UNZA lecturers refuse to conduct examinations until they are paid

UNZA  library
UNZA library

LECTRUERS at the University of Zambia (UNZA) have insisted that they will not be available for assessment of the final examination until their contractual obligations are met.

University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (NUZALRU) president Esten Chiputa said the members have refused to conduct examinations until their demands are met.

The University of Zambia is expected to conduct examination beginning June 22 to July 14, 2015.

‘We will be having a meeting with management today to discuss what had been decided by Government, on Wednesday next week we will make a decision on the way forward,” Dr Chiputa said.

And the University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) has appealed to relevant authority to resolve the go slow by the lecturers and researchers amicably without affecting the education calendar.

UNZASU outgoing vice President Martin Nundwe said in an interview yesterday that the news that lecturers would withhold examination if their grievances were not met was unfortunate and should not be allowed.

“That’s a non starter, some of us are fourth year students we want to write our exams and leave the institution. We call on Government, management and lecturers to resolve this amicably,” Mr Ndundwe said.

He said paying a blind eye to the situation would not benefit any stakeholder as they would all lose out.

“We all stand to lose out, the students, lecturers management and Government,” he said.

The go slow by UNZALRU has entered week two with members demanding to be paid contractual obligations which include terminal benefits and gratuity for workers on contract.


  1. The Government has created this problem at the institute by:

    (1) The problem has been with the government. How can you send more than 75% of the students on bursaries while refusing or neglecting to pay their tuition fees?

    Where will the institution get money to run its operations if it is not more tuition fees?

    (2) If the government wanted to send students for free education then they should be funding the institution. This problem has not started with the PF but has been like this even from Lupiya Banda and others only Levy tried to give the institution some sigh of relief.

    (3) Politicians mwandi awe mwee.

    • This is very unethical ba lecturer. Anyway it is understood given the low caliber of the institution where they teach.

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