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Pilato quote

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The Jail is a terrible place for criminals but a great place of inspiration for those that stand up for the dignity of humanity.
It must be learnt that peace is not the absence of war but the haven of tolerance.
I wish to thank everyone who has supported and wished me freedom.”- Pilato

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    • 1) Ba Kingo
      You are nothing but the same sort that is a cancer in Zambia with your observation…Pilato’s case is just an example of how we are subdued in Zambia by our leaders who are supposed to be our servants and yet can’t take criticism from an entertainer! We rejected MMD via the vote and PF is has brought them back…fact, Alungu loves his drink…fact; whats the wrong in pointing this out in song???! God’s speed PILATO!! YOU ARE A HERO!

    • @KING how dull do you need to be. Kanene was busy abusing minors and goes ahead to do a song on that.
      Unless you don’t see that MMD was voted out by PF and now its back ruling and dining with the PF gov’t. what darering has he made except for telling the true in a song. Something which we all do in our homes. one way or another ubunga balilunda and we all feel the impact.


    • Pilato was free even when he was in jail. Kingo you are living in bondage due to your polluted brains, if at all you have any functional brains.

  1. All the govt had to do is not give him attention.
    …. Guy sounds intelligent no matter how scruffy he looks.

    • He does sound educated unlike most artists.

      Kingo you must be a typical Easterner who supports ECL just because he is yo tribesmate. Don’t try to become like the Southerners who have tri. balism in their
      DNA. Try to contimue being what we have known you Easterners to be.. non tr.ibal

  2. It was an own goal by the govt…again. You just made this guy famous.

    I had never heard of this Pilato before all this started, and now, even the BBC are covering the story.

  3. Ba Chama wesu God will help you. I don’t know much about law governing social commentators (musicians) but i think you just sung what you saw. Perhaps the song was too direct, not sure.

    It’s a passing phase.

  4. Pilato-Qoute

    The Jail is a terrible place for criminals but a great place of inspiration for those that stand up for the dignity of humanity.
    It must be learnt that peace is not the absence of war but the haven of tolerance.
    I wish to thank everyone who has supported and wished me freedom.”- Pilato

  5. If Zambians were today asked to vote for one popular person between Pilato and Edgar Lungu; the will be follows:

    1. Edgar Chagwa Lungu: 25%

    2. Pilato 75%

    Then who is most popular individual between Pilato and Edgar Lungu?

    Watch the space: One will urinate Kachasu in 2016.

    • @Hilda Malaambo Which Zambians? Don’t delude yourself. Governments have means to silence trouble makers. But in this case procedure has been followed and if this guy defends himself well he will be acquitted if not he go for more inspiration.

    • Hilda Malama is true that your father committed suicide because he found you on top of your mother and that you produced both your younger “brother” and “sister” with your mother.

  6. I pity KINGO too. In this day and age we should not be bowing down to politicians. poverty is the cause for fear. I will stand with Pilato this time.

  7. PF is turning dictatorial by the day. It seems to pay more attention tonon issues more than than the real issues. Why operate with suspicion?

  8. He is a brainy chap perhaps better than every single cop in Zambia.stupid enough some court is wasting time on this.why not throw away the case. We know the gvt is daft anyway

  9. Was just listening to the song…. uyumuntu takwata umwenso…… but everything said in the song is the truth.

  10. You are a champion PILATO. Always cowards would want to die within their thoughts. You are better off to die in Prison with you conscience very clear that continue to live in pain through out your life when you know what is rightful yours but not given to you. That is why therr heroes of conscience on this planet and for me they miss nothing, for GOD knows their benefits. Never fear he who kills your flesh, but fear he who kills your spirit. Great people never value their current life it is only the cowards who think they will miss beer and eating the drops from the tables of the masters.

  11. Pilato is not popular, he is just wasting is business time doing something that will not earn him a coin. Don’t make him feel like a hero because he is just denting his CV. This nation has had very intelligent and controversial people, where are they? Please quote: Anione anione nchenche inagwela mu tea.

