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Police bust a sex ring in Kanyama Township, as 14 children are arrested

General News Police bust a sex ring in Kanyama Township, as 14 children are...

A sex scandal has been busted in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township where 14 juveniles have so far been arrested in connection with the sex scandal.

Police have also arrested Judith Mwape aged between 55 and 58 and another unnamed male adult, for allegedly allowing and facilitating for the Juveniles to have carnal knowledge of each other in her house, at a fee.

Police spokesperson Charity Katanga said police busted the scam yesterday morning and arrested the sixteen people.

Ms Katanga said among the arrested Juveniles were five boys, aged between 17 and 18years.

The nine girls were aged between 15 and 17 years. Among the girls, three were aged 15, while two were aged 16.

Police say they are still investigating the case and the suspects will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, 30 schools have been closed in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township following an outbreak of Typhoid.

Lusaka City Council (LCC) Public Health Department has since intensified inspections in schools and eating places in the township following an outbreak of the diarrhoea disease last week.

LCC Public Relations Manager Mulunda Habeenzu in statement in Lusaka yesterday said about 30 Schools both government and private have been closed due to insanitary conditions in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 20 of the Public Health Act Cap 295 of the laws of Zambia.

“Among the closed schools include; Blue Bird School, Grace Community School, World Wide Community School, Bhungu Education Centre, Good Shepherd Community School, Titandize Community School, Membe Community School, Glory to Glory Community School, Gift Tech School, Silver Sand School, Sante Education Centre, Parles School, Ben Ten Day Care School, Remegel Academy, Faith Foundation Community School and Arise and Shine Day Care,” he said.

Mr Habeenzu added that three schools in the same area have been warned. Legacy Academy, Malpher Education Centre and True Gospel community Schools have been cautioned over sanitary conditions.

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has since urged members of the general public, schools and eating outlets especially in the affected area to take preventive measures by ensuring that they maintain a good hygiene and sanitation standards in order to avoid further outbreaks of the


  1. Kwanyama is like the IS fight. It is a well known decadent, sewer place that even attracted international attention for its flooding decades ago. What do we get now? Disease outbreak and social breakdown. We told you so many years ago to formalize such places and improve its infrastructure. Alas, until the Chinese lend us cash we cannot do that! Well those 15 year olds will switch to Chinese contract labor once they are on the ground now… How do you say it kupwalala pa Zed..

  2. Xex mania galore by infants. This is all because of Upnd lawlessness which is now adopted by the toddlers.

    • @Sponge PFool: the cesspit called Kanyama is a PFoolish stronghold. This is how they are being repaid for supporting PF.

  3. Why arrest the children? Where are social services and children’s lobbies? 15 is a minor and you should protect them and investigate if statutory rape has been committed.

    Even for the older ones, find out how they got involved. Slavery and enforced prostitution is real and lives amongst us.

    This is happening all too frequently in zed and this may just be the tip.

    Punish the culprits severely, including those that harvested minors.

  4. A lesson to the adults. these young people screw each other then go to the adults. If the adult buy used goods, they are charged for defilement. be ware!

  5. Such activities are very common in Shanty Compounds. The elders will facilitate if these kid want to chew each other. I knew of a case way back where a certain lady was facilitating such activities between her tenant’s daughter and a boy in the neighbourhood until the girl fell pregnant.

  6. they should also bust” the RICH living behind high wall fence , houses that are into group sex orgies “Members Only”

  7. LCC should not pass the buck! They are responsible for public health and its failures. How many schools does it take to inspect on daily and routine basis until a disease breakout?

    Mr. Habeenzu, take preventive measures by ensuring that citizens maintain good hygiene and sanitation standards in order to avoid further outbreaks of the disease. The BUCK (Blame) stops at YOU!


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