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UPND President Hakainde Hichilema holds business meetings and Press interviews at World Economic Forum

Economy UPND President Hakainde Hichilema holds business meetings and Press interviews at World...

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and UPND founder Anderson Mazoka's daughter Machenje at the SABC studios
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and UPND founder Anderson Mazoka’s daughter Machenje at the SABC studios

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says it was important for people seeking public office to be clear enough on what they intended doing for the majority of their citizens if Africa was to develop.

Speaking at various economic platforms and when he featured on South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s radio and later live television interviews in South Africa, Mr. Hichilema said it was important for governments to create opportunities where businesses of various sizes prospered and created job opportunities for the majority of citizens, especially the young people.

Pressed on his source of wealth, Mr. Hichilema said he was pleased to have been given decent education opportunities despite coming from poor background and later on a conducive environment to start a small business that he slowly grew and would want many Zambian citizens, especially the youths, to enjoy the same.

The UPND leader, who has been invited at the prestigious World Economic Forum taking place in South Africa, says he looked forward to providing the same conducive economic environment if Zambians gave him an opportunity to lead the country so as to create employment and business opportunities for majority of the people and look after the underprivileged in society.

Mr. Hichilema, who has been meeting various business delegations from around the world interested to invest in Zambia, said the country had great potential in various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, mining, manufacturing and encouraged companies to come and partner with local citizens to develop the huge economic potential.

And Mr. Hichilema says it was important for political competitors in Africa to treat each other with respect and not as enemies in the political field.

The UPND leader said it was regrettable that opposition politicians in Africa were always targets of all sorts of malicious propaganda, hate speech, as opposed to compatriots that were equally interested in developing the country in harmony.

He cited cases where opposition politicians in Africa were not normally provided with free space to operate and mingle with citizens and explain their alternative policies and vision for their country due to various colonial pieces of legislation such as the Public Order Act.

He said when given an opportunity to serve the people of Zambia, UPND would end political victimization because it was inimical to multiparty democracy and socio-economic development.

He said the vision of leaders in Africa in the 21st century, Zambia included, should be on creating business and job opportunities for their citizens and improve the provision of basic services such as. Education, Health, Food and reduce poverty.

The UPND leader has been invited in his capacity as one of the world’s successful business persons and emerging African leaders with potential to add value to the global economic development and poverty reduction.

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  1. That is the way to go HH. You articulated economic and social matters well. Take this invitation to market yourself to the outside world. Do not despair about the past but wait for God’s time because it is the best. God bless HH and God bless mother Zambia.

    • Yeah way to go. Tell SABC and they will listen to you but us VOTERS wonchi give you the chance to rule us, never boyi !

    • Congratulations bwana HH. Zambia promises good leadership which is young, intelligent and private sector led with a potential to address our many social and economic hues.Sell yr profile at the World Economic Forum.

    • ZNBC should be ashamed of themselves. They do not give audience to opposition leaders. Why can’t the organise an interview/debate of HH with whoever like SABC did? HH had a very good debate with Andrew Nthewewe and ironically the Zambia press has to quote SABC…why? Who gives such orders to ZNBC

    • This Mpho guy is….. kaya mwe, how can you even have such a guy on tv interviewing people on important issues.

    • HH is man Zambia should elect come 2016. He has shown beyond doubt that he has a brilliant vision for Zambia and the rest of Africa if allowed to get on a platform to lead Zambia and interact with genuine African African leaders.

      Me , My family and 95% of my friends we are going to vote for HH and give him the support he needs to redeem poor Zambians from abject poverty created by PF and it’s reckless leaders.

      Moody’s has down graded Zambia’s economic outlook to negative which means PF government’s borrowing capacity has been damaged beyond repair unless a new leader takes over.

      The only option for Zambia is now to raid all your accounts and tax you left, right and centre to raise money for their lavish style.The good thing is PF or not you will have to pay PF’s harsh…

  2. I hope the government has been represented adequately at this prestigious gathering.

    I have listened to HE President Lungu several times, when he is not reading from his speech, you have to be extremely lucky to hear him speak economic language. I have never heard basic terms like GDP, inflation, economic growth, value addition, come out of his mouth. May be others have heard him. Nawakwi is one politician who has impressed me, she seems to be intelligent. HH also is quite articulate in that language. I think as a politician, one must have some basic economic knowledge, you don’t need to be an economist, but the profession of politics demands that you become an all-rounder. It can be quite embarrassing at roundtable gatherings like WEF where participants don’t read from speeches

  3. HH has been victimised in this country for no apparent reason, Government is harassing him, Fred Mmembe has taken a stance not to cover him because he has to prop Winter for now. Why? He is human, we are supposed to be a Christian nation.

  4. The under-laying statements that is the basis of the article are-

    The UPND leader has been invited in his capacity as one of the world’s successful business persons and emerging African leaders with potential to add value to the global economic development and poverty reduction.

