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Honour Janza fired

Sports Honour Janza fired

Honour Janza has been fired as Zambia coach.

Janza’s dismissal comes just five days before Zambia plays Guinea Bissau in the two sides opening 107 Africa Cup Group E qualifier this Saturday at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

Janza was dismissed upon arrival on Monday afternoon from Addis Ababa just 24 hours after beating Ethiopia 1-0 in a friendly.

He has been replaced by George Lwandamina.

The Zesco United coach will be interim charge of the team and will be assisted by Fighton Simukonda.

Assistant coach Kampamba Chintu and goalkeeper trainer Davies Phiri keep their jobs

“The Football Association of Zambia has made a change in the top leadership of Chipolopolo. Honour Janza has reverted to his position of technical director and in his place we have appointed George Lwandamina,” FAZ executive committee member Happy Munkondya said during a press briefing at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola just after Zambia touched down from Ethiopia ahead of Saturdays game there against Guinea Bissau.

“We thought it was inevitable that at this period in time of our football in Zambia to make this change. We are very mindful of the fixture that is coming.This decision was important to make because of certain obvious issues we could not ignore as the Football Association of Zambia.”

Janza was not on the flight with the team and instead took another direct flight to Lusaka to meet his fate.

Janza has won eight, draw and lost five games.

Meanwhile, Lwandamina was introduced to his players at the airport in Ndola and will hold his first training session on Tuesday at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe where the team will be camped.


  1. Ya! ya! ya! ya! One week before an important game and you fire the coach. Iam not a Janza fan but FAZ knew he wasnt the man for the job a long time ago so why didnt they make this move a long time ago? You are just setting up Chicken George for failure

    • Why did Janza appoint Lwandamina? lwandamina also likula, accepting a job you know you be fired with 6 months?
      Why not Chintu and Davies, and add Chris Katongo.
      Lwandamina and Simukonda are boring….

    • Personally, I think the idea of having a Head Coach is a very bad one. It’s better to have a Technical Bench of the 3 or 4 best performing clubs in the Super League, each of whom should independently select their best eleven players in their positions, and those chosen by Most of these coaches then make it for final selection.

  2. George is a fool also- how does he accept when he has been fired unceremoniously several times! Another FAZ/FIFA circus act continues!

  3. Good move by FAZ!!we cried for a local coach and George Lwandamina is the best coach in today!!but FAZ have made a mistake by retaining Chintu Kampamba(Kalombo mwane ye ye ye) and Davies Phiri.they could have left this new coach to appoint his own assistants!!

  4. hardluck to Janza, atleast, he will not cry “i was never given the chance”, but if i was Chicken, i would not take up the appointment considering the circumstances and the manner in which it has been done. but then i am not Chicken. lets hope he will not cry MAMA NYONGO’s song when he performs worse the Janza. otherwise it will the the story of I WAS I CARETAKER, NENZE KU SUNGA CHABE!!!

  5. It is even not even worth commenting on this circus happening at FAZ. We just need our local ‘FBI’ to kick out everybody there.

  6. Timing, it is always difficult to time. There were some admve issues in the background which the ordinary person is not aware. But certainly faz want to run this edition of afcon with a diffirent coach. Janza lost his job when he failed to lift the just ended Cosafa. Namibia won the tournament.

  7. Janza should not hold the post of Technical Director at FAZ, How is going to supervise the coaches when he has failed in the same field? He can not even advice on technical issues because he lacks the knowledge.
    Mind you he is the one who fired Lwandamina as U20 coach when he claimed to be in the “boat”.

  8. Janza, don’t take it personal, you tried your best. Soldier on. Please don’t give up on updating your skills. This job and better ones may still come back to you. I know that you believe in God. If so, please treasure both the experience and opportunity you got: God gave both to you to open your eyes. Who knows what’s in waiting for you. Please, start looking at international jobs as well, even as assistant national/club coach. Don’t rest till you find a brighter side somewhere. With love!
    Viva , Zambia! Viva Chipolopolo!
    Right now, any coach will find it very hard to produce handsome results. As things are, most of our internationals are just bench warmers at their clubs. Expecting them to perform at national level, maybe asking too much from them. Nonetheless, Iyeee Chipolopol!

  9. There is no circus at FAZ but the COSAFA performance can not be looked at as kalambe.Our performance at the COSAFA makes one think of sucking Janza during that tournament.Well done FAZ.If Luandamina does not perform send him back to Mufulira too.

  10. Farewell Janza! From the shambolic travel arrangements to Cape Verde to the goalless draws against Mbique at home and Niger away. From the victory in Maputo the painful losses against Namibia and Tunisia: You fought your battles. Farewell, farewell Janza!

  11. Land am in a can’t be good coach, he is former teammate to Kalusha. Nothing new with lwandamina

  12. I read Kalusha was fired, and was overtaken by joy. Oh! well jay jay and I shall await Kalu’s firing with patience.

  13. Firstly you sack a coach because it is clearly evident to all that he is not tactically astute then you appoint him to Technical Director role..then you ask yourself surely what is the primary role of a Technical Director if one can not read a 90 min football match? Then you think about the mindsets of these crooks in FAs and FIFA; the Administors, instead of simply completely releasing him…they keep him on payroll so he does not spill the beans on their crookedness.
    The real culprits of all this circus are the selfsame people who appointed the inexperienced assistants like Patrice and Janza to head the national team in the first place and wast all this time; these are the empty suit administrators in Football House. These empty suits are real cancer to Zambia do not be hoodwinked.

  14. Has he been fired really or he has been reverted to his earlier position. The statement reads in part and I quote,“The Football Association of Zambia has made a change in the top leadership of Chipolopolo. Honour Janza has reverted to his position of technical director and in his place we have appointed George Lwandamina,”.

    And can some explain to me what the role of the Technical Director is? To me the gentleman may not be fit for purpose even in that position.

  15. Thank you Thank you! Farewell Janza! Go rest! You tried your very best! You were courageous enough to even bring change in the team! We salute you! You started a process of rejuvenating the Chipolopolo! Now let Chicken George do what he does best, coach the youngsters!

  16. Congrats Chicken George!! Try to co-opt coach Chikwanda from Nkwazi, the combination will work for Zambia.

  17. Janza can read the game.

    He’s far away from being a technical adviser.

    He misplaced players . Mukuka Mukenga was made to play as a winger in the previous cosafa tournament.

    He does not know when and who to substitute.

    That Zulu fimo fimo player plays below par but Janza had been using him to complete 90 minutes.

    He’s just good at winning friendly games and talks too much seeking a full contract.


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