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HH accused of acquiring land belonging to a community in Chief Mukobela’s area

Headlines HH accused of acquiring land belonging to a community in Chief...

HH in Kanyama.
HH in Kanyama.

A LAND wrangle has erupted area in Namwala district after opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema allegedly acquired about 1,500 hectares of land belonging to the community in Chief Mukobela’s area.

The fertile land in question which was said to be five kilometers in width and six kilometers in length was being used for cattle grazing by residents of Ngabo area within the district.

The move by Chief Mukobela, who however, said he only gave out the same land and not sold it to Mr Hichilema, has angered about 40 families to be displaced and the families have called for Government to intervene.

Acting District Commissioner Martin Sikainga confirmed the development and availed minutes to the media at the weekend pertaining to meetings held to discuss the land saga.

He said the land was allegedly sold to Mr Hichilema by headman Moola of Ngabo area, a situation which had deprived about 40 families of ploughing fields and grazing land for cattle.

“When I came into office as acting DC, I found a report of a case of land allegedly sold to Mr Hichilema and we have minute’s pertaining to complaints from the affected local community,” he said.

He said, one of the affected villagers who lodged the complaint on the acquisition of land by Mr Hichilema, was headman Moola’s son, who feared that the locals would be displaced.

He said when the land saga was reported to the district administration, a team comprising security personnel visited the area and observed that, in accordance with the chief’s authority, a traditional leader could only give out about 250 hectares of land.

“According to the law, a chief can only give out 250 hectares of land, when we investigated, its about 1,500 hectares of land Mr Hichilema has allegedly acquired and because of its vastness, its only the Head of State who is supposed to give it out,” he said.

He said, since the land given to Mr Hichilema was beyond the jurisdiction of the district administration, the matter was referred to provincial administration and was awaiting response.

He said the district administration could not summon Mr Hichilema because it was now a matter which should be handled by the provincial administration due to the vastness of land in question.

After visiting the land in question, Mr Sikainga said the team issued a directive that no infrastructural should be constructed until the matter was resolved.

At the time the team went to check on the land a few months ago, only a dipping tank was found being constructed.

But in his submission, according to minutes of a meeting held on July 29, 2014, attended by former DC Gavia Nsanzya, headman Moola stated that he gave Mr Hichilema the land because the opposition leader allegedly promised to sink boreholes, build a clinic and a school in the area.

He submitted that Chief Mukobela also consented it but when the team from the district visited the traditional leader, the chief refuted claims of selling the land and only give it out.

One of the complainants, Godfrey Lucheya stated that the land acquired by Mr Hichilema was not even in headman Moola’s area and wondered how the headman could allegedly give it out.

The complaints have since appealed to Government to intervene in the matter before they are deprived of the land belonging to the community.

Mr Hichilema and headman were unreachable for comments by press time.


  1. HH can not BUY land, there is plenty of free land for his millions of cattle in Zambia. The problem is the people who use same land, it is either they get employed by HH or let their cattle cross breed with HH’s.

    • HH is a very materialistic man. He is all about acquiring not distribution. He know he is not qualified to lead the country, to him the presidency is just another acquirement he wants in his portfolio. Tongas can be complicated!

    • I said it the last time; HH is the president of Southern Province. He can do whatever he wants! Viva HH!

    • We all know that the newly appointed District Commissioners in all districts of the Southern provide have been instructed to find faults and implicate HH in everything. Don’t be surprised when one DC will accuse HH of being responsible for people breathing oxygen

    • @Nostradamus
      Chief of those people complaining including the DC himself gave HH the land,,,,, so i dont see the problem here,,,,

    • hh this hh that, stupid desperation why not report those 46 families of lsk whose houses were demolished by lsk city council now becouse high % of stupidity they are beasy complaining when not even one villager has been chased kusoba nzelu

    • HH-Phobia chabe! Sata got about 30,000 Ha of land in his home town and no one talked nonsense. Foreigners are getting vast pieces of land in Zambia from chiefs. They can’t even pronounce the names of the areas where they get land. A productive and successful farmer gets some land from his home area and the ruling party is inciting people to rise against the initiative. Sinda MP is right, current PF vision is to destroy everything productive.

    • These are early warning signs of HH’s character.What will happen when he controls all public resources that this country has.Our Zambian constitution gives a lot of powers to the President.Let us hope that in 2016,Zambians will have their eyes wide open and choose leaders who will not dip their stinking figures in public resources.


    • HH is very selfish signs are there for all to see. How does some one displace 40 families in favour of animals and you are busy cheering him. What will happen if one day he becomes head of state God forbid in whom land is vested? He will displace every body in rural areas because to him wealthy is God. Remember the Luanshya mine saga where he threw thousands of families into destitution.

  2. This is Zambia reloaded!Chinese,Lebanese and other nationalities are busy acquiring vast hectares of land while they pretend that they can’t see and talk because their mouths are still full of bloody money.Yet a citizen approaches the chief and mutual agreement is reached but because he is an opposition leader he has to be embarrassed.
    Pa Zed we hate each other and love to appease foreigners.
    Oh before I forget what has been done to land grabbed from Luanshya golf club by Kambwili?

