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Improve the drying water sources Govt advised.

General News Improve the drying water sources Govt advised.

Former Luapula Province Minister in the MMD government  Besa Chimbaka has advised Government to improve the drying water sources in the out laying areas of Mansa district.

Mr. Chimbaka who is also former Bahati member of parliament on the Patriotic Front Ticket when the PF was in the opposition told ZANIS in Mansa that he has gone round Mansa water sources and observed that due to the poor rainfall, the sources will soon run dry and that remedial measures should be taken now to prevent a water shortage in the area.

The former law maker said once water sources run dry, both human population and livestock in the district will be negatively affected.

He explained that so far, many people living around his farm have been queuing up for water from his borehole, a situation which has come about because of water sources in their respective areas and villages drying up.

The former Minister said the Office of the Vice President through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit should quickly be notified about the situation so that plans to avert the water disaster for the provincial capital and out laying areas could be put in place.

He proposed that if resources are made available, the water sources which include boreholes and wells in densely populated areas and villages could be deepened to enable the steady flow of water to meet the needs of the people.

Mr. Chimbaka added that the deepening of the available and existing water sources is important for ensuring that people have access to clean and safe water within reasonable distances and save on their time and energy which currently they were expending on covering distance to access water.

He said lack of water for the people increases their exposure to water borne diseases which should be prevented by ensuring that the water sources have enough water supply throughout the year.

Luapula Water and Sewerage Company representative Frederick Chiwaya could not be reached for a comment by Press time.


  1. the water situation in LP is not as simple as this man is portraying. when you drill to 40 metres plus in LP, you will encounter high iron content (indalawa) in the water and people wount drink it. again the only type of hand pump that is promoted so much is the India Mark II/III series. all these are suitable to pump water from such depths so the rate of break down will increase for the community. if you use the Afridev, the same challenge of depth arises but this at least can reduce the oxidation of the Iron. i suggest that another good pump be intorduced in Zambia to address this problem or better still, LP is high density area so do piped water schemes like in Mwansabombwe.

  2. @ine wine, never mind the technical part, this chap was an MP and PF MP’s in the opposition exuded more power than all the back benchers today and he didnt do anything for 5 years! He is no longer an MP so insala yamunokola! In my view he should consult the current MP there to resolve the problems he left and he shouldnt even think of standing in 2016!

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