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UPND gives PF Government a list of things that should be made public

Headlines UPND gives PF Government a list of things that should be made...

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma
UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma

Open and immediate challenge to Mumbi Phiri and the PF governement

As UPND, we think it’s high time we finally put certain tired and boring debates to rest regarding malicious attacks on the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and some of its leaders.

Critical among these are tired and now boring issues regarding his apparent source of his wealth and that of tribalism tag being labelled on the UPND.

On the issue of Mr. Hichilema’s source of wealth, as questioned by the opinionated and brash PF Deputy Secretary, Mumbi Phiri, we challenge her and the PF regime to report Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) with whatever information they may have.

And let the ACC make the findings public and let the law takes its course.

We also challenge Mumbi Phiri and PF government that similar investigations be also carried out about

  1. The sudden wealth of Mulenga Sata and others and its findings made public.
  2. We further challenge Mumbi Phiri and the PF to institute investigations into the US$40 million over-pricing of the 2015 fertiliser contracts on which we have already written to ACC
  3. The new Lusaka International Airport Terminal contract and also make its findings public.
  4. Also institute investigations on the award of the hunting concessions for 2015, where concessions were awarded on the basis that no lions and other big game cats would be allowed and only later to allow its hunting, thereby fundamentally altering the original terms of the hunting concessions tender.
  5. We also expect investigations and it findings made public on the recent oil procurements contracts that have pushed the commodity way beyond the reach of majority poor Zambians.
  6. On the other tired tribal issue, we challenge Mumbi Phiri to publish the entire list of late Mr. Michael Sata’s first Cabinet and the Members of Central Committee (MCC) and where they come from, as well as a full list all key appointments such as Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Parastatals, Directors, and appointments at Zambian missions abroad.

The ball in now in your court. We are ready for this challenge, are you?

Charles Kakoma
UPND Chairman-Information and Publicity


    • So why and how has Mulenga Sata suddenly gotten wealthy..yes let them make it public so we can know.If PF has nothing to hide revealing the truth and about these issues raised will be no big deal..We are all tired of empty tins making noise…Zambia needs to develope.We need a young vibrant leaders not the crop of selfish corrupt leaders that have graced the Zambian stage for many many decades.Its all about me me me and myself.

    • Could the UPND make public how they expect the PF to fund the 2016 if they make all these issues public? Sha! How does the ruling party which has rich leader with the wealth of that Hakainde Hichilema and connections to Anglo American? How should PF feed the cadres? 😮

    • Shaka Zulu introduces the Assagai, a spear held on to and fought with; that way you remained armed and avoided arming you enemy with a weapon you originally hard by throwing it. The reasoning of Shaka Zulu was that spears that are thrown at the enemy are picked up and used against the attacker as he remains without a weapon.

      The original spears are being picked up and arming the opponents….let the games begin.

    • Looks like the online community today is obsessed with trivial and politicians are falling over themselves to satisfy the demand

    • These are the rare times I agree with MUSHOTA.

      You don’t throw back the same questions to your opponent.

      Rather you hit back with a justified answer to silence your critics.

      What Kakoma is saying is that .. just because Mulenga Sata stole, then HH does not need to answer the questions.

      I was in South Africa not too long ago, and spoke to 3 high profile media or TV personalities who have time after time failed to get a clean answer from HH.

    • Who does not know you and Winter ……….You are just disfigured Mushota. This Mumbi will go away just like Hapunda…..watch this space.

    • PF are a Group of Thieves. ask them Why Chishimba Kambili was buying Cement for his houses in Dubai?? it is because they are stupid have let pricing of goods uncontrolled and abuse office to import things like cement?? They don’t even pay tax on these goods. They all abuse Government Vehicles / fuel.

      Mulenga Sata, a dull kid in class now a millionaire??? where did he get the Cash?? Council contracts..

      They are a shame. with all what they promised Zambians? and now busy stealing? PF should Go come 2016. all it’s leadership should be locked up.