    • Problem is none of the Hakaindese are ready to reveal their names but are ready ukutumisha umuna while they remain anonymous. If they are ready to challenge the government let them be as “brave”as Pilato: TALK OPENLY SO THAT WE KNOW WHO IS SPEAKING FOR ÜS”

    • @ Tika,

      Are you suggesting that people should do nothing even when things are going wrong – just because other people who tried before failed to change certain situations? Yours can only be classified as a negative attitude. Please read Wole Soyinka’s book “The Man Died” then you will know why people like Pilato are heroes. Stop being influenced by some of these useless Zambian “wise” sayings.

  12. The guy is indeed intelligent no doubt about that! the only problem I have with his song is that its too direct. Most satirists use names of other people or object or even animals but still get their message across. but when you are so direct you need to understand that the person you are singing about also has rights. in this case its actually members of the public who still have a lot liking for Lungu that complained to the police so he needed to be careful even as he exercises his right of expression. The fact that another musician has sung another song condemning him shows how wrong his judgment was when he did that song.

    • When Maggie Thatcher died, ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ was a rallying anthem as her detractors celebrated. In Zambia you think you are doing yourselves favors by whispering quietly in your backyards as things continue to go wrong. No wonder you cover incompetence by praying!!!! Makes me SICK!

  13. If only all Zambians that do not shy from the truth had the courage that Pilato has to call the kettle black.

  14. Would it not have been better to ignore Pilato and his song? You have now made us listen to it more intently and clearly it is on the spot.And the charge ati “…conduct likely to breach the peace”.Please do you not have something better to do? This is a finable offence.After acquittal Pilato should sue the stupid government.

  15. Trevor Noah, a South African comedian is always ridiculing President Jacob Zuma in his comedy shows. Some of his Zuma jokes are really rude – just go to youtube.com and watch for yourselves. Yet has never been arrested or even harassed – but in Zambia?

    • Do you know how many people Jacob Zuma has taken to court for defamation of character? Even the cartoonist Shapiro at one time was dragged to court for the cartoon of Jacob Zuma with a shower head. Trevor talks about the things Jacob Zuma himself has said or done. You cannot say that ECL came from Chawama with a case full of whiskey. Guess what your hero pilato will have to prove in a court of law that ECL carried whiskey to State House. As for the song pilato will make next to nothing as it is being downloaded for free. Believe me you by this time next year pilato will be in prison and people will have forgotten about his song.

    • @MWINE MUNZI don’t even try to compare your backward constitution with the progressive SA one. It is NOT enshrined in that constitution about defaming the PRESIDENT. Zuma does it as a PERSON, not as a PRESIDENT when he drags people to court. Let us not even begin to compare apples with grape fruits here. You need to change your constitution so that people do not hide their infirmities in laws protecting an office. We need to step away from that – asap! By the way, has Shapiro’s shower head stopped? Remember the artwork with Zuma’s exposed privates? Was that guy dragged trough cells and rubbish like you want to do here?

  16. Unfortunately in Zambia the presidency is protected by law from ridules and profane. I pity the president who will come after lunch after that law is scrapped . I wish that one wont be under5 because he can’t contain the amount of profane and damaging language we have for him. Let this law be scrapped during his tenure .

    • There is no under 5. Pity the devil that has died from womanizing and from years of smoking Kaponda.

  17. Besides other leaders of parties are not protected by law from profane we will offload damaging language which will make them live Zambia . watch the space.

  18. That is not Pilato’s Quote! It is actually Nelson Mandela who said those words during the days he was fighting for for the emancipation of the black people of South Africa! I wonder what cause this chap is fighting for because if it is realy freedom of expression, then he has missed it by a mile!

    • To be precise, this guy plagiarised the quote from Nelson Mandela’s book called Long Walk to Freedom!
      This guy is very shameless together with his sponsors! He does not even understand the meaning of freedom as espoused by the Great Nelson Mandela! Shame on this dirty Copyright criminal!

    • In that case he should be charged for piracy as well! How can he use some one’s quote and for that matter Mandela’s just to make himself a name?

