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Woman pours hot water on sleeping husband

General News Woman pours hot water on sleeping husband

A 30-year- old man of Katongo village in Kasama district has been burnt by his wife after a marital dispute.The victims uncle Victor Simukonda confirmed the incident.

Mr. Simukonda said his nephew Frank Mwamba is admitted to Kasama General Hospital where he is nursing serious injuries.

And speaking from his bed in hospital, Frank Mwamba narrated that the incident happened on Sunday evening after the him and his wife came back from a drinking spree.

Mr. Mwamba revealed that the two left the drinking place and went home where his wife poured hot water on him while he was sleeping after a quarrel.

He identified his wife as Rebecca Mutambo, who is on the run.Mr. Mwamba has since appealed to the police to arrest and punish his wife.

He said the family has failed to deal with the case on its own as it was gender based violence.


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    Mobs of classless stinking men surround a beautiful woman and rip away her clothes until she is naked.
    Primitive Zambian man, be civilized its none of YOUR business what someone is wearing.
    Shame on these lowlifes, when did anyone’s dressing became another person’s business?
    These savages are potential rapists who should rot in jail
    The last time i checked God created us naked and in African culture women wore bark-skin “G-String” IMIBINDE & topless… Chitenge’S AND SALAULA WERE BROUGHT TO YOU BY FOREGINERS
    Shame on you Zambian idÎots!!

    • Why are you so emotional, i bet you enjoy seeing women half naked because you cant propose and take a woman to bed…not in zambia my friend.

    • cycle mata, you are an id!ot – check my flag you dog!

      monkey banana – kolwe ne cipato… noko icinyo ukubola!


    • This is off the topic matter, at this time and age there is no room for insults unless negative vibes.

  2. All this is because of PF..people are hungry. A woman wouldnt allow to share the little their husbands make with other women.

  3. I tell these chicks better to remain single that hitch your wagon to a low calibre man. Akakutwala mukweshiwa. Te apa. This man has probably beaten her enough times. Now he is crying foul because the shoe is on the other foot lwakwe. Its a shame we have become a nation of low calibre drunks especially our men. In fact the more of a useless drunk you are the more of a hero you are considered in some cough *political* circles. Medicrity and drunkeness are Zambuias curse. Gross.

  4. I have always had a problem with excessive alcohol consumption.

    In all my years, I am yet to see a happy ending involving alcohol.

    Infidelity and violence are all associated with alcohol abuse.

    Maybe the government should consider legalizing ulubange as an alternative as some people and alcohol do not just get on well.

  5. When I saw the headline of this article I said to myself, I bet there is booze involved. And I was right. ha ha

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