    • Before Mumbi Phiri answers the UPND,can Hon Kakoma give us a clear road map of HH from the time he left his University and other Colleges to start work and his first investment up to where he is stinkingly rich.If he can,give us a bonus answer by giving us year by year wealth accumulation.Knowing HH as I do that he is good at figures,it will not be difficult for him to outline his success trail.

  1. Who is the father to HH? He can tell us the truth concerning his wealth. Why bring in the late President? I thought you would be challenging the present cabinet. Did Mrs Mwanza was a steal or not!

  2. Kakoma, who has time for your list? Who does not know that UPND is a tribal party? If you are still in doubt wait for 2016 elections. All MPS for UPND are Tongas. So just shut up.

    • And PF is not a tribal party? You are wrong not all upnd MPs are Tongas,do your research properly. In any cases it means that those who decided to vote against a Tonga led party in other provinces are the worst tribalists.

    • Those MPs are just ponies. When it comes to the UPND big guns, tribe plays a huge role. The Presidency for UPND is strictly for Tongas. Here you have shame and this is true.

      HH never refused to out on the position based on his tribe. How can he deny he is not tribal. This is a difficult position he put himself in.

      You say he very educated and intelligent. Why did he not refuse to appointed on tribal grounds.

    • Just like there are Tonga MPs in Luapula, Lozi MPs in Northern, Bemba MPs in Eastern yaba some thinking.
      What Kakoma is saying is all of us Zambians need to grow up & start debating issues that move this country forward.
      Of what real value is HH’s or Mulenga’s wealth to an ordinary Zambian for example?
      If its ill gotten let them go to jail, if its legit let’s learn from them how to make money.
      Just making noise won’t do.


  3. This is what politics is about sir, ask Hilary Clinton. If you have thin skin try something else. Besides only the guilty are afraid.

  4. Walasa!!
    These people only mouth off, forgetting their own closets, which are full of filthy skeletons!
    One day muzawululana! Liato believed he was safe while his master was in control. Mulandu su wola.

    • That is what you find in the political arena. You keep your midfield busy and trying to tire out the opponent. There is no decency in politics or try something else bwana.

    • Lwengelele @ 5.2, or whatever you call Yourself, just for you info “I dont belong to U.P.N.D, P.F, or any other Zambian political party”
      When wrong is done to keep quiet is the biggest crime, hence Hitler was able to damage Germany, coz people like you saw wrong, but kept quiet, or decided more in your case to eat with him.
      So U as a P.F, Cadre should keep making noises on their behalf, whilst the country is turned into a starving Failed State.
      Just hope P.F. are feeding you well, coz it wont last forever!!

  5. Is this not the character who sold his constituency in Zambezi to the ruling party? Could he please tell us how much he was paid?

  6. During elections when Sata or Chiluba excelled with overwhelming votes from the regions where they hail from, it was not tribalism. When other leaders like Hakainde won with Landslide victory where he hails from, it was tribalism. This is not the fair way to judge others.

    I’m not Bemba or Tonga but my family speak a lot of Bemba even at home and I have no problem with that.

    But when a bemba person finds you speaking or greeting each other in your langauge at bailitemwa or ba kapatulula.

    Please we are all the same and one. Let us co – exist and respect one another for the betterment of our mother Zambia. We should not demonise others for the very things we do.

    One Zambia One Nation.

  7. I have reliable information that Mr. Kakoma also wants to defect to PF! That explains why he has mentioned Sata’s cabinet instead of the current one. In any case I think he has seen that the current cabinet is well balanced!!!

  8. On issue of HH being tribal, here is proof:

    1.0 He came to the UPND top job on a tribal tag. All who are old enough will remember what was said by some people within UPND about the successor to Mazoka. It had to a tonga and HH stepped up to the podium removing Bo Sikota shamelessly

    2.0 when he lost on 20th January 2015, he said if he was not tonga he would have been declared president. come on guys who says such things unless he thinks through his tribe!

