Katele Kalumba switches to PF, accuses UPND of Elitism and Regionalism

FILE: HH and Katele Kalumba on the shores of Lake Mweru
FILE: HH and Katele Kalumba on the shores of Lake Mweru
FILE: HH and Katele Kalumba on the shores of Lake Mweru

RENOWNED politician Katele Kalumba has advised Zambians who share the passion of a united Zambia to support President Lungu and to reject political parties with elements of elitism and regionalism.

Dr Kalumba, a former MMD national secretary, who supported United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s candidature in the January 20 presidential election, said after deep reflection, consultation and reason, he has decided to render his support to President Lungu.

“I have decided to formally and publicly declare my unflinching support for the Patriotic Front party under President Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demonstrated a sense of humility and accommodation. A lawyer by profession, he has avoided elitism. These qualities are the ingredients that are required to unify all the regions of our country. I support him,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that President Lungu beat great odds and ascended to the presidency of Zambia.

Dr Kalumba appealed to PF and MMD members to construct a lasting unity and avoid mistrust if the country is to survive elitism and division.

He said the pact that MMD leaders have worked on with the PF is on the principle of necessity and not convenience.

“We know too well that the hopes of Mr Hichilema were, unfortunately, dashed away in spite of all the efforts put in by many, including myself as a sympathiser. What went wrong? Elitism and fears of regionalism defeated the UPND. These elements offend the political sense of many Zambians,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said few people outside Luapula Province perhaps know the role he played in the popularisation of PF.

“I call upon my dear friends who share in the passion for our united Zambia to support President Lungu and the PF. What President Lungu and the PF are fighting against may not appear visible or clearly articulated, yet it is real. President Lungu’s anti-elitism and PF grassroots leadership sense may be the only armour we have right now against the forces of negative imitation of everything anti-One Zambia, One Nation,” Dr Kalumba said.

The veteran politician said he wants to prevent dangerous forces of division lurking in the backyard of a known political party.

“I do not support forces of division. I instead advocate rational approaches to public policy issues,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said he is one of the few remaining founder members of the MMD, a party whose weight he once carried.


  1. Katele is like Munkombwe. He is free to support whoever he wants. when HH get int power, he will switch goal posts again. HH keep going forward

    • Katele Kalumba is a spent force politically. He has no influence whatsoever in the political landscape of this country.t

      So its good news that he has switched off to PF and leave UPND ALONE but it will be embarrassing for him and Richard Kapita next year after HH wins the elections.
      KATELE KALUMBA and RICHARD KAPITA both have evil history politically in the sense that which ever party they support, it loses the following GENERAL ELECTIONS.

      So, the PF will really lose elections. these are signs to tell everyone.

    • I get surprised when people say Edgar Lungu is a humble man. This is the guy who after 5 months in power has failed to get a person among 14 million Zambians to be Minister of Defense. Yes, this humble man has been holding onto this portfolio. It is the same humble man dishing out money to defectors. Chattel please find another reason

    • come on, can some one give katele some food, the man is hungry……….

      but the way why are judges at the courts scared of sending this guy to prison ?? Mpombo`s case was quick but this one is strange!!

    • This is the same Katele convicted for involvement in the Zamtrop scandal and later released by RB.

      I’m sure Lungu and his corrupt minions will receive him with open arms

    • What reflection? He googled, consulted and followed the guidance of his traditional laptop.

    • Ooooooh the closest HH crowed to plot one was 19 January 2015. Enjoy being in the opposition. One Zambia One Nation. ECL and PF for 2016 etc etc etc


    • The elements of elitism and regionalism are very divisive and we all know that these elements are not only rife in upnd but are continuously advocated and promoted by upnd leadership.

      Akainde has shown that he is a very polarizing political element and our country doesn’t need such people in power.

