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Sunday, January 19, 2020

President Edgar Lungu pardons jailed MMD MP Moses Muteteka

Headlines President Edgar Lungu pardons jailed MMD MP Moses Muteteka

Former local government deputy minister Moses Muteteka

President Edgar Lungu has pardoned MMD Chisamba Member of Parliament Moses Muteteka who was serving a five year jail sentence at Chimbokaila prison for theft of a motor vehicle.

President Lungu pardoned Mr. Muteteka after he made an appeal to him on grounds of ill health.

And Mr. Muteteka in a walk in interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka, thanked President Lungu for responding to his request.

Mr. Muteteka explained that he suffered a stroke twice in 2012 and 2013.

He has also thanked Chief Chimuka of Chisamba and the people for standing with him while in prison.

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  1. Bandits’ are let scot-free by are visionless Lungu anabwela nama Jameson!

    Useless things!

    The Skeleton Key

    • A poor 23 year old man from Ndola has just got a 10 year stretch for having a kilo of Marijuana on him.

    • In many constitutional democracies which Zambia is part of, the Executive Presidency enjoys Prerogative of Mercy which is the Power of Pardon and Criminal Justice in a constitutional republic. This prerogative power of the executive is constitutionally pliable to the President to grant pardons where deemed morally and humanely necessary. Dr. Kaunda pardoned a good number convicts jailed for even more serious crimes from treason to any crimes some bordering on espionage and subversion with Boars. Without which the likes of Brig General Miyanda, Yotam Mumba, LT. General Tembo and Mahtani to mention but a few could be rotting in Mukobeko.

    • So, Liato will be pardoned too? George Mpombo was pardoned, so was Stephen Masumba. This shows that Ministers have some immunity and can commit crimes with impunity. We need to vote PF and Edgar Lungu out

    • UPND Cadre From Ngombe Lsk @ 1.1
      If what you are alleging is true then I would recommend to ka Lungu to pardon that young man immediately and throw the judge in prison. Any judge who would hand a 10 year sentence to a man for weed possession is incompetent and stúpid.

    • Hello folks, can the police help us here in Ndola. There has developed a habit of teen parties in their parents’/ guardian’s houses that are irritatingly loud and where sex and consumption of banned substances is so common! What happened to the system of getting police permits and neighbours’ consent before hosting parties in residential areas….

    • This just goes to emphasise that prisons are for commoners. How many with lesser crimes but without a Muteteka name but ailing with even more serious diseases are suffering behind bars? The release is for no other reason than for Lungu’s political expediency! Muteteka stole big and no need for pardon. Why don’t these politicians fight to improve state of prisons to two star hotel standards


    • The greatest bandit is HH. He unfairly benefited from privatisation at the expense of poor Zambians. He know pretends to be a saint. Useless fellow!!!

      The animals he claims to have are from Zambia Cold Storage Board, which he sold at give away and behind the scenes bought them at equally very very cheap price. Thief HH.

    • Mutetekas imprisonment had some political revenge because of his connection with late Levy Mwanawasa! Do some research please

  2. Can a president just pardon a prisoner just any time just like that can some one educate me plz

    • Zambia probably needs a parole board which will look at the applications made by prisoners, just imagine how many prisoners are sick and don’t have access to the president. In Zambia it seems the President can practice prerogative of mercy anytime.

  3. “Animal Farm”! This world is not fair, guess a lot of people are in Zambian prison for minor crime. Can they see this kind of justice?

    • Even old man Sata wouldn’t stoop so low …Zambian presidency has really been auction off…what a joke!!

    What a Corrupt bandit, whos in the job for himself, & his family.
    What message does this sent to corrupt politicians??
    Steal, Sabotage the nations economy, & ye shall be pardoned by fellow visionless criminals. Zambia’s Corruption fight TRULY DIED with Mwanawasa

    • I now agree, Guy Scott would have been the better bet for Zambia, he even stopped these criminals using State funds to finance thier corrupt campaign.
      Being so corrupt Chagwa then ran into the arms of “The Godfather of corruption” R,B.

    • Mwanawasa also pardoned Chiti and Captain Solo. The solution is to change the law as there is nothing illegal about what Edgar has done. All Zambian Presidents have pardoned convicted criminals at one time or another!

    • Guy Scott pardoned Masumba just before the presidential by-election! He too would have been practicing “selective justice”! Prison is only for the poor, unfortunately! If you’re not part of the “Political Elite” (read “Tandem of Thieves”), you will rot in jail! Kundende ndikwa anthu osauka basi!

  5. Masumba forged the diploma, pardoned. Mpombo never remited the imprest of 18,000zmw, pardoned. Muteteka store the motor vihecle, pardoned. very soon Lyato will be pardoned. the cost wasted on these guys is so huge and yet this is what zambian get. many state proscutors and judges were paid using public money. many repoters were also paid and wasted time, ink, papers, fuel. my heart breeds when i see these things happen to my mother zambia looking at how my many brothers and siters who were jailed 7 to 10 years for selling marijuana wealth 150 zwm inorder for them to send my cousin to school. my uncle is in prison for 4 years just for stilling a chicken and this is his fourth year. can sobody tell me what is justice!!!!



