Davies Chama
Davies Chama

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama says the ruling party will from now on expend its energies on delivering development to all parts of the country instead of responding to President Lungu’s critics.

Mr Chama said the PF leadership has realised that politicking is taking a toll on the pace of development in the country.

He said this in Mulobezi yesterday when he addressed PF members.

“The PF has embarked on a programme of transforming the country by way of taking development to all the parts of the country.

“We want to make Zambia a better country for people to live in,” Mr Chama said.

He said the culture of bickering is highly pronounced in Zambia, a trend he said is negating development.

Mr Chama said Zambia has continued to lag in development because of political bickering.

He said it is important to unite for the purpose of promoting the country’s development instead of engaging in abstracts.

Mr Chama also said the PF government will not embark on projects that will have a negative bearing on the country’s resources.

He said the PF is interested in implementing programmes and projects that will help uplift the living standards of all Zambians regardless of their political, religious or ethnicity affiliations.

“We want to run away from by-elections because they have proven to be a waste of resources which can even be channelled to programmes that can uplift the living standards of our people,” Mr Chama said.

He urged the people of Zambia to continue supporting President Lungu’s efforts of developing the country.

Meanhile, about 1,000 United Party for National Development (UPND) members in Mulobezi have defected to the PF.
Among those who defected to PF are former UPND Sichili ward co-ordinator Charles Munyamu, former Sichili ward chairman Martin Mubita and Sichili ward vice chairlady Matilda Mawanga.

Others are Sichili ward publicity secretary Gilbert Simonda, Sichili ward youth chairperson Nyowa Mundongo and chairlady Christine Sayizamba.

Mr Munyamu, who spoke on behalf of the defectors, cited poor leadership in the UPND, among the reasons he and his colleagues decided to join PF.

He said he and the rest of the group decided to join PF because of the good leadership President Lungu and his administration have exhibited.

‘’We are happy with what is happening under the leadership of President Lungu.

“We are seeing development coming to this area and this is what the people want from the government,” Mr Munyamu said.

He appealed to people in the region to vote for President Lungu in the 2016 general elections.

And Western Province PF chairperson Charles Mututwa said people in the region are joining PF because of the massive development projects that Government is implementing.

“We are receiving a lot of development projects in Western Province and people are happy.

“The people have promised to vote for the PF and President Lungu in the 2016 general elections,” Mr Mututwa said.

He urged the people in the region to continue supporting President Lungu and his administration to help foster meaningful development in the area.

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  1. Upnd is now placed under receivership by the privatization master dribler hh. He hopes to gain a fortune out of Upnd members. Instead of him concentrating on building the party locally he is busy campaigning outside coverage area with his stewpeed sympathizers blogging overseas.


    • Actually that’s good move live these stewpeed critics to us. We will handle them.


    • Its the way to go. All rational citizens who have increasingly found found HH as too bitter and politically hollow have long written off UPND. Our silence has been misunderstood by UPND that they have some momentum when the ground has long moved under their feet.


  2. No wonder Africa is cursed. This Davis Chama has shot someone and he is still SG in the PF. No calls from within and outside PF for him to step down. The PF police and PF media should stop supporting the guilty and making the innocent the guilty. You are lying in a Christian nation and God will judge you liers.


  3. Democracy and development will never thrive without criticism.

    It is UPNDs growth that has led the president to be on his toes. They lost by 2% in the last election

    He has visited north-west twice in two weeks. His think tank works around the clock.

    That is good as the benefits will trickle down to the common man.

    Keep the pressure UPND. Dont mind the fake defections.


  4. Davis Chama should be behind bars from the laws side:

    • The existence of a duty of care
    • Breach of duty
    • Injury resulting from the breach
    • Proximate cause of the injury

    We all owe a duty of care to one another and have to take reasonable care in exercising safety precautions as in the gun case. When you bring a weapon someone will get hurt. There was a breach that caused injuries to a man. If the risk of harm or damage was foreseeable, and the person failed to exercise reasonable care to eliminate the risk, they are liable. This is negligence which resulted in someone getting hurt. This is attempted murder the person should be in jail and the gun confiscated. There is a term in law called Vicarious Liability, the employer is responsible for his employee’s actions (Edgar Lungu)…



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