  19. Shut up all!
    We busy talking this,that and yet we have ignored what Pilato needs most, “A gad damn Razor blade,please!”

  20. which dignity ba pilato? do not abuse words. desrespect of the President of this great nation is not dignity your appearance lack dignity. the words and the tone in the songs have no dignity.. now which dignity?

    the only thing we can remember about you is the person who insulted the presdent. you are abusing your freedom of speech.


    • My dear you will just end up bruising your blue balls! What type of freedom do you want? Freedom to infringe other people’s rights? Mind you, this so called pilato is just a pawn being used by political cowards who do not want to come out in the open for fear that they will be embarrassed!
      Instead of campaigning to save the little political fortunes, they are busy jumping up and down like grasshoppers and when they loose, they say that its rigging! When will you ever learn the tricks of the trade imwe ba kachema ba ngombe!

    • What freedom are you looking for? You are busy stealing and you say you want freedom! Are you in Zambia?

  22. pilato is telling the pf members what has gone wrong in pf . and also on behalf of the zambians who rejected rb as their president and now being forced on them by A lungu . its straight forward. viva pilato viva the people of zambia dont forget to vote wisely 2016. i ilike upnd

  23. I am UPND and I don’t support Pilato a shameless and spineless musician who can can insult another innocent person in the name of music. I find his act a disgrace to the society although he might have my party’s expensive legal minds defending him. What is wrong is wrong, it can never be right! In fact morally wrong!! Bob Marley sung political songs but he was never direct. What he has done is to directly injure and defame another citizen of this country, now that I have a problem with.

    • @Bantu Botatwe

  24. KINGO
    I didn’t know the chap is so intelligent when I listened to his interview. When I saw his pictures at first, I thought he was just a re-fluff from streets. But the chap can express himself so well and it looks like he knows what he is doing and will surely defend himself. I must also admit that the government has made this chap very popular.

    Ati boma ni boma useless. Work up Kingo. Kanene cannot be compared to Pilato. Kanene is a rapist who was molesting little girls from compounds. This guy is talking about what is happening. Kingo you are really backward.

  25. bonse mwebalesapota pilato tamwakawat amano.kingo is right.learn to advise and not ubushilu,what did pilato achieved with that useless song.mulekwata amano.

    • He (Pilato) made a point in that Lungu is wrong with what he is doing ie forcing corrupt RB on Zambians coz RB is corrupt, the worst President this Country ever had. RB was an outright thief together with his sons na ka wife ka Thandi.

      RB is in court of law and if Lungu even thinks of setting RB free there will be war in this Country. So whether he appoints another DPP let him do his work freely without His (Lungu) or RB’s influence. We are oke with the unification but not with thieves, have some decency plz

  26. Hilda Malama is true that you are actually a man and that your father committed suicide because he found you on top of your mother and that you produced both your younger “brother” and “sister” with your mother.

  27. Imwe Pilato just copied this quote from Nelson mandela’s book. This chap is very dull……….. Ati celebrity an one thousand Yamaka ati alipile bail alifilwa bunda fye bwakulabwatabwata fye. Ask us in Kitwe we will tell you about this dirty guy

  28. I met this guy in Sounds now Sonny. Eishh! The guys smells like fish.He is really dirty. Ba St, Michael just supports things he little understands. In his song The Mad President, he never mentioned names of individuals and he had to make us listeners make of what he meant. This guy is dull. If he is intelligent he should have used others names even Dogs or ba Kolwe to send home a ka point and it would have been up to us to think of whom he was talking about. You insult some one and you think you can get away with it. What goes round always comes round. So warn up and face the music. Dont blame any one for your stupidity. People supporting your stupidity will visit you in Prison just the first month then one by one will start getting tired and eventually you will remain alone.

  29. Casper let’s hear some intelligent quote from you. Instead of condemning. Did he tell you it’s his original quote. Pilato 1 Grz 0.

  30. Even though the quote is not his ,the fact that he is able to say it demonstrates that the boy has brains though he looks scruffy .

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