  8. All politicians can steal bcz they know that they will be pardoned by a sitting presido.what this means is they are all stealing.zambia the real africa.

  9. He will soon be appointed to some government post or run for some by-election somewhere. That is a country decomposing.

  10. Well done president Lungu!!let haters in UPND keep on blaming u bcoz they’re evil indeed!!how can a normal human being feel bad after a fellow Zambian is freed from jail?indeed UPND is a party led by a satan1st!!THESE KACHEMA PEOPLE BLAME EVERYTHING-SHOCKING!!YOUR FELLOW TONGA BULL JANZA HAS FAILED TO COACH CHIPOLOPOLO-SO NOW WHAT CAN YOU SAY BCOZ YOU ALWAYS SAY TONGAS DO NOT FAIL?you will die in opposition!!plus you must be too worried now seeing ECL breaking into Western and N/Western Provinces-your strongholds!!ECL WILL GET MORE VOTES FROM THERE IN 2016 IF HE CONTINUES LIKE THIS!!

    • Don’t insult tongas u ***** hh being a tonga politician should not earn us insults ….whether hh loses or wins honestly that daz not change the pride of tongas ….as tongas we hav neva survived on politics dear. The same hh u are insulting doesn’t lose anything n u know that in your evil head.

  11. So if tomorrow another politician steals a car or better yet he steals a wheelbarrow full of cash, who’s going to blame him?

  12. The pope must hear this! Others are rotting in prison for stealing a chicken and those who steal cars are let to go free o! Rotten system like those leading it!

  13. Mercy is an attribute of the strong…..not the weak. The quality of a people is seen in its balance between mercy and justice. I believe that pardoning a person who poses not threat to society, crippled by strokes etc is an act of mercy that adds value to our humanity.

  14. We are in maningi trouble! This behavior by Edgar is just encouraging politicians to steal knowing too well that they will be pardoned by their fellow crook at state house and be rewarded! What a country! I saw Masumba today kneeling down speaking to Edgar in Solwezi. Next you will hear he is in foreign service, and next will be Liato out and a reward of a senior position in Government to follow! JEHOVAH GOD WE CRY OUT TO YOU, SAVE US.

  15. We have really corrupted our leaders with absolute power…in all honesty how can one person just pardon anyone anytime with no clear reason, its flawed… anyway this is what whats when you elect corrupt empty tins who surround themselves with people like Banda.

    Zambians next time just pick a kaponya from bus stop and put him in State House to save tax payers funds on Presidential General elections!!

  16. This unreasonable releasing of criminals from prisons without reason by this directionles drunkard is very frustrating to judges and prosecutors who invest a lot of resources and time in these cases only to look f00lish in the end all because of an idi0t making strange decisions!

  17. These are
    some of the issues that should be put in the constitution. We need a parole system in place which should look into such cases after someone has served a considerable number of years. What Lungu is doing is abusing his powers which is no different from corruption. The law should be changed so that he is answerable for his acts. Lungu is not even ruling but just busy moving up and down campaigning and making funny and irritating noises. Why has set up the Mtembo tribunal while he is busy pardoning criminals. I think its Lungu who should be appearing before a tribunal to explain why in his 4 months rule he has pardoned so many criminal politicians.

  18. How many poor people with minor offences and suffering ill health in prison but are not pardoned? This sends a very bad signal about fighting government abuse of public funds. This law should be reviewed because it is being abused. First it was Mpombo then Masumba and now Muteteka. All these under PF government . What does this tell us about this government ? Please do not misunderstand me , forgiveness is not a bad thing but it must be done in fairly without sacrificing justice .

  19. If you bothered to research you will find that the arrest of muteteka was a revenge for what happened to Sata during Mwanawasa arrested Sata over a motor theft and Muteteka was deeply involved. Lungu is just righting a wrong

    • #Ndanje Khaks, and to just make your point clear, Sata did indeed help himself to a government vehicle during the Chiluba regime and was going to be jailed by Levy except that Xavier Chungu saved him by giving testimony in court that it was a gift from the OP for services rendered. That is why Sata never forgot to repay Chungu.

  20. Muteteka do not think if U suffered stroke twice then God hates you, God is loving all the time though he allows situation to befall you but not beyond what you can bare. I expected you to thank God first but not even a slightest mention, are you bitter that you cant if think what God has done to you. And you name is Moses one of the friends of God. Seat down and think twice what God has made you to be.

  21. The hardwork of our DPP has just been spat on! No wonder you want him out so that the rich can get away with crime while the poor have to rot in jail. You have no shame! Isn’t there a set time for pardons or the president can just do it willy nilly?

    • Research the background of Muteteka’s incarceration and you will understand why the man must be released. Moses is not the only former leader who had taken things they were using while in government. But he was singled out. Why? It all goes back to the days when Mwanawasa imprisoned over an alleged motor vehicle theft and Moses was among those who were in the fore front. The rest you can find out from other sources.

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