    3.0 All important positions in UPND are held by Tongas!

    What more evidence does one need??????

    • Stop lies ***** ….which important positions? Z Mutale nalumango tonga, winston chibwe ..the likes of simusamba n lfwekelo …?Get a life mwana wagalu not such cheap lies n hate thats y u remain poor. Whether u hate hh or wat he loses nothing …the guy z already successful.

    • You forgot to answer or respond to the question how HH came to be President of UPND. It was clearly stated than non other than a Tonga will be allowed to be President. This HH gladly accepted. How do you expect us to perceive UPND and HH? HH embraced tribalism and he can not escape it. It will hunt and haunt him.

      His money will not help him win elections. His tribal inclinations will always be a set back, no matter how much you want to bury the issue, it sticks. Tribal UPND, tribal HH, you created this so do not blame or insult other people. Blame and insult yourselves for doing this years back. We have not forgotten.

  9. Point number 6. Kakoma bu dalo, why ask about the late President’s Cabinet and the other load of rubb1sh? Who is in charge is it ECL or Mr Sata (MHSRIP)? Is it a matter of just wanting to sound relevant to your party?…what a waste of space. I think even the four times fired Hapunda could have done a better job as UPND Chairman-Information and Publicity
    Malabishi! AND by the way who has ever disputed this fact that a statement was made that ONLY a Tonga shall rule UPeND?

  10. Most Zambians have had a thought that Charles Kakoma the
    UPND Chairman-Information and Publicity was wise do things properly…alas..am speechless…and now know what a dull chairman-information & publicity is.
    As my sister Mushota puts it “A LOAD OF NONSENSE”



  11. Kosenifye. Mumbi is like that. Even when she was in opposition she risked imprisonment by protesting half…..She is among those who resisted Mwanawasa’s carrot.

    • Ba Mumbi Isukulu(Pre School Teacher) is the cause for all this mama Chikamoneka behaviour…….In the 21st Century, you want to start moving naked??? Mumbi will definitely go like Hapunda!!!!

  12. Kakoma, you and the entire UPND leadership are useless
    And by the way, its refreshing to se Mr Kakoma making issuing a statement for a change. It has always been deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

    • By the way, where is Cornelius Mweetwa. Has he left uncle HH’s losing party or what. Cornelius tapaba insoni boyi, join Noah’s ark. We allow everything that has breath, including animals. You will NEVER be a Minister where you are swallow your pride. E, loobe.

  13. Human beings act like they will always be there. Can we also have findings of how the poor are rewarded in the afterlife? Mother Nature will go on; we will not. If we are humble enough to even accept this sobering fact equity might just become a reality on this useless planet that keeps getting poisoned by the greed of useless leadership in all spheres.

  14. Kakoma should also tell us how HH, with all his wealth and education, and support from GBM and Mucheleka, has failed to convince Zambians to vote for him four times.

  15. Ati malabishi bati… is this the level of politicking we are at in Zambia sure??


  16. Just publish ministers and their deputies, permanent secretaries and other heads of parastatal organisations in late president Sata’s government and where they come from for Zambians to know who is trabal between UPND and PF government.

  17. Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema failed to explain how he made his wealth when he featured on SABC Question Time programme.

    Despite the demand by the interviewer MphoTsedu several times that he explains how he became wealthy at the age of 53, HH evades the question insisting that it is not important.

    He says what is important is that he wants to create opportunities for young people in Zambia by ensuring they get the best education.
    The interviewer tells HH that people in Zambia say he got his wealth through corruption and hence the need for him to explain how he made his fortune.

    The UPND who is one of the top 10 richest people in Zambia denies being corrupt but fails to explain how he made his wealth.
    HH is alleged to have made his wealth from the…

    • HH explained by saying, Education is the key. Train the people and they will be empowered to make a living and enough MULA to cut down on the poverty. HH used his trade and Profession to be a consultant in the private exercise…..Isunkula ba Silancer is very important not like ba Mumbi Phiri @ Pre School level and then she becomes you mouth piece…..Low caliber leadership.

