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Perfect constitution not panacea for all problems – Mpundu

General News Perfect constitution not panacea for all problems – Mpundu

Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu
Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu

LUSAKA Diocese Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has advised Zambians against thinking that a perfect constitution is the only solution for the country’s problems.

In an interview with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Archbishop Mpundu said it is not only the constitution that matters but the people that are charged with the responsibility of managing institutions of governance.

Archbishop Mpundu said even countries that are deemed to have good constitutions still face many social and economic challenges.

He said what Zambia needs is a culture of honesty and integrity by people in government.

Archbishop Mpundu said there is need for moral realignment, especially for people aspiring for office in the country.

The archbishop has welcomed dialogue on the constitution-making process, saying it is only through exhausting all avenues of dialogue that all Zambians will appreciate the process.


    • Bishop, we have heard that line before. Is that the reason why Zambia has failed to come up with a new constitution despite having spent billions if not trillions over the same over the years?

      A good constitution is as good as the Holy Bible is to the Church. Can a Christian say a good bible is not necessary in the Church as on its own it will not resolve people’s problems? Only cults have put aside the Bible in their Churches.

      This Bishop is still backing the late President’s (MCS MHSRIP) opposition to enacting the draft constitution. I thought President Lungu may have a different view over this matter OR is he not?

  1. A good constitution protects peoples freedoms, it ensures justice and fairness in the systems of governance. Investors are assured and confident with the prospects of their investment being protected. A good constitution is a foundation of civilization and development. Without a good constitution there are too many uncertainties
    For a start we need a clean- good constitution in Zambia, it’s overdue

  2. How come Mpundu all of a sudden has found his voice of reason now that his mulamu is no longer President? While Sata was still alive this man and his Catholics behaved like poverty and lawlessness had ended in Zambia. Now they are talking!

  3. Spot on Bishop. It all depends on the people. If wrong people are in power, even a good constitution cannot change their behaviour. The current constitution does not allow stealing, but people still do steal.

  4. It is disappointing for Bishop Mpundu to say that.He is putting the cart before the horse. A good constitution is want the country needs because you can never improve your governance without it. Different leaders will be elected, some may be good but others may be dictators and only a good constitution will protect the freedom of the people.

  5. Levy mwanawasa,my president mhsrip,also mentioned that we cant eat a constitution. afterall, au many of zambians have seen or read the constitution. not t sound damaging,most bloggers are very ignorant on what is contained even in the so tagged ‘bad constitution’. little wonder his grace mpundu has aptly indicated ‘honesty and integrity to be present within those entrusted with governance ….’ even with a gud constitution,tax invasion,fraud,bribery and all decodable vices will b present. nevertheless, a constitution is needed as a safety valve 4 the country.

  6. A constitution provides legal and social foundation or social framework that creates a fair and square playing field for all.

  7. Its time to act before problems reaches at its peak. There is nothing wrong to let the people drive the constitution. After all its people who are the custodians of the constitution. The constitution reflects the spirit. Remember that life is more important than material things. So lets do every thing for the betterment of the souls. Time will come and will live the things that we are afraid of losing by doing what is recommended. Dialogue is at the core. Be safe and wish everyone the best always by acting accordingly

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