    And this is statement is what is missing in Africa

    He said the vision of leaders in Africa in the 21st century, Zambia included, should be on creating business and job opportunities for their citizens and improve the provision of basic services such as. Education, Health, Food and reduce poverty.

  5. This thing is when are we going to hear EL spell out his vision for our country, over 5 Months now in office and we still do not know what he plans to do, no press conference, no address to the nation, no show at the last leaders debate before the elections.
    I for one i have never heard him speak his vision and what he plans to do for our country.
    I will be happy if i can see our president EL show us what he is made of.
    All this talk of ifintu ni lungu does not make any sense to me, What does it mean and what does this guy stand for Kanshi mwebantu.

    • Ifintu ni Lungu. Meaning everything you dream about is in Lungu. Everything is in him and him in everything simple.
      The sabc interview was so useless befitting the likes of under5. As if it was a police interview .

    • Spongebob has answered you in typical dull pf cadre fashion. Just be patient my friend, maybe someone with a brain might give you a real answer but obviously not from within the PF or from its supporters because everyone knows they possess no brains so am guessing you will never get the answer to your questions. Sad really.

  6. Well he is very impressive when he speaks to the media, but do his messages reach the majority people in rural Zambia who have no access to internet or Sabc? HH will always miss out of potential voters who have never heard him propounding the economics and how he intends to develop the country.

    • Your thinking is exactly that of PF and Lungu.HH is denied space to interact with people because PF and Lungu are afraid that all the electorate can easily switch to HH.They would rather just continue yelling their empty slogans like “Ifintu ni Lungu”,whatever it means.

    • Isn’t my and your responsibility to assist HH to spread the message of socio-economic salvation he can bring to the grassroots so that Zambia can move forward.

      Kachema with 90,000 animals and several shopping malls. He is the PSV driver we all have been hoping for. Lesa a pale.

    • You UNPD guys, you are very confused, we cannot qualify HH as Presidential material on the basis of him having 90,000 animals and shopping malls. This is absurd. Zambia has many citizens with much more money than HH. We also have equally a good number of highlay educated Zambians than HH. We have Doctors, Proffessor locally and other in diaspora working for institutions such as UN, World Bank, etc. How much education does HH hold? is he the MOST rich and educated Zambian. You should be selling his political abilities.

      Going by how you are promoting HH, he is then for a position of economic adviser to HH. He he wants tha position, HH and UPND should ask nicely and allow HH to join PF.

      We are tired with you telling us hh is rich and educated.

  7. I have for a very long time proudly supported HH ,because I am sure he is the right man to transform Zambia. He has all the qualities of a leader(president).A Husband of one wife, Father of Upright children ,An elder in the SDA church, A successful Business, with sufficient Education and a pragmatic economist. What else do Zambians want. The only demerit and the reason he is not president is because he was born from a Tonga man and woman who also created by God Jehova who also created the Bembas and Nyanjas.I cry for youths to open their eyes and vote wisely if we are see real development in Zambia.

  8. HH is complaining about malicious propaganda and hate talk and yet he and his part do this day and night against the Republican President. How many times has HH stolen government classified information in order to distort the picture of government and the President of the Republic.

    Really, does think we do not read his hate talk against EL and PF? What lies and pretense.

    HH, UPND and his friend whom he supports produce useless songs, Pilato, are busy insulting the ruling Party and the President and going on foreign media to make false complaints.

    We know him better at home that he is a political failure and hypocrite.

    He can his businesses and not the country. We shall not be swayed by such blatant naked rhetorical orations. they shall remain such. Mere oration for media.

  9. It appears HH can make a very good leader if the way he articulates issues is anything to go by. He lays down the problems facing the common man and explains possible solutions. Having stayed in the opposition for long, he explains how sitting govts oppress the the opposition and promises to srap certain draconian colonial laws the govt uses to manipulate the opposition. He outlines solutions to certain problems facing the govt like fuel crisis, education, the kwacha etc. Given a chance, he may bring change unless his solutions are merely theory. His recent land saga and grazing villager’s crop still beg questions, if it is true or just stagemanaged mudslinging. Can he preach water and drink wine? Try him, he may be your long-awaited Joshua, biblically speaking.

  10. I salute you Mr HH for what you have said,Plot 1 is yours kam nxt year……God knows everything that is happening here in Zambia.When God says yes who can say no?

    • God only says yes to those who truly believe in Him. HH has not renounced his masonism. His eldership in SDA is cosmetic.

      Already, UPND is treating HH as a god. God will not allow such people to rule. HH and UPND should first humble themselves or else they remain and die in opposition.

      EL will be unshakable in 2016. Just see how silently and well he is working, trying to unite the nation while you UPND and HH are busy destroying relationships with the electorate.