  18. Kakoma is simply verifying that our HH stole from Zambians Privatisation. You PF have stolen too.

    We will never get the answer you want.

    In other words we know HH stole but you have no tangible evidence.

    The person that could have nailed HH is Chiluba and he is dead.

    HH knows a lot about the $ millions Chiluba left in Tedworth Property Investments. This money is in Venezuela, South America.

    This is the money that Regina Chiluba is asking the government to help her get it.

    So HH, we are working on you. We’ll undress you and expose you, how you shared proceedings from privatisation of the mines with Chilubs

    Why are so scared to document your initial capital investments.

  19. I don’t know why Kakoma and the UPND should waste their time asking PF to account for certain things or the useless ACC to take action. The tragedy of Zambia is that theft is tolerated when it is done by people from certain regions. You cannot blame the Barotse people for not wanting to be in the same space with thieves.

  20. Two wrongs do not make a right. If kakoma thinks HH is clean, by challenging to say ” let Sata junior tell us the source of his wealth”shall justify HH’s side of the story is shallow thinking.
    What Kakoma should do, if he has time to waste, is investigate Sata then prosecute.
    The post did that to late FTJ and managed to get something out of it.
    When HH gets a chance to “lead rule” Zambia, he shall make his own choice of who he wants to be near him. Time changes and you Kakoma may not be one of his favourites just like the vice president who recently left.

  21. What a timely counterattack? Lets now wait to see the most daring PF cadre who can withstand a one-on-one faceoff, if any.

  22. Sata was the most tribal bugger. The ideot was so evil. Even the devil will refuse to accept him in his kingdom. He made sure he gave all his Banyamulenge posts at the expense of other people from other tribes.

    • Forget about this tribal talk. Speak like a unifier than always re-engaging with Mumbi Phiri. She will beat you at that game because she is very good at attack. If I was UPND, President talk to unify in your speeches. Try to speak in all languages. Release the Cornelius Mweetwa’s as spokes persons for UPND. Recruit new people across the society of Zambia. Let those from Southern province be in the periphery. Project the party to win, in the next 6-8 years. Do away with the old people, if they want to contribute to the party, let it be in finance, or any other material. Moreen Mwanawasa is regarded as Bantu Botatwe, she would be good when the party is in power.Ask for peoples emails. Let everyone interested in UPND email the party. Call for monthly meetings

  23. On a polite note, two things remain unclear to me on HH’s tribal tag. Which political post did HH hold where he exposed the tribal element in job offering, service lendering or otherwise? Secondly, how large is the said tribe that managed to give HH 96% of what the winner got assuming the winner got votes from all the other tribes nationwide except the tribe in question? Its then and only then, that we shall be reading from the same script with these tribal tag accusers. Thank you!

  24. But Mulenga Sata is not campaigning for presidency.Why talk about his wealthy. He has no constituency. He was simple mayor without job description. It is irrelevant to bring Sata on board. Sata is dead. You want to know why he appointed most Bemba speaking people, Go to the grave and ask him if you will get a response. HH,is a very good person, but it was just simple to craft an answer how he got his wealthy.Surely you cannot simply say hard work, focus and entrepreneurship skills. He should have simply answered the question than doggy it. Sometimes I wonder where the intelligence goes with HH. Answer like Mazoka. Mazoka would simply have an answer for every question. Next time he is asked that question again I would answer it like this. I Hakainde Hichilema,

    • continuation. born from village…., is an entrepreneur. I make money and I can lead to teach the people of Zambia make money. I can eradicate poverty,Zambia is too rich for the people of Zambia to be sleeping on one meal a day. Give me a chance, you will see how I will create wealthy with you and fo you. Do not go round and round be spot on when answering the questions. If the journalist has a follow up question on how, you simply say, this will require innovation, commitment and dedication. The UPND manifesto is clear on that.You end the story.

