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Saunders tells PF to stop harassing artists

General News Saunders tells PF to stop harassing artists

Political Activist Dante Saunders captured at the UPND rally in Mandevu. This was after Saunders addressed the rally
Political Activist Dante Saunders captured at the UPND rally in Mandevu. This was after Saunders addressed the rally

Political Analyst Dante Saunders says the PF government will reap nothing in pursuing individuals who hold different views and opinions.

And Mr. Saunders has advised government to concentrate on issues of developing the country rather than harassing artistes.

Police have summoned musician Chama Fumba alias Pilato for questioning on monday over his alleged defamation of President Lungu through his song.

But Mr. Sauders says the move is unfair to the society and the artistes citing that it is putting the artistes in a difficult situation.

He points out that the best the PF and its members were going to do if they did not like the song was to ask the members not to play or listen to the song.

Mr. Sauders says it is sad that the PF is harassing innocent artists who want to speak to the people of Zambia through songs.

He further states that the PF should live the musician alone and deal with issues affecting the people of Zambia.

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  1. Well said, what law did he break? Telling the Truth?, if its lies , why worry over it. Mr President you are better than this.

    • Yangu ba Saunders,is it a case of do as ‘I say and not as I do’. Just in January you harassed a driver who was delivering election materials after you got a wrong tip off that the truck he was driving had premarked ballot papers. Your group threatened to burn the truck if you were not going to be allowed to inspect the boxes it was carrying,and the search proved you wrong. Ba LT,change his name from political activist to political nuisance.

  2. Saunders is a very disgruntled man with PF. He hoped to be given a position when Sata won the elections. He was very expectant indeed. But as soon as he realised nothing was coming for him, he changed camp and started very harsh criticism of PF and Sata.

    Therefore, it is very difficult for me to take his comment seriously since it is coming from a background of hatred and frustration.

    The President, whether is EL or it will HH tomorrow, that office deserves respect. This does not mean that the office is immune to genuine criticsim. But unfair and unjust direct attacks like what HH’s Pilato is doing is not the right thing to do. And any sane individual should not condone such uncultured behaviour.

  3. We laugh at the Moslem when artist sketch Mohammed and yet we want to crucify a young artist for a satire song . So P F is like the ISIS group.

    • Do not abuse literature. This is not apolitical satire, it is an insult and an attempt to cause person injury to an individual as political weapon.

      It is UPND and HH who are crucifying this guy by sponsoring him like a suicide bomber. Sometimes you do not live to enjoy the money ill gotten. He is hidi

      After so many failures, HH turns to hire “assassins” like Pilato. He has so much political blood on his hands. For this reason, he is getting his paycheck. He will continue being defeated.

      Poor HH, the harder he tries, the hard he fails. Poor HH!!! He remind me of that creature in the movie “Ice Age” that nut (Republican Presidency), will forever elude him.

  4. Ati ba Dante a Political Analyst? My foot. The guy ran away from Rhodesia in the sixties and brought up by group of fellow ma colored in Ndola’s Hillcrest Hillcrest. If l were him, l would just shut the f*** up…

  5. Its African to respect our elders, even when an elderly person is naked we are taught from childhood to look somewhere else the age diference btn Chama and ba Edgar is too big, actually HE has children pilato’s age. Mr saunders pliz u leave in Zambia africa to be precise don’t bring foreign culture here follow what the natives do. This cuulture of insults is foreign to us don’t condone and encourage it. Tomoro you will be the one on the receiving end. As for Pilato your days are numbered boyi lawyers will make money out of you, my hope is you find some nice bed space in chimbokaila and no pardon for you. Iyi yena yalakuchena

  6. Mr. Saunders is just as silly as the foolish Pilato. He should be advising the foolish artiste about the unwritten rules of responsibility, public morality, and respect. Such silly actions are bound to precipitate unnecessary hatred amongst people, with dire consequence – reckless behavior.

  7. Some of people shock me. How is singing the truth uncultured or doing something wrong. When something is wrong it is wrong. Period. If you were one of the family that was facing economic hardship due to rampant corruption and high living cost you would not be talking the way you do. Zambians need better and will get better. Bravo Pilato. Keep singing the truth. We will only have one Zambia and we have to protect it for the future. I would even encourage more Musicians to join in and fight for our great country against irreparable damage. All Zambians must ensure Lungu is voted out. There is no way he can attempt to hide 192 million and claim to act in the best of the country. Who knows how many other things his hidden.

  8. Saunders is the Chief Editor of ZAMBIAN Watch dog. For how else can he fail to know the difference between art and an insult?

  9. Ba Sanders namwe fwakuti fwakuti fwenu. Bu upnd fwakuti fwenu am an artist this is not an insult its satire. ishi ni nsele. so please Pilato is just a dull fimo fimo who thinks politics. Such pipo have no talent to show about thats why they insult politicians to be noticed.ECL is quiet why??? He is a mature politician knows there is much more to life than discussing Pilato for what. Sanders you have nothing important to do than listen to foolish pilato and comment. pilato is still free so why sweat over him. why??????

  10. The truth is not the same as being rude or being cheeky. That song is rude, and even the guy, when he wrote it, knew its shock value, so dont go about saying innocent artistes. Same as media. We should have a free press, but that should also come with responsibility.

    • That is the point Upnd dogs are missing! Would they accept if HH were president and this rubbish was aimed at him? It’s not Edgar we’re defending! It’s the presidency

  11. If people do not have water for almost two weeks in Avondale and are being told that ZESCO disconnected Lusaka Water for nonpayment then the consumer or at the best as Lusaka Water would say customers will only get their supply when the bill is paid up. HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The decision by ZP was inward looking. For traditional societies, it is not acceptable to challenge the authority. Poetic licence was restricted to symbolism rather than direct confrontation of different views. The social commentary can not exempt national leaders. At the global outward looking level, the direct criticism of national leaders is acceptable. It is even encouraged. One top hit in Paris was singing that then British Prime Minister Mrs Margaret Thatcher did not like sex. Of course Margaret Thatcher found the song silly but she did not instruct British Police to for the neck of the French artist. When artists express themselves, it is called satire. Satire bites but it is sometimes necessary to bite in order to express strong views.

  13. Happily tie chains around your neck, legs and arms, and throw yourself in the river infested with crocodiles. Some people don’t value freedom. I hope the young man will compose a song about his visit to the police.

  14. Paul Ngozi remains one of our best artistes. Analyze his music — it is all about advising society using satire: Great imaginative artiste. Compare with this dull so-called artiste: dull and unimaginative.

    • Yes. Paul Ngozi, or PK Chishala, spoke their minds, but they did not insult anybody. It does not have to get personal.

  15. My only gripe with him is why did he have to copy Nashil Pichen? Pichen worked hard to compose that song. Pilato comes and uses the song for other purposes. One can’t just turn up and start riding on someone else’s success. If I was PF I would organise Pichen ‘ s family to sue Pilato

    • I agree with you. This Pilato thing stole a classical song written by hard working musician, Kazembe and defiled it. This is wrong.

      Iam amazed at people who are supporting this Pilato in this matter while disregarding what he has done to the original singer and his family. How can people be so insensitive to other people just because they hate EL for beating them in an election.

      ZAMCOP or whatever they are called should jump in and begin to protect originality of music in Zambia. If Pilato had composed a something completely original it would have been another issue. But in this matter, it only shows that this guy is not an artist but an impostor and thug. He needs to be sensored and caged.

      I have information that HH may be escoting Pilato to the Police Station. How foolish.

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