    • He is not yet president he is corruptly grabbing land what more when he becomes president? This man is very selfish and have no regard for poor people including his fellow tongas

  3. Over 50% of hh possessions are dubious and I can’t fail to believe that he oiled the headman to get that land. He used a lie that he will build a school and clinic which up to date cant show. This guy is just a conman

  4. That’s kachema again.If voted into state house he can easily turn it into a glazing land for his animals

    • Yes bro. think twice. this time around we need a Shepard. we want a person who has a history of creating wealth through God given advantages.
      we are tired of street mongers and bar attendants as leaders.
      Sorry Pilato has said it all in his new song…….

  5. Hh should not be selfish…it is illegal to get 1500 hectares without Presidential authority.Gvt should quickly investigate this scandal.

    • That is the problem with HH. We have told you UPND cadres that after the way in which HH liquidated Zambian parastatals benefiting himself and later making himself board chairman of some of these companies, HH cannot be entrusted with public office let alone public resources. Look at the way he continues to cling on to the presidency of UPND as if the party is person-to-holder. Now, hear how he goes to dispossess poor people of land. Do you think this character can work for the benefit of majority poor people? The answer is a definite no. His agenda is purely a personal and private one!

  6. No District Commisioner has been instructed to embarass anybody.The villagers feel cheated by chief mukobela and HH.The right procedure need to be followed by people who want land rich or poor.UPND do not politisizee a straight forward issue.

  7. African leaders want power to protect their wealth and get more from poor people….blind followers wake up esp those of us from Southern province…we are still in slumber thinking there is a Moses who will one day come.

    The United Party for National Development is a liberal political party in Zambia, led by Hakainde Hichilema.
    In the legislative elections held on 27 December 2001, the party won 23.3% of popular votes and 49 out of 159 seats. Its candidate in the 2001 presidential election, Anderson Mazoka, on the same day won 27.2%.
    Mazoka died from kidney complications in May 2006. As part of the United Democratic Alliance, the party’s candidate for the September 28, 2006 presidential election was Hakainde Hichilema, who took third place.
    The party is an observer at Liberal International[1] and a member of the Africa Liberal Network.

    2015 Presidential Elections
    Edgar Lungu PF 807,925 48.33%
    Hakainde Hichilema UPND 780,168 46.67%
    Edith Nawakwi FDD…

    • There was voter apathy in many areas were PF is strong. 2016 will be different. Many are likely to come out and vote after learning the regional pattern of 2015 in Southern Province. The figures will improve towards PF. A general election is more interesting than an bye election. PF a more of a national party than UPND. Most the votes you are talking about are from SP. If other regions decide to do what SP did, this will be a final disaster for HH and UPND. They planted a bad seed, which will backfire in 2016.

  9. It is well researched article… I am left to wonder why LT took time to write so much about HH. Is LT part of PF or those fighting UPND. Anyhow the more LT writes about HH or UPND, the more UPND becomes popular…

    • I am not sure that people who talk about privatization of the companies including the mines know what they are talking about. You might be saying this from ignorance of the fact. Please try to research issues regarding privatization and you will find out that HH had no hand in what you are saying. YOU are just displaying your hatred for the man. MAJELASI CABE.

  10. Men of Valour, HH this, HH that, HH there, HH here etc etc. HH is the man indeed, without him there is no news! We thank God for Leaders like HH. Some likes for our incoming Leader please.

  11. Politics stupidity, how many whites & other foreigners have grabbed our in the name investors & government has been quit & HH wants to invest to grow our economy you bring politics, Rubbish!

  12. Has HH fenced off the land or its free range? These are pf antics trying to antagonise HHs standing.leave HH alone he is feeding the nation and helping villagers change animal breeds.

  13. This man’s stories are beginning to be quiet a stench, imagine him becoming national president, the whole country would be up for grabs to the highest bidder. Just like in the case of one scandal-ridden traditional leader with a penchant for illegal sale of pieces land! Ati ‘land ni bashikulu banshilile’! Kwii?

  14. It is not only HH, many people in Zambia have become crafty. I don’t like HH, but I would urge anyone condemning to check their past. Are they clean? No! I know many people here on CB who have been defrauding both the Mines and Government, hence their abnormal wealth.

  15. Selfish man, this HH. Even you who support such selfishness do not think straight. No wonder he sold our companies without remorse. All he thinks about is himself. Even UNPD is HH and HH is UPND. Supporters have failed to make a distinction which comes first, the party or HH. As things stand now HH is the Emperor and no one should question the emperor HH not matter how wrong he may be. This is the attitude you guys will bring into government if given a chance.

    For these reasons, UPND and HH will never form government because it is clear that HH wants to emperor HH.

  16. Just like the previous article last week about HH’s cattle ‘TERRORISING’ villagers’ crops, the negative tone of this Article speaks volumes about the originator of this story.

