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President Lungu to engages North Western Province Chiefs to resolve Lunda/Luvale tribal conflicts

Headlines President Lungu to engages North Western Province Chiefs to resolve Lunda/Luvale tribal...

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu takes time to greet school children at the Copperbelt Mining, Agriculture and Commercial Show in Kitwe.
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu takes time to greet school children at the Copperbelt Mining, Agriculture and Commercial Show in Kitwe.

President Edgar Lungu has regretted the tribal conflicts between the Lundas and Luvales of Zambezi district in the North Western province.

President Lungu, who was speaking on arrival at Zambezi airstrip today on his continued working visit of the North Western province, has however stated he will engage Senior Chief Ndungu and Chief Ishindi on how best to resolve the tribal conficts.

And President Lungu says he will not depart from the late President Michael Sata’s legacy.

The President said he will carry on with developmental projects being undertaken in Zambezi in the North Western Province and other parts of the country as a whole.

President Lungu said government will construct a bridge on the Zambezi river to connect the East and West banks in order to accelerate development in the district.

And President Lungu has appealed to Clergymen in the country to Pray for him and other government leaders.

He said government looks up to the Clergymen and women for spiritual guidance and healing because it recognises the Church as a strategic partner in development.

President Lungu is in Zambezi district to among other functions commission the rehabilitation of township roads and will later meet traditional leaders of Zambezi district.

President Lungu is accompanied by Lands Minister Christabel Ngimbu, North Western province Minister Dawson Kafwaya and Deputy Minister at State House Mulenga Sata.

Others are Special Assistant to the President for Project Monitoring and Implementation Lucky Mulusa and other senior government and Patriotic Front (PF) Party officials.


  1. Mr preisdent maybe using the road might help you see clearly whats on the ground than the old zaf plans.

    • Enough of this Lungu-centric news ba Lusaka Times.

      We wonder how much PF have paid to buy you as their campaign mouthpiece.

      Point of correction, Lungu is not on a working visit BUT on a CAMPAIGN VISIT. using government resources.

    • @Ndange, I do not hate Edgar. I’m merely disappointed with him. The fact that he hides behind others that are victimizing innocent victims for freedom of expression and those involved in corrupt activities. He has never openly condemned or taken action against those involved in corruption in his party, those taking bribes from contractors, envelopes being delivered to state house etc. His silence merely leads us to conclude that he is benefitting from the money that is exchanging hands.

      By the way PF suddenly now has money after struggling with finances during the last presidential elections. They can now afford to buy 150 vehicles from China. Corruption at its best. And you thought Chiluba was corrupt

    • lungu is worst president, others used there time with corruption cases or by-elections. But this Lungu only want to promote division among peaceful Zambians.

  2. Lusaka times should nt claim to be non-partisan when they have Edgar Lungu’s name and potriat as their facebook profile picture

  3. We are bored of this empty tin Lazy Lungu doing this and that in NWP…all utterly pointless and necessary for his presence…he is merely campaigning for his party instead of focusing on the overall battle which is the economy….are there thorns on office seat in State House that he is so allergic of his office?

  4. Ba Jay Jay – Sometimes put aside hatred and look at the bigger picture — WP is the new Copperbelt, and a sitting president decides to spend as much time as possible with the people in this important province – ati he is merely campaigning, he should be concentrating on the economy. Mufunanji kansi? What part of the economy don’t you understand?

    • Well he revised the mining policy for this year…you tell me how he is going to fill that fiscal space? Going to NWP for what? He is there smiling whilst he is borrowing money to pay for the road construction that will be used by these selfsame miners!

  5. And that road will be damaged as soon as it will be constructed due to the constant heavy trucks, Has he considered thatt

  6. The two chiefs Ndungu and Inshindi are a let down to the people of Zambezi district, North Western and Zambia in. Instead of talking about or demanding a constitution which Lungu and company promised they are busy scratching themselves over boundaries. Shame. Lungu has changed goal posts on the people driven constitution. The chiefs participated in the drafting of the current document but they cant comment . Is it because these chiefs cannot see the link between poverty of their subjects and a good constitution ????? These two and many others are a let down. They are no better than those chiefs who exchanged their subjects for salt and beads. Shame. Chiefs must be relevant to your subjects or else they will receive resistance. They are agents of oppressors in the name of ‘governments.’

  7. Don’t say the two Chiefs……It is Ishindi who was a late comer from Lufwiji in Angola and wants to claim that the crown land in the township of Balovale is his alone.This is madness which should be stopped with immediate effect.
    There is a commission which Mwanawasa set up and results are there.
    Sata made a wise decision that both Lunda and Luvale be taught side by side but the two PS’s at MOE were compromised by Ishindi and they are the source of these problems now.They should be fired.

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