  25. kakoma who?
    this is cobwash from a failed mambala politician…why Mulenga Sata? he inheritan the money from Sata senior, who worked in all gvts that ever existed in Zambia from UNIP, MMD and PF…..

  26. On the point no. 6, is UPND/Kakoma telling us that if it assumed that Sata was tribal, then it is okay for UPND to be tribal? What kind of political reasoning is this? Are you serious about challenging for power to rule this country? I like Edgar’s stance, he has chosen to be his own man, and declared and proved so far that he will not be tribal in his dealings or appointments.
    UPND, just swallow your pride and take a leaf from The President. For the avoidance of doubt, I mean the one who carries the title of His Excellency.

  27. I will say viva to Hon. Hamududu and My next UPND President Gary Nkombo they know were there bet is come 2016.
    The boat will be sailing

  28. Kakoma, let the one mentioned defend herself. You are not her lawyer. Let the PF government govern. They were given the mandate by the people of Zambia. UPND’s HH is a loser.

    You go ahead and complain about whatever you want. People refused that you form government. If you UPND are so mad, do not be mad at PF, but the people who voted, and if you are mad at them, they will even be more mad at you.

    You have relentless attached EL since became President and he has been silent. You talk about tribe, we saw how you voted. You are a tribal party. Sata is no more. He cannot defend himself. All UPND leaders and supporter are like uncultured people. What kind of social integration do you get? You need to be socially re-engineered.

  29. PF chaps like Mumbi thinks wealth is always made by stealing. What stupidity. Such wealth does not last. Ask HH when did he start making investments. Right while at Unza using bursary supplements from Govt. Now these PF chaps, within three years are multimillionaires, since when and what investment theories are they following? Rooting govt coffers. We shall how long will their wealth last? while in Govt? Will they rule for ever? Well ask Chiluba and KK ministers. Most of them are poor now.

    • Do not cheat us. HH got most of his money while privatising Zambians Parastatals and cashing in on deals. We had so many animals under Cold Storage Board. He facilitated the sell of those animals at give away and re-bought them behind the scenes and now claims to have thousands of animals. Most of those were gotten through clever stealing. We know HH, those us who has been there.

      Many people died due to depression as HH was sending them out of jobs and not making them get their dues. HH was meanwhile counting his dollars from the proceeds.

      He now talks about helping the poor, why did he not help them at that time by giving them a fair deal, but he was only thinking about himself and the affairs of the capitalists.

      You say HH is very educated, just an MBA which he bought? Wake up.

  30. The Big question which has not been answered by upnd is how did hh became wealth? what magic did he use? As long as this question is not answered then the conclusion is simple , he stole from the people of Zambia during privatization. I watched the interview in south Africa where hh failed to answer this simple question. Hh can never inspire the youths because he can’t tell them on the secrets of getting rich.

  31. So what people are saying is that HH is the most brainy person in Zambia who can never be prosecuted by incumbent presidents he gives sleepless nights through and through starting from mwanawasa through RB and Sata to Edgar Lungu? No case can be brought against him? How clever is that? Then let him rule if he is that clever. He can then steal from Americans and Europeans to make Zambia rich.

  32. @ THALEAH
    Sata, the tribalist President, was the person that sowed the seeds of tribalism. Sata, when he came to power, the first thing he did was appoint all his useless relatives and the wife’s relative to all top government positions and civil service. Then you turn round today and accuse other people being tribal. I am not Tonga but Lamba.This is the only time since independence this ugly head of tribalism has come to the fore. Why? Because of the hopless Sata. Also, this Kaponya ,Lungu , instead of reducing the public sector, he keeps making appointments blindly without thinking. Appointing people is the only function he has performed so far and all of them useless and without purpose.

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