      He can only become president when he demonstrates that he can genuinely unite all the people of our country

    • Yes Ben Carson, we start seeing all the wrongs when someone influencial stops supporting us. It’s okay for William Tekere Banda to join your Unproductive Party Now Doomed (UPND),and that Old Munkombwe Guy, but very much not okay for Katele to throw his weight behind the leadership of one Edgar Chagwa Lungu…you guys are just dung beetles and will remain as such with your elitism..Mr Know All It All!

  2. Is this the same Katele Kalumba who was a fugitive for some time until he was caught trying to skip town dressed like a woman? I don’t know, maybe I’m confusing him with one of Gaddafi’s sons.

    • @ Gen, Yes and he (HH) can only demonstrate that he can unite the Country when him and his followers stop the campaign of hatred against the Bemba people. Plz stop this madness of hate talk about Bembas and preach love and unity. And Bembas also don’t react to them and start hitting back, lets speak love this is a Christian Nation

    • @Jesus – “That’s UPND, and he wasn’t a fugitive when he supported them. Lol”

      My sentiments exactly! UPND think they are the bee’s knees when in fact not. They call whoever does not support them dunderhead, and yet they have dunderheads in their camp. The are the most useless political grouping I’ve ever known

    • I can surprised too. Criminal Katele supporting UPND he was heralded as big wig and great politician. Now he has bad names attached to him. Does the party leadership and supporters have any morality? Do they not know that people see through this pettiness. The truth is support criminals or suspected criminals you will go with them. Right now UPND supporters are behind Nchito like they were Behind RB. All the reasons for support are for a season! Please show the world that you have principles, even bad ones. consistence is a virtue of success.

  3. Switch to as many parties as you wish, depending on your hunger pangs. You will not deter the cause of UPND. Join Kapita in your job seeking mission. Your intentions are clearly defined. Good luck!

    • @MAN KENYA. We now know which camp you belong to. At first I was made to believe that you were a neutral only concerned with good governance issues but you have slowly opened up to come out in the open. Thank heavens!

    • There was an election in the UK last month of May 2015. The Conservative Party won the election and are able to form Government without a coalition partner.
      As far as I know there is no one from the Labour Party, the Scottish National Party or the Liberal Democrats or even UKIP who has defected to the Conservative Party.

      Whosoever you are, PF or UPND or MMD, the defections that take place in Zambia are an indictment of all Zambian politicians, those from whom they defect and especially those in government who receive them since the ultimate intention is to undermine democracy. It is also a disgrace to the electorate since we don’t seem to understand and believe in democracy sufficiently for us to protect multi-party pluralism. Ultimately it undermines the political system altogether.

  4. i understand PF Secretary General has paid katele kalumba about 70, 000 to defect, while Richard Kapita received K500,000. its now clear that people that defect to pf are those with a corruption history and are being attracted by massive corruption in the PF.


  5. But when did katele kalumba join UPND.

    what i know is that katele kalumba is not UPND but MMD.

    Corruption is attracting many professionals in PF.

    • This applies to Mutati, GBM and Mucheleka, who have suddenly gone conspicuously silent. When they resurface in PF, they will never have joined UPND but just frustrated sympathizers. Ifintu ni Lungu, train is gathering unstoppable momentum.

    • Living – Stone I agree with you Katele just supported UPND in January is not one.
      And myself writing this site am not a UPND member but just a sympathizer. Am determined to remind young people to register as voters so that next year they will be able to chose they preferred leader who will at least lessen their economic hardships this country has known thus far.
      Let them defect but the majority voters are young like me.

  6. Intresting happenings in my beloved country! Can all the UPND think tanks describe William Banda,special advisor to HH, before he dumps UPND because i hear that he wants to switch camp to PF with RBs influence! Can you call him those names you know now so that we know if you are principled or not ,because you know who is and what he stands for in terms of corruption and violence!

  7. Ex-PND,

    I conquer with your observation and I quote you “They call whoever does not support them dunderhead, and yet they have dunderheads in their camp. They are the most useless political grouping I’ve ever known”. To me I shorten that to “They are the most pathetic political losers”.
    I was a strong carder (supporter) of UPND. But since it became pnud under the under five, I lost the power to continue my support. They are dunderheads just as their under five. They don’t know their weakness. *****s…
    Viva Katele…You are sport on….

