Delays in Construction of chiefs’ palaces irk Government


Edith Nawakwi Meeting Chief Matanda at his palace
Edith Nawakwi Meeting Chief Matanda at his palace

Government is saddened that despite releasing money for construction of chief’s palaces across the country, not enough efforts have been made in constructing the citadels.

Deputy Minister of Chief’s and Traditional Affairs, John Kufuna, has stated that his ministry is not happy with the delay in construction of
chief’s palaces whose funds were released in April, 2014.

Mr Kufuna said this when he paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, at his office in Chipata, yesterday.

“I am deeply saddened that the process of constructing the palaces is at tendering procedure despite the funds being released last year,” he said.

Mr Kufuna said it is a setback as there are about 288 chiefs who are waiting to have their palaces when only 33 in the whole country are catered for in the first phase.

He stated that if there were any hiccups in the province his ministry should have been notified so that together the challenges could be

And in response, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, observed that the delays were caused by bureaucratic procedures and assured Mr Kufuna that works would start soon.

He noted that the respect of chiefs rely on having a decent accommodation, saying the move will assist restore dignity as some