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Motorists attack police officer and grab his AK47 riffle


Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

A POLICE officer was assaulted in the early hours of yesterday and had his fire arm, an AK47, grabbed after he stopped two men driving carelessly on the road.

Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga said the police officer, whose name has been withheld, was in the company of two neighbourhood watch officers who fled after seeing that the police officer had been overpowered.

Ms Katanga said the men pounced on the policeman after they parked at Petroda filling station in the SOS area in Lusaka.

She said the officer was rushed to the clinic and police have since arrested two men identified as Obed Muchima, 22, and David Kakema, 26, in connection with the attack.

“These men attacked our officer around 01:50 hours. We have, however, recovered the firearm and made arrests. The gentlemen were driving a Land Rover registration number AAN 7625,” Ms Katanga said.

And police yesterday thwarted an attempted robbery at a filling station and recovered an AK47 rifle and a Toyota Spacio registration number ADD 6451.

Ms Katanga said police were tipped by someone who was refuelling and noticed four masked men hovering around.
Upon noticing police presence, the robbers fled on foot and disappeared into the darkness.

Police found the gun in the vehicle and have launched a manhunt.

And Ms Katanga said police have arrested two Zimbabwean nationals for attempted robbery.

She named the two as Future Bhebhe, 33, and Siaphambo Sikosana, 34, both of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

The two were trailing Angel Mutale, 42, of Avondale after he drew some money at an automated teller machine.
Mr Mutale, after realising that he was being trailed, notified police who quickly went to his rescue.

“They were actually two vehicles that were trailing him. The ones we apprehended were driving a Toyota Spacio ALT 5097. The other two run away and checked out of the lodge where they were staying in,” she said.

Meanwhile a 30-year-old man of Lusaka’s Bauleni is battling for his life after he attempted to commit suicide using a pistol.

Ms Katanga said Mike Kalonga shot himself in the mouth in his bedroom.

His wife Dorica Banda,26, alerted neighbours and they rushed him to the University Teaching Hospital.


  1. If she was my employee I can fire that Katanga, why so many crimes wherever she goes, she never creates peace. It is embarrassing to be reporting crimes at your own home, just shows that the head of house and wife are horrible people.
    Can’t we see Katanga dancing for once?

    • Police bitc.h. ati “These men attacked our officer around 01:50 hours.”
      Know one thing bitc.h these police officers belong to all Zambians whether  in prison or free not just you and your seniors.
      You are creating a wrong understanding of who owns police service.

    • It simply means that she is she is good at supervising her men and women. Nothing wrong with this I suppose? She does not create the crimes herself.

  2. How can they just have 1 police officer around almost 2 am? this Katanga lady is useless. She has more police officers to harass HH but no many police officers to do the patrols at night. Shame on her & her fellow useless IG.

  3. Maybe it will be a better idea to give these officers pistols instead of those long heavy guns. Its easier to pull and handle while giving warning shots if you have to. Most people back off after hearing a shot because they know the next one will be the real thing. Come on people thats common sense.

  4. Why call her a bítch? Idíots…………………………………………………………….

    • Zambia is still very much a male dominated sexist society, my dear Madonsela, in case you didn’t know. Pigs like housefly abound.

  5. Nothing to do with Katanga. Lusaka is home of all criminals and my Lady is just helping to tone their deeds down. So far her work is remarkable.
    Only criminals who are being squeezed will call for her blood.
    The officer should be investigated too. It may be a failed deal.

  6. This is utterly embarrassing… Instead of this reckless gov’t spending money on old Russian Helicopters and $192m on pointless surveillance hardware…they can direct a quarter of that to equipping our police with high spec. Patrol cars, side on lightweight pistols, modern walkie talkie radios and most importantly training on how to approach such situations.

  7. Zimbabweans are becoming a headache in the region. They have exported prostitution and crime to neighbouring countries. Majority of the muggers in Johannesburg, especially around Park Station are Zimbabweans. As RB would say, ‘njala yaba nyokola’ ma Zimbabweans. It is high time the police in Zambia woke up not the usual “woyo woyo”.

  8. people do not realise how poverty has penatrated the homes, there is poverty out there. The increase in crime is a sign of hard economy. These are the writings on the wall that there is some thing really going wrong with the economy of the country. People commiting suicide is one way of running away from responsibilities. This has got nothing to do with Katanga, it’s all about the economy not performing well. what we need to do is to equip Katanga’s men and also remove those cadre police that PF employed due to corruption and nepotism. In fact that come is supposed to be investigated and thrown in prison. Me I an a Soldier and loosing your wepon to someone is treasonable.

  9. Zambian govt and it’s police must open eyes, Zimbabweans can be dangerous when it comes to robberies, they rob and kill their victims . South Africa has introduced country wide search for criminals and illegal immigrants using both the army and the police, so the foreign criminals are freeing to other countries were the police are still fast asleep. You ambush chibolya one night and you think you are done, hold on a second and see. Carry out daily operations in residential areas for both criminals and illegal foreign nationals. Its not a violation of human rights.

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