    • @ black woman not pink,
      I guess the word you intended to use is concur and not “conquer” . Well, Katele is welcome to join PF; but for him to pretend that he has decided to join PF because of elitism and regionalism is being economical with the truth at best and mendacious at worst.
      For him to state that Lungu beat big odds to be where he is is to go overboard in his praise. Katele appears to suffer from multiple personality disorder or has a severe case of amnesia or has chosen to conveniently forget the blather he uttered against PF. And to think that there are Zambians who really believe in this kind of reasoning is the most troubling part.

  8. Hildah Malama,
    If you talk of history of others…listen to this simple advice: “Yesterday is history, Today is an opportunity and Tomorrow is mystery”. So if you judge others on their history, you are very backward, sorry to say this to you. You are pathetically backward in everythingcally …

  9. And now they are calling Katele names, when not so long ago….every UPND was busy saying Katele will deliver Luapula to HH.
    What a party of jokers, I know its politics, but sometimes, its ok to acknowledge defeat. Many UPND are living under an illusion that they will form government next year.
    Come on….EL beat you, wen he didnt have government machinery, and wen he had 2 months to campaign. Wach more!!!!!!!!!

  10. Even hh is contemplating on switching camp. Upnd supporters tell us about hh stewpidity now so that we know him in advance. I know one comment about him will be serial loser.

  11. It was expected from the wizard of Chiengi. He was hoping UPND was going to form government and be saved from his criminal activities. He miscalculated big time. Now, he knows for sure HH will not form government in 2016. So, he has to go to PF.

  12. @ Kaya: But RB had all what it takes , the incumbency, govt machinery etc, but he was beaten hands down by Sata. True or false ? Unless you are talking of rigging, incumbency is not a factor. There is no ” defending champion” in politics. History bears me witness.

    • @MAN KENYA, thanks for your questions. But I must remind you of the fact that, RB faced a SATA that charmed his way into the hearts of Zambians. It will be unwise to compare SATA to HH, because HH lacks the drive, passion and people skills that SATA had. People identified with SATA, which is not the case with HH.
      The same can be said of FTJ and the 1991 movement. People vote for candidates they identify with. And right now, everything is pointing to EL winning 2016, as can be seen by the silence of HH’s backers in the 2015 polls like Mutati.

  13. Katele should also tell us about when his case in the supreme court is coming up…remember the case of Liato.

    • Katele supported HH during the 2015 by-elections, from your analysis was it because HH was rotten at the time?

    • @ 20.1 MWINE MUNZI

      It made sense to support HH during the last election. It no longer does. His recent loss could well be UPND’s death knell.

  14. The last time i checked ba Katele was just a wizard and not a politician. PF will be wasting their wasted time welcomimg politicians who are finished. Seems he is just broke again

  15. Dr Kalumba has raised two important points which UPND need to provide answers to rather than rant in frustration or they are doomed:
    1. Elitism-UPND assumes they are the only educated ones in Zambia.Of course this is very far from the truth. PF has Drs, lawyers , should I say every profession. So does MMD. This arrogance of elitism is so annoying!
    2. Regionalism. This is a fact that UPND has support mainly in Southern province and North Western province. You surely cant win national elections based on two or three regions. Unfortunately this happened after Mazoka.

    You will note that whenever someone defects from the UPND, unprintables are thrown at them. Most UPND members do not seem principled to support a person for who they are. The moment you leave you are painted black from…

    • Regionalism: It is an established fact that 95% of UPND members are Tonga speaking and 95% of Tonga Speaking people are UPND sympathisers. I know very senior Government officials who are always speaking ill of Government. Any wonder that documents are always being leaked to ZWD.

    • Kekekekke Mr. Soko!..ati to where imwe sure

      He is still young and engertic let him keep going foward/walking like Johnnie Walker or like Xao in the Gods Must Be Crazy who wanted to find the end of the earth. To where? I also don’t know!

