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2 criminals gunned down, K337, 000 stolen from Shoprite store at Twin Palm mall

General News 2 criminals gunned down, K337, 000 stolen from Shoprite store at Twin...

TWO criminals have been gunned down by Police in Lusaka while two Sub Way foods workers have been injured in the confusion that ensured during a robbery at Twin Palm mall in Salama Park Lusaka Police commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the incident in an interview and said the two criminals were gunned down after an exchange of fire with a paramilitary officer who accompanied an Amaguard security vehicle that went to collect cash from Shoprite at Twin Palm mall.

“The criminals were trailing a Toyota single cab registration number ALP 5794 belonging to Amaguard Security Company which was being driven by Donald Mawili of Chawama Township and was going to collect cash from Shoprite store,” she said.

Ms Katanga explained that when the Amaguard vehicle parked to collect the money, the two security officers went to collect money from Shoprite and after collecting the cash box, two men appeared one with an AK 47 assault rifle while the other was armed with an iron bar.

“The one with an iron bar threatened to hit the man carrying the cash box but the security officer resisted to surrender the cash box. This prompted the man which an AK47 to point the gun at the security officer who dropped
the cash box,” she narrated.

She added that the paramilitary police officer who was standing outside sensed danger and charged at the criminals and managed to shoot the criminal with an iron bar in the leg while they exchanged fire with the one carrying an AK47 who dropped the gun while escaping the scene with the cash box. The injured criminal managed to charge at the police officer but was shot dead.

“Our police officers gun developed a fought but he
managed to get the criminals gun which he used to shoot the same criminals down while the other two who were in the Spacio managed to escape with K337, 000 cash,” she said.

In the confusion two Sub Way workers Nicholas Kachinga and Mwandu Kaluba were shot in the upper arm and the stomach and are admitted at Levy Mwanawasa hospital and University Teaching Hospiyal (UTH) respectively.

According to an eye witness who was at the scene during the robbery, the criminals grabbed a cash box from one of the Armcor security officers which he used to hit the same security officer with.

Upon seeing the robbers attack Armcor security officers, a police man twin officer opened fire on the robbers killing two on the spot while others fled.


  1. How can a policed officers gun Jam? Anyway job well done officer at least you killed two criminal.
    Promoted now to sgt.

    • It developed a “Fought”..

      Well done by him! Now, will Government now release Pilato and start focusing on improving Policemens Lives….Its clear that some of them are willing to work!!!!!

    • Guns jam all the time iwe kapuli! There is nothing special about a gun carried by a police officer or a criminal—a gun is a gun, is a gun—they do jam!

      I have a very close relative who is a paramilitary/police officer, so I am a bit sensitive about such things. Thugs armed with an AK47, this could have easily been the officer who was killed here. Kudos to the police officer for being quick on the trigger in this situation. At least your wife and children will have their father and husband back home for one more day!

  2. Why were the security escorting the cash not armed with side arms? Louse security this, I would not hire them.

    The AK 47 used by the bandits is probably borrowed from the police. There are no AK’s for sale to the public.

    • @Misango Yaba Chaimani: Are security guards allowed to carry guns in Zambia? What doe the law say? I am sure it is NOT by choice that these security guards were not armed. Check facts first before sounding off on certain things.

      By the way, there are plenty of illegal arms (AK47s included) in Zambia. Most of them came from abandoned weapons by returning freedom fighters to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Also from border areas (Angola, DRC) with Zambia.

      Yes, in few instances some crooked police offices have colluded with criminals. But it is very difficult for any Security or military officer to lend their guns to criminals. All weapons have Serial #s and they are recorded every time a gun is checked out by an officer. Most of the guns used in crimes are untraceable.

  3. Ati Our police officers gun developed a fought,ha ha ha ha!!!!! A thief has got the genuine Gun Compared to the Police Officer, when i here pipo talking about these stories i thought thy were just drunk without knowing thy are true.

  4. After the Kenya incident, i have restricted myself spending much time on these shopping malls. Security levels at these malls are not appealing a much as its a plus to our development. Security wings should consider restructuring their protection policies in most of these public places.

    • Police should keep a close watch on the two cafes at Makeni Mall that are always full of Somalis and moslem-types. What are they scheming at these cafes?

  5. Poorly written article!! Please improve on your flow of the story and spellings! However,it can be inferred from the story that there is very poor security at this mall,if not all and Armaguard are not up to the job of transporting money.And the police service is not reliable in critical situations as they appear so ill prepared to counter a group of small time bandits where only one is armed. How can a police officer manning a cash – rich place like a mall be equipped with a defective rifle?

    • Agreed, article written by poorly trained people, needing a bit of g12 composition lessons and structured flow of grammar tactics!
      It is NOT late LT take up the lessons, advise is free

  6. Job well done, atleast 2 were shot dead. This will drive fear and is a strong message to the wanna be robbers. sympathy to the 2 who were accidentally shot. Wishing them a quick recovery.

  7. The reporting in this story is terrible to say the least. Does LT have any editors, I wonder? I wish the injured workers a quick recovery. As for the police officer who engaged these ruthless criminals, bravo.

  8. So whats gona happen with the guys that got away? Will the police officers from the anti-robbery squad ask shoprite to pay them to go ahead with the investigation??? Coz thats exactly what they did with me!

    My house was robbed a couple weekends back. I was robbed of absolutely all my valuables! The anti-robbery squad came in to investigate… their big guns waving. After a brief, wreckless look around, the officers had the audacity to ask me for money… totally unmoved by the fact that I just got robbed, they want to squeeze more money out of me!!!

    Well done to the officer who pulled the trigger at twin palm. I hope the anti-robbery squad can learn a lesson from you!

  9. Surely are you giving us the vehicle reg of the security van? In this day and age thieves still do van raids..I hold those are equipped with dye spray that not only colours the contents but also the individual who is trying to forcibly open it.

  10. give him a promotion,he is brave and dedicated to duty. Don’t laugh at LT imwe with your E110 as if it is something to brag about,even a grade 8 can pass that course.

  11. Congrats officer for yo bravery. We need officers of yo alertness & actions, quati ni Jet lee or Vandame. Not some officers we know who just drink & ask for bribes. I will try to get in touch with the relevant offices so that I can meet & appreciate this officer, even over a bottle of Fanta. You have made my day.

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