schools in the backyards. Are they monitored as well or is it a case of just wanting to yup something?

  4. Just eliminate school fees for these kids. Even you admit that you dont know how some of the money collected is being used. The resources are there, its just a matter or prioritizing education.

  5. pupils should not be sent away becoz of money. My question is which pupil? Ask schools parents from the middle class are the worst when it comes to failure to pay school fees.

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