    Firstly, in the rush to discredit HH’s cattle investment, the originator has got the figures of the land in question wrong. Please note:- 1,500 Ha is NOT equal to 5km x 6km in Area size. It is half of that. Please recalculate and make corrections and stop misleading people. This says a lot about the calibre of the originator.

    But that aside, my earnest appeal to fellow Zambians whatever your political affiliations, particularly young people with a positive mind who what to invest, whatever your race or tribe, disabled or not, male or female ..etc.. is simply this:- Learn from HH and aim to ..

    • …Cont’d…aim to invest in livestock ventures that have an exponential multiplier effect. Cattle, if well looked after, is a good example. If you don’t, the Chinese will come and do it, and you will be begging for jobs from them AND complaining about conditions of service forever.

  17. go HH,.. we are behind you..there is nothing wrong in HH having land..as much land as he can afford…but not chines.. in lusaka west awee sure chines have create a state.. and you are busy attacking your owe.. thats petty politics of jealous

  18. If we continue to be so jealous to HH that we cannot sleep then our country will surely go no where. Stop this people leave HH alone also work hard stop lazing around.

    • Ha ha ha!! Why do you want us to believe that HH is an angel and that he is superhuman. Do no not impose or pollute our minds with you brainwashed imaged of HH. Not everyone worships him as you do. We only look at him as a failed politician that is all. We do not care care how much money he has. That is is money and we will not benefit from it.

      We cannot dwell on the richness of HH as a reason for him to become president of Zambia. That is sick reasoning.

      We will hold him accountable, just like any other leader for his deeds and actions. He is not above the law nor superhuman. Zambia is big than HH. Even UPND is big than HH. The earlier you think about this the better for you to reposition UPND. Currently, HH is UPND and HH is UPND. I wonder how UPND would look like if HH dies today.

  19. ?Yebo Nkhosi

    HH will rule Zambia just accept that , if you do not want to believe that ,Just start running away. For me I’m now comfortable I have stopped worrying any more because I love both PF and UPND.

    • I cannot run away, is he a lion? What kind of a leader are proposing? Someone who will make people run is not a leader of the people. What do you mean? Is hh going to victimise people who have opposed him? Then he is not Presidential material. He should just concentrate on herding his cattle and let real politician rule.

      I cannot accept a regionalist. A failed politician? Can’t never.

  20. The more you mudsling the guy the more popular you make him. If a headman sold land of that magnitude what have you done to the headman bwana DC? The last l checked headmen don’t sell without authorization of chiefs. Does the complainant have papers that show the sale? If so arrest the wrong doers and correct the situation why send to provincial office? If this malicious l would advise HH to sue either way someone has a case to answer either its HH or bwana DC on behalf of the presido simple. I smell a rat here!

    • What is the parallelism between Chinese and HH. Is it only the Chinese people who have invested in Zambia. What about Galaun and others?

      Is this justification for a so called Zambian to exploit his fellow citizens?

      Sometimes the way you UPND cadres take HH as a small god is sickening and disgusting. We have many rich and prosperous Zambians who are very humble and are silently helping the nation and its people. HH is not number on the Zambia’s rich people list.

      Please do not continue polluting us with this stinking notion that this country cannot do anything without this HH thing.

  21. There is no issue here my friends.The chief gave HH land in his chiefdom were HH is a member of that community to build clinics schools and bore holes.He is of cause keep cattle which will support local development for these communities were he is part fo.So whats your problem?That DC should just accept HH is a leader and nothing will stop him to provide for his people.

  22. Don’t say Chinese Lebanese and so fourth are acquiring land.stop being dull,this is a presidential candidate ,his supposed to look after the people, wealth is nothing to him like everyone say because his got plenty.Dont support people because you love them,support them because they are doing the right thing.I personally condemn violence ,i think the government(people n candidates)are not doing their part to end this and it is OUR responsibility to end this enmity that’s being slowing created by talking ill about each other. A leader will definitely come from God ,be it EL or HH i will not be bitter.I will move on with my life and not argue.And please if it so happens that your favorite doesn’t win ,please don’t incite violence because from your actions of violence,we will definitely…

  23. Grenade by:Siabula
    Taken form Grenade by Bruno Mars

    Easy come, easy go
    That’s just how you live, oh
    Take, take, take it all
    But you never give
    They believe you fix all that is damaged
    HH i’d catch a grenade for you,i will kill with machetes for you ,i would put my family on risk for you ,you know they will do anything for you oooooo
    Note : Please my fellow Zambians dont hate Bruno Mars i only stole his lyrics

  24. Ati he had no hand .Acceptance is good,it shows respect and how you respect others .I miss Sata ,he used to say it point blank ,hh knew and he never fought back but you blindly following the masses.Tell us just something good about him and we will vote for him and stop with the defense mechanism, it makes things easier bambi nabo ati he will be the president of monze..Imwe mwenda namafi pamatako ati teine nyele.Bambi nabo ati president of monze ,we are all zambians you fool.Twala ubushilu uko,that’s the only thing i hate about some people for HH.

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