  16. Even ants will begin to defect from the UPND. UPND won’t form govt in 2016, simply because PF has gone in the rural areas shown people one or two projects. Are u telling me people will vote for a party that is yet to do anything for them? If am going to trade in my car for a bicycle you better be too good a salesman. Am not saying pf is good but UPND isn’t being good enough to beat them.


  18. Imwe tu UPND, cant you really see that you are completely dead? What are you going to say next when another pending defections to PF of your trusted ones come into public domain?
    You chaps have been hallucinating of your HH being in State House, but the question you deliberately dodge is how? HH WILL AND CANNOT RULE ZAMBIA.
    Katele Kalumba has clearly exposed what your so called HH is, a baboon that promotes elitism. Just the other day, he was insulting the people from compounds and rural areas saying “No one from Chawama can have money,” when he referred to H.E. Mr Lungu. So if nothing good can come out of the trench towns as HH puts it, then let him go and get his votes from Kabulonga.

    He is surely Hakaivotela Heka indeed. More defections are coming and its not even 2016. Viva…

    • The other thing HH needs to do is to address his regionalism and sensitise his followers to stop their hate speeches against other tribes like Bembas. That kind of hatred for you fellow Contrymen is unacceptable and plz stop it forth with

  19. PF cadres don’t overate yourselves. In politics anything can happen. and he will never form Government, but with focus Sata a former Police Constable became president. What can stop HH an economist and success full business to rise to the position of president of Zambia. All those shouting and wishing UPND died will be doomed because UPND is existed before PF and will forever exist. Its now the second largest party next year it will be the largest. Don’t grow big headed after winning few by elections.

    • SIDO MARK……dont insult our intelligence by comparing SATA to HH, its like comparing An ELEPHANT to a DUCK. HH is not even half of what SATA was as a politician.
      SATA knew which codes to strike, he found a way into people’s hearts such that even the elite as well as the common man, were able to identify themselves with SATA.
      HH doesnt possess that gift, he is not likable enough. He doesnt know which words to use, when…and been an Economist has nothing to do with it.
      All people see in HH, is a rich man.

    • There you go again! Every time you blog it’s all rubb!sh..it’s all about Hypnotised Hyena is a successful businessman and economist. Okay you go get votes from your fellow economists and businessmen. Us the the poor identify ourselves with the likes of Chawama, Marapodi, Kuku, Kwa Mulenga, Chipulukusu and our ECL!…elitism has really choked your a.sses!

  20. Well done Kalumba ! The UP and DOWN party has no future in Zambia.They are indeed tribal and in 2016 they will disband on the political scene.They are feeling the heat hence the funny comments they are making.Ignore their hallucinations.

    • PF Bemba party you are tribalists.You baboons I am happy Lungu will deal with you.You will feel the pain of being labled.

    • Yakosa bola, the yoyo party is in trouble. HH is very confused now not knowing what next. He thought after coming so close it would be so easy but alas its getting more complecated

    • @29.1 SIDO MARK. I wonder which label has stuck most. The one that has ensured that under 5 does not rule or the one you have in mind. Kikikikiki.

    • You have hit the nail on the head my brother!!! You know what, jealous can kill and these chaps in UPND are very jealous of PF. Fortunately, the PF are the majority and this time around after seeing their wicked intentions in January elections, we will teach them an ever lasting lesson, I cant wait for 2016. This time the tally will be so huge that Akainde and Maureen Mwanawasa will go into hiding believe me.

  21. I neither support or Condemn
    Katele for his move. But just want to point out how fickle minded Upnd members can be. When Kaka supported that inja called HH katele was a hero. Why call him a spent force now?


  23. How belatedly has Kalumba realised UPND is tribal? Are you a slow learner? How can a tribal party attain over 96% of what a purported national party got 2015? Stop shoddy politics. Your history is well documented. You are doomed to fail.

