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Social entrepreneur Frank Masanta gives 400 Ngombe children access free education

General News Social entrepreneur Frank Masanta gives 400 Ngombe children access free education

400 Ngombe children access free education
Lusaka, June 6, 2015, ZANIS—A social entrepreneur Frank Masanta has made a bold decision to supplement government efforts of providing quality education to vulnerable people.

Mr. Masanta runs a school called Sun-Spring Charity primary school which provides free education to children whose parents and guardians are unable to pay school fees.

He said over 400 children in Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Township have since benefited from his free education policy.

He said since the establishment of the school in 2011, the response from both learners and parents has been overwhelming.

Mr. Masanta, who is also the founder of Youth for Africa Renaissance and Faculty Organization, told ZANIS in an interview that he was running Sun-Spring Charity School with the aim of helping children who cannot afford to pay school fees.

He said the American International School Rotterdam adopted his school last year in order to support it financially and to develop its infrastructure.

Mr. Masanta also said his school was currently collaborating with the International School of Lusaka under Action for Children Together programme (ACT) in order to provide quality knowledge to learners.

And Mr. Masanta has toured Shimunguwo village in Rufunsa district where he plans to open another charity school that will benefit children who cover long distances to schools.

Meanwhile, Mr. Masanta has urged the general public to help government in educating children through building community schools in areas where there are no such institutions.

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  1. A very good thing, keep it up Frank Masanta. Every Zambian ought to emulate you. Not just sitting and waiting for government to act. We all have the potential within ourselves to help others and make a change.

  2. These are the Zambians that we need. Not the DPP, Mathani or the past news paper’s morons.

  3. Its always grateful to note that there are people there who are not waiting for a ministirial position before they can make a difference in the lives of children! Touching children in need you will never go wrong. May God bless you more

    • Not even HH with all his money can do such a good. His companies have no coparate social responsibilities among poor tongas

  4. Great work. I don’t mind helping out in a small way by making both financial and materials(exercise books, pens, pencils e.t.c). A mathematical set for each of the 400 students. Can anyone give contact details?

  5. No one is too poor to help. lets invest our money in people becoz no one will steal it from us. Time to make names is now. lrts do one thing for the poor. Even driving one or two children to school can make a difference. when we are paid provide lunch or buy exercise books for the poor

  6. Mr. Masanta should be given credit. Please keep it up This is really self actualisation under Maslow heirarchy of needs through being of service to the poor!

    You are better than all these guys who go into politics for self enrichment instead of service to the poor. Apparently there is millions of dollars from individuals and institutional donors in the West that can be accessed by MPS who have constituences if they prepared project proposals which identify needs to help the poor in their constituences. What the donors do not want is for MPS and public figures to personally benefit and that is the reason our public figures are not interested to access such funds. Donors want accountability.

  7. I Smell a koswe in this Musantha!! what is his aim? ACC should investigate him immediately, these are people who will soon announce their own parties in the name of saying i helped zambia, we dont want such gestures with conditions please keep your money dont take advantage of vulnerable kids

    • You surprise me. How many politicians do nothing for mother Zambia?. The great gift you would ever give to anyone is education.

    • Anoyko you are a typical plundered, full of jealousy. Just because you can’t do the same keep your witchcraft mentality to your self and lpipo with inicetive plant ideas.

  8. If only all Zambians can embrace the give and sacrifice culture again. Post independence Zambia was like this. Not anymore…

    God bless this man. In Bemba we say “Lesa mukulu abweshepo epomwafumya”

    No man ever got poor from giving

  9. @Aluta contos

    You dont know what you talking about…HH is sponsoring a lot of students at the moment under his scheme and projects he implemented.Get your facts straight before you say anything.

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