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Kaingu to deal with UNZA problems-President Lungu

General News Kaingu to deal with UNZA problems-President Lungu

Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

President Edgar Lungu says he expects Education Minister Michael Kaingu to resolve the situation at the University of Zambia.

Mr Lungu told journalists in Lusaka today that the problems at the great east road campus will be addressed by the Minister of Education.

President Lungu said this shortly before departing for North-western province on a four day working visit.

Students at the University of Zambia have threatened to riot if lecturers continue to be on a go slow.

While in North-western Province, the Head of State is expected to commission the reconstruction of the Solwezi/Chingola road at an estimated cost of K1 billion.

President Lungu is also scheduled to open the National Savings Bank Kasempa branch and tour other government projects.

Mr Lungu is also expected to visit Chavuma and Zambezi districts and meet traditional leaders in the area to foster unity and development.

President Lungu is accompanied by Lands Minister Christabel Ngimbu, State House Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata and other government officials.

Mr Lungu was seen off by Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula, Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila, Health Minister Joseph Kasonde, and Tourism Minister Jean Kapata, Service Chiefs and government and party officials.

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  1. Wapya munzi mange. Infintu ni lungu alungusha infintu pa zed.

    All the institutions are going to collapse due to lack of money.PF ‘s credit rating was down graded by moody’s to negative . So it can not borrow money from any where.

    Lungu should try to borrow money from his f00lish friend Mugabe to solve Zambia ‘s financial woes.

    How ever I must make it very very clear that, HH had many meetings with potential donors and businessmen who are willing to help Zambia with a lot of money to reset the economy if and only if HH leads the nation because the donors have lost hope in PF.

    With HH in power creditors are willing to renegotiate the loan terms and give Zambia breathing space to reshape its priorities and put Zambia back on its proper economic growth path and cut out…

    • This just but the start of more strikes and protests. Next month its gonna be worse as there will be no salaries for all government workers on time.

      So I expect all the civil servants to revolt and join the strike. Police and all men and women in uniform are also not spared. They have not been paid their allowances in months now.

      Kaya Lungu has finally sunk the PF ship. At least his f00lish friend Mugabe has diamonds he sells on the black market to raise a bit of cash. What about Lungu?

      I expect Lungu to now resort to sending police to raid your homes and collect government levy by force to raise money to pay salaries.

      PF nibachimbwi chape.

      Viva HH and UPND.

  2. Mr. President, prophets of doom will remain prophets of doom – bring NW and all other neglected parts of our beautiful country into the fore without fear or favour.

  3. This man it appears sometimes forgets that he is head of state. How else can you explain his response in front of cameras when he was asked about the trouble brewing at UNZA. ‘We have a minister for that ministry who is suppose to deal with that not me’. How does a responsible, mature leader with a vision answer like that. He passes the back cowardly to his minister! It is like asking a father in a home why children are not going to school and why there is no food in the home and he responds ‘ask their mother not me’! Ati ifintu ni Lungu!

    • Lungu is just following what Sata (RIP) used to do. With Sata it was all the time the Minister of this and that will do this. Lungu thinks that’s how a competent President must deal with issue not realizing that Sata was just plain dull. Even in Parliament, Sata used to leave some sections of his written speech saying the Minister responsible will read.

  4. The solutions for UNZA are tough and include the following:
    1. UNZA should review its cost structure. The UNZA cost structure include scandalous retirement benefits such as 8 months pay for each year of service! These need urgent review. After a detailed cost review UNZA should start charging fees that recover the cost of tuition in full. The current system recovers less than 50% of the cost. It is ironical that we have continued with a system that is not sustainable for this long;
    2. Government should introduce a Student Loan System. The current bursary system that has no way of recovering the amount spent on student training is not sustainable.
    If we don’t deal with these matters, the challenges of UNZA will not be resolved!

  5. Both Lungu and Kaingu have no clue of how to resolve issues at UNZA.
    In fact Kaingu has no resources to resolve those problems so it is as good as saying PF has intention of doing something about this.

    • Ba Chilyata – Did you read what Kasonde, just above your comment, said? We call that, “focusing on the problem”.

  6. This problem was almost resolved by the former education minister in that he started challenging government universities to think outside the box. Like Kasonde has mentioned above that was where that former education minister was always talking about. Now Ba Lungu decides to bring Kaingu who is preoccupied with being Minister than solving problems, this is what you get.

  7. Kaingu can’t solve anything! He is such a dull character! Just hear his incoherent speeches when he makes one! He is very much occupied with being a minister more than anything else!

  8. Well said Kasonde. Lecturers and staff at MU (mulunghi Univ.) have been on strike for past 4 wks. Has anybody paid attention? No. The problems in addition to what you’ve said are corruption, plunder through privileges, and management incapacity. For MU, these run at the core of failure there. This woman imported by Bob Sichinga from UNISA has run down that once vibrant University to a level unimaginable. Someone should be asking themselves: Why are these VCs so rich. This woman VC at MU came with nothing hardly 3 years ago. She upped her salary 75% above that of the previous VC. Later those so-called mgt (there’s NOT much of mgt at MU by all standards), they increased their pay by upto 39%, bought themselves new D4Ds. Corruption smells at MU. Everywhere you see speaks of corruption.

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