    • Man Kenya I feel sorry for you my bro, HeHimself is about to defect to the PF. That 96% was attained simply because of voter apathy in the other regions, especially the north. This time voters have really honed their cards and will vote enmasse. 2016, Garry Nkombo will truly resign.

  24. Insala ilaleta umusebanya but now nisebana wikute! There is totally no principle in our politicians and luckily he is a retired tired fellow and we must not entertain him at all. He should have been arguing whether UPND has got good policies to take the country forward or not. Having support from all regions will not help develop the country and eradicate poverty. How I wish our politicians could be policy oriented and making them known.

  25. When he supported upnd in January he was a darling now that he has switched he is useless & hungry mwapangwa shani mwe banthu kanshi.
    Let’s unite as Zambian as is the only way to develope not just politicking when r we going to work

  26. Special branch employees are sworn to loyalty to the sitting government. In Jan 2015, Edgar was not President so Kalumba was free not to support him. Come 2016, Parliament will be dissolved and Edgar will be a candidate, then, Kalumba will be free to pick someone else for support. That is how shushushus are.

  27. This wizard is now hungry
    In fact he should have been in jail
    LT why even report what he barks. Katele is an embarrassment to the country and should remain in the political dust bin

    • Oohh s he wasn’t hungry then when he threw his weight behind your perpetual loser right? What a bunch of hypocrites!

  28. Katele Kalumba has just realize that HH can only win elections pa muvi tv and social media not by ballot, welcome to the winning team sir




  30. There are so many dull people in this country. Katele has joined PF so that his court cases can be stopped. He will soon get a presidential pardon. He is free to go but should not start lying about elitism and regionalism. UPND as a party has grown in ALL provinces from 2011 to 2015. Katele was given a lot of money by HH for 2015 campaigns, which he diverted for his own personal use. This is called stealing!
    UPND wants quality leadership, but PF calls it elitism because their party is full of thugs and other low lifes.

    Chiluba surrounded himself with his fellow crooks and they became very powerful and wanted a third term to continue their stealing and manipulating Zambians. Did they succeed?

    • How long have these cases taken? So many years! Why? Because these cases were trampled up by Mr Mwanawasa in order kill of the Chiluba factor!

  31. Way forward to unseat PF. UPND and Mumba led MMD and intellectuals and grassroots – call for a national congress to discuss the way forward. Elect interim committee members among existing opposition political parties and form a new party. The Nigerians did it in style and PF will get back to opposition. Serious Zambian will join the congress – we cannot continue in this messy. make sure the new party has systems and structures that will be respected by all. Am looking at Nawaki, HH, Miyanda, Aka, Mumba, Chipimo to come together in a new party.

    • Yaba HH again in the congress, you dunderheads never learn. You know what ? You are an example of a very bad trainer who keeps pushing his battered and bloodied boxer for one more round, even when his eyes are closed and is gropping around the ring! Do those amgenge insects that I know have brains, I doubt!

  32. If HH is not a dictator he should leave the presidency of UPND to someone else. I shudder to think what will happen if HH is given power to rule this country. HH is one of the people who is making Tongas unpopular. Some Tongas are very good people but majority are really bad. There is one Tonga guy I used to work with, he would go off for days from the office and lock up everything so that we were all stranded, switch off his phone, when he gives you a lift you pay but never pays when getting a lift from friends, when he is eating he hides, but eats his friends food. If he does not get a labour day award he sulks and stops coming for work. He thought the company would not run without him. He was chucked out.

    • @Pay back the money. To be short and precise, whats the moral of your otherwise long story? Just asking.

  33. it is katele’s right to support whomever he wants, your comments to usurp his right of decision is luck of true democracy and tantamount to manipulation which is witchcraft.

  34. In 2016 what will determine the outcome is really not the corrupt Kapita or Mpombo the fraud star,Rupiah the womaniser or Muteteka the car thief or Katele the witch but rather the macroeconomic environment and key performance indicators in the economy. Lungu must work hard and not the current rhetoric in the political circles. I have no problem with comrade lungu if he can deliver. But I think HH has the intelligence and a business orientation to turn this country around. If he looses it is just purely on tribal grounds because as Zambians we cannot see a bigger picture and we tend to be narrow in our thinking.

