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Nevers Mumba complains to the Police over harassment, as he denies looking for a job in PF


Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba has complained to the police of continued harassment and attacks from some MMD members opposed to his leadership.

Dr Mumba said in an interview that the case of his continued attacks on him and the MMD secretariat staff by unruly members had been handed over to the police and arrests were being expected.

He said whenever the party wanted to mobilize itself, some known expelled senior members sent unruly youths to destabilize meetings and attack Secretariat staff.

“We are being destabilized and they are weakening the party,” he said.

Dr Mumba said the court ruling was clear that the MMD under him should be left to operate freely.

He said some disgruntled MMD members wanted to use the youths to destabilize his leadership so they say he had failed to lead the party.

Asked to comment on reports that the MMD was headed for extinction under his leadership, Dr Mumba said “It’s a fallacy, I haven’t failed. There are people who want to use youths to undermine our Constitution.”

He said under his leadership, MMD had survived the biggest fights and the party would not have survived the battle had it not been for his spiritual standing.

“Now we have fought a good fight and defended the party with limited resources. We will continue to succeed,” he said.

On calls for him to immediately call for a convention, Dr Mumba said he had a five year mandate to run the MMD during which time he would uphold the party Constitution.

“Those calling for a convention should know that it doesn’t work like that. I have a five year mandate and I don’t understand why people are in a hurry to call for a convention,” he said.

On members calling for Dr Mumba’s resignation, he said it was not for them to say they did not want him.

“I was voted for by the grassroots. Those are just innocent street people that they are using to destabilize the party. Just because I am a Pastor people think they can destabilize the party. There is no back door entry,” he said.

Dr Mumba said he would uphold the Constitution and MMD would remain a democratic party under his leadership.

The MMD had since started mobilizing itself and within a few days, the party would hold a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.
He dismissed allegations that he was seeking an ambassadorial job from the PF Government.

“I never joined politics for a Job. I am in this to serve the Zambian people. Am on a mission to change the face of Zambian politics and assist develop the country. Am not satisfied until my country sees a
better day,” he said.
Meanwhile three people have been arrested in connection with the harassment of MMD President Nevers Mumba and MMD secretariat staff.

Lusaka province police chief Charity Katanga said police received the reports from Dr Mumba on Wednesday and yesterday.

Ms Katanga said that before Dr Mumba reported the case on Wednesday, some youths went to the police to get a permit that the MMD president would be addressing them at the MMD secretariat when it was in fact not true.

The three suspects are being held at Woodlands police station and police are investigating the matter further.

She warned that police would not allow the harassment of Dr Mumba and the MMD staff and police would handle the matter to its logical conclusion.


  1. Ba Nevers Mumbwe, we told you that it is not easy to be a politician in Zambia! It pains me to note that you were a pioneer of televangelism in Zambia but looking at you today, you are a sorry sight, bruised left, right and centre by non entities who can not even spell their names! Its not too late ba guy, just do away with politics and i can assure you glory is waiting for you at the pulpit!
    Look at fi kabudo ifibena Imakando, and these other tuma small pastors! The chaps are doing great! Make a decision today bakamba and your troubles will end!

  2. Nevers, its called politics, a mudslinging exercise. Most of your party members have switched loyalty to the seemingly greener pastures. Hold on and do not compromise. You are heavenly bound. But be assured of tough political times ahead. The war is far from over.

  3. Mumbwe kulila ninshi pa uko ashintilile ama tako. Banda was your pillar until he realised that you cannot be trusted. He then switched to Edgar. Now taukwete ukwa kushintilila amata ko.

  4. The book of life says Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law.

  5. Ba Pastor Mumba plse I beg you, just leave trying to help Zambians. We only appreciate a certain type of people as their leaders. I appreciate what you are trying to do but laying with dogs will only get you flees. It is never too late to go back to your true calling. If it were another country I would have encouraged you but Zambia is a place where majority of men will sell their mothers, wives & daughters at a discount for 30 pieces of silver. Zambia so called political leaders have become at par with the moral standing of ladies of the night. I am talking across ALL parties. Gods word at the end of the day will prevail and it can be fulfilled without you degrading yourself into these so called low calibre leaders Zambia has been cursed with. Life will find a way for a true new day.

  6. Nevers, my friend please own up! Kaunda had mandate for five years but due to protests and attempted coup, he had to call election earlier in 1991 to get fresh mandate !Recently, Sepp Blatter of FIFA got mandate for five years but due to the corruption scandal, he had to call fresh elections within few days of being elected. Mandates are not cast in stone! Test your popularity within the Party by calling an extra ordinary convention! You are killing opposition politics especially MMD and Zambia will not forgive you as you would have killed our democracy especially with this impending merger with PF! You have lost almost all bye elections and you won less than 20,000 votes in the 2015 general elections and so where is your popularity. Mune, Ulemfwako insoni. You are such a let down!

  7. This what happens when you lack principles, love easy money and luxury, refuse to genuinely suffer/work for your aspirations and ride on opportunism. You get used and dumped like a soiled tissue paper by depraved, morally corrupt low lifes people like RB, Dora and Kaingu! Mutati and Kachingwe must be having a hearty last laugh!

  8. If Nevers cant see that he can Never run MMD, then i wonder what kind of leader he would make. These are the leaders would stick to Leadership like a Flee when the Dog is dead. Go call for Convention and put the party back on track.

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