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Young Zambian Dies In Canada: Unites Zambians Abroad

Headlines Young Zambian Dies In Canada: Unites Zambians Abroad

Christopher Chibuta

Often times stories that come out of Zambians abroad do not reflect the unity that actually exists in our community. On June 3rd Christopher Chibuta died in his sleep. He was only 26 years old at the time of death and he was in the final year studying economics in Canada. His body had to be shipped to Zambia and Sunday June 7th the community started raising money. We needed $5000 to finance the shipping of his body back to Zambia. As of now 11:54 pm on a Sunday the Zambian community in the USA, Canada and UK organized themselves to raise $5000. The entire amount was raised in one day.

Living the diaspora, although its cheaper to bury a Zambian here; often always their family is back in Zambia and we have developed a concept called ” No Zambian left behind;” and through donations we have always managed to send bodies of Zambians who pass while they are abroad back to Zambia. We do this as a community; and we unite all our resources to achieve this.

Christopher was a very ambitious man and had high hopes of becoming an economist as he pursued developmental studies in Canada. He will be missed dearly as he brought wonderful insight to our community. Often times it used to take us about a week to raise $5000; This is the first time that we have managed to raise the entire amount that was needed in one day.

Iam writing this so that we can show what Zambians who are united can achieve. If we transcend this inorganic division such as tribalism or political partyism we can achieve far much greater good for our communities. These divisions only serve to take away from our destinies. I certainly encourage our community in Zambia and other communities of Zambians living in other countries to always look to the shared roots that we all have for our great country and unite to achieve greatness together.

I have included the picture of Christopher as well as the amount that we raised through donations. I think this is a true reflection of what Zambians who are united can achieve.

By George Mtonga


  1. Mine is very easier, got to be turned in to ashes and spread in the ocean on my next birth. I would rather have the money is donated to a new baby born with a long journey in life.

    • Very sad indeed. May God comfort the family during this trying moment. MHSRIP

      While i appreciate the effort in raising that money in one day, I disagree with the reasoning of disunity of Zambian communities abroad being advanced in the article as being tribal and partisan politics.

      Zambians just choose to isolate themselves from others Zambians and forge relationships with people from other countries. most dont see the need to belong to belong to any Zambian based community organizations abroad.

    • Fellow blogger, this is one of own blogger here on lusaka time, i only hope he is not mine Nostradamus junior fro Canada (my best friend’s lost son). So guy please this chililo is ours here on lusaka times. Am passing the plate arround mwebantu for donations. RIP

  2. Please try to get yourselves some sort of health insurance out there in the diaspora. The type that will cover such unfortunate eventualities. This mentality of begging for donations by us Africans will not take us anywhere.

    • Health cover is mandatory for all students but no cover deals with such an expense in any oversees country. Like car insurance, it is a business that profits when people do not have to use the services and are still paying the fees. If they covered such expensive costs especially to fly the body, which would be so much more expensive, they would lose business. I speak from experience as one in diaspora by the way

  3. Sad to lose such a young life. My heart goes out to the parents. Thanks to fellow Zed friends in diaspora for your generous help. One Zambia One Nation. This is the spirit that we all need and not the spirit that Changwa and his PF police are exhibiting towards the opposition and lying even when David Chama shoots an innocent person and they lie and make the innocent or victim as the guilty person. So well done guys. You make me feel proud being a Zambian

    • Forget about those offices called Zambian embassies/high commissions. They are as useless as they come in such cases. Kudos to the Zambian communities in the USA, Canada and the UK for caring for each other. Those who do not want to associate with other Zambians should learn something from this gesture and change their attitude.

    • Peter, all the Embassy can do is to facilitate the smooth transportation of the remains not contributing

  4. I am saddened by the death of this young man Christopher Chibuta. May God Almighty comfort all affected by his death. As for the Zambians who contributed to the raising of the money need to repatriate the remains of Christopher, I say, ‘Well done brothers and sisters’. This is what it means to be a brother’s keeper, in life and in death. Thumbs up to you all.

  5. Sad MHSRIP. good effort you guys made. such issues will always pop up from time to time. if you intend to continue supporting in that way, why dont you then just open up a fund account into which well wishers can contribute well in advance instead of last minute panic.
    Thats just my opinion

  6. Comrades-this gesture of unity and oneness is as it ought to be. Do carry on extending help to each other out there.Very sad for the young man’s family; sincere condolences….

  7. I hope this demonstration of oneness and unity can give rise to sensitizing the community about the importance of life insurance, which would come in handy in tragedies like this one.

  8. Good Job George, its take hard working individual like you who always strive to making that difference. Keep up the good works brother and many that took time to making donations, you are indeed real patriots! May God almighty richly bless you

  9. Condolences to the family of late Christopher Bwalya Chibuta. And thank you to all that contributed money to send his body back home. We all need to have health and life insurance. That can help in such tragedy. MHSRIP.

  10. First of all, my Sincere Condolences to the family for this loss.
    May the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob visit you with strength and comfort.
    We are capable of loving one another to a greater extent if we realize we are different, come from different backgrounds, are out here on different missions, are at different levels of life’s journey, cannot out do anybody but ourselves and can do away with petty competition.
    United we stand, divided we fall- fail

  11. Very sad indeed. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. May God bless all those took part in donating finances to transport the body of Christopher back home? MHSRIP

  12. My deepest condolences to the family. I knew him very well here in Canada. He was a very very special young man. I am so glad the funds were raised to send him back home.My heart aches that he is gone but am happy he lives on in spirit and in memories. <3

  13. I am suddened by this death I know his father Mr. Chibuta bashi Kasonde former Zamtel employee. A very good person, chabipa Bwalya wesu a great tributy to Zambians in diaspora it is only God who will award you, many blessings. Hoping to attend burial in Kalulushi which takes place by 26/06/15. My condolences to Chibuta and Mpabalwani families. MHSRIEP.

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