      Friends, you are deep trouble with HH as candidate. Kapita was right, you are going no where.

  11. “The UPND leader has been invited in his capacity as one of the world’s successful business persons and emerging African leaders with potential to add value to the global economic development and poverty reduction”. HH just inspires! God bless HH & Zambia at large!

  12. The world is able to see that HH is able to transform economically not only Zambia but the whole globe yet the Zambians are so blind to that fact! HH you are a blessing to mother Zambia & the whole Africa.

    • Nyati, do not lie to us. How can HH to develop the whole world. He has failed to develop his village because he eats alone.

      HH has failed to manage his party to win elections, how do you expect him to rally a nation and as you claim the whole world.

      This is the reason why God will not allow HH to rule. You people are comparing him to God. God knows that you HH instead of Him. and to show you that he is only true God, HH will never rule.

      Remember HH is only human, there is nothing superman about him. What he was saying at the interviews was mere academic. Anyone can read a few books and say that.

      God allows the humble to rule His people. All former Presidents including the current one were/are humble. But HH, too boastful and arrogant. Uko kwine with your unrealistic dreams!!!

    • @Yebo Nkhosi, You sound like you have talked to God & He has told you that HH will never be allowed to lead this country, are you sure? Don’t choose to be blind to reality, do you know how man Zambians that are currently employees of HH’s firms? Do you know how much HH’s firms contribute to the annual GDP growth? HH & other hardworking Zambians should just inspire the upcoming Zambians who want to make a difference in our great country Zambia.

    • I have the right to make my own analysis. You have been taught the same lesson many times and surely failed all the exams. From the way things are going, you failing this final test.

      I was saying in many areas there was voter aparthy. General Elections attract more voter turn out. Many PF and other PF sympathisers learnt how UPND voting pattern was in the last election. Those that did not vote, will this time vote.

      EL is doing a good job by ignoring what HH and UPND are doing to distract him. He not responded but continued to do his work and uniting the country. Things have not changed much for UPND. His strong hold remains SP, NWP and WP. EL will do better this time in these areas. While UPND is working on hate language, EL is speaking love. Zambians will go for love and not hate.

    • Yebo Nkosi, I really hope you visited HH’s village and are speaking from an informed point of view when you say he has failed to develop his village otherwise you are just ranting.

  13. He was invited by his UPND-SA team which just happens to concide with the WEF meeting just to up his image. He was not invited to the World Economic Forum currently in SA. Kanshi ba UPND supporters what type of weed do you smoke which seems like increases your hallucinations

    • @Zemuntu changed to Jacombian Transform, with dunderheads like you its difficult to transform Zambia economically & reduce poverty.

    • The UPND-SA team should be very powerful kanshi. HH appears on SABC TV, interviewed on SABC radio and now going to the WEF.

      Go Shepard go!!!!!~

    • I have no idea why PF cadres like Zemuntu insist on always showing how dull they are. Please, we already know you have no brains so chill.


  15. Edigar Chagwa Kamina… Lungu is awaiting invitation too.
    Zambia looks forward to his address at this confrence spelling out strategic economic plans for development of Zambia in the Southern Africa region.

    • Imwe, you cannot compare Sata to HH. HH is a baby in politics. Despite his humble background Sata was a formidable strategist in politics . When did HH enter into politics? Just yesterday and was hand picked. Never been anywhere near MP nor even ward chairman. Sata was all this and more in politics.

      HH will never rule because he agreed and continued to be a regionalist. he was put into power on those grounds and nothing has changed and because of that the majority of Zambian do not see him as unifying factor. Actually, he is a separating factor. The voting pattern will improve towards PF in 2016. EL is talking the right language, One Zambia, One Nation.

      Currently HH and UPND are playing emotional and wishful politics. With Pilato as campaign manager, what do you expect. Disaster!!!

  16. I don’t know what you are all praising . I suspect you are all Tongas. HH was pathetic. The interviewer ask him questions that he evaded. This was a chance for HH to tell the world how he enriched himself but he evaded the questions Why? because he knows his wealthy was from corruption. He kept taking the discussion to the future when he knows he will never rule. Answer us. Simple how did u get your wealth?

    • Alice kupa and all you pf chaps I have challenged you with real facts and you keep on yapping that HH will never rule ,are you God to dertime anyones destine?

  17. Iwee yebo nkosi, you are not God to determine anyones destine not even HH.You have always said you will teach us a lesson because we taught how to vote ( Nega-Nega forum) but facts on the ground don’t seem to suggest,for instance in senga hill upnd increased its share of votes from about 1,000 in January to close to 5,000 in April and in chawama pf share of votes reduced drastically from about 18,000 in Janaury to just about 7,000 in April so which voting pattern towards pf are you talking about.Meanwhile happy birthday to HH and many more returns

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