    Best regards

    • There you go. Typical UPND behaviour, calling everyone who does support you anymore names. When Kalumba supported you he was a saint. Let people go in a gracious way not with name calling.

  35. I have read through all the comments and most UPND supporters even on this blog sound elitist. They actually have the mentality that they are better than most Zambians, in the meantime, they expect the same people they refer to as Kaponyas and dunderheads to vote for them. It is fallacy to insult somebody and then go to them and say support me , I will give you a better life. Even if you have the capacity, they will consider your bad mouth and evil heart and decide that they are better off with somebody else.
    Katele maybe a spent force to you, but when he campaigns in his rural set up his word is guidance for most of his people.
    Regionalism of the UPND on the other hand lies in their top structure and would require sheer determination to change.

  36. Opportunist indeed. He thought and believed HH would win the 2015 elections without really believing in the change that we wanted. UPND ONLY needs genuine support on principle not hungry old politicians with plenty of skeletons in their cupboards.

  37. Katele kalumba, yamunyokola njala. The next defense minister, if at all she win, will be Dora Siliya, Lungu does not trust men. Uko uko kokakoa.

  38. @ Kabulo-Muleya. Thank you for your challenge. I have indeliberately found myself partisan in an attempt to condemn petty excuses such as Kalumba’s. I vow to return mainstream and non partisan as has been my wish from the word go- abitration.

  39. Dont get it twisted. Katele is a realist. I expect to see similar behavior from Miyanda, Sondasi, Nawakwi, Chipimo, Msoni, Nevers. RB and Father Bwalya’s choice are well known. HH needs to make his position clear too. Is he going to continue standing on UPND in its present form? Does the party need rebranding or complete overhaul? As someone once said you cannot eat principles. A Zambia of 40 parties is long gone. And why join the queue of time wasters like Kabimba? I see a two party or three party Zambia not long from now. TIME TO CHOOSE A PARTY TO CARRY ZAMBIA FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS OR TWENTY IS NOW. This is the reality Katele is telling Zambia. This has nothing to do with Njala or the court case as some people seem to say.

  40. I thought this Katele would use better reasons but once a thief always one.
    These are the maggots and thieves that have destroyed Zambia. Katele belongs to Mukobeko prison

  41. Yaba! Insala! They don’t even have shame. Atase ifipuba. If HH was president they would have been lingering because they would have been getting money. Please politicians! Being in politics is not a meal ticket. This is not MacDonald s where you can get coupons to go feed you, your families, concubines, friends and maybe even your pets if they are lucky you remembered to feed them. What does this really say about your character? So if another party wins next year will you switch. Ba makaka and will always be losers because you forget why you joined in the first place. Then again the stakes were so high on HH when Sata died and the reason you were on his side. Poverty should not be a reason to act so senial. Just means you betrayed yourselves and everyone and not fit to be in any party.

  42. Katele Kalumba, you have NO principles. “Chinshi kubili.” Mukanwa kamokene walishamo impulu no munsoli! Can you just keep quite than showing your desperation! Remain village head man in Luapula. Your conduct during campaign for the last presidential by-election was improperly culculated, equally GBM and Munkombwe! Can you just keep quite, may be people will respect your silence.

  43. Just another of RBs moves… some day some time soon RB will take over from “Edigar” and i guess some of you will say you never saw this coming…

  44. Zambian politics are of the stomach. Any former politician who has hunger pangs just joins the opposition. As Nkole wa … said in his blog the UK elections did not see Labour or Liberal party members defecting to the Tories. This is called loyalty and integrity. Our local politicians are lacking in this area. For them politics is an easy way for making money. In the UK you have to have some financial clout not bankruptcy to become a politician.
    Here anyone even the most corrupt, most impoverished, polygamous character can enter politics. That is why our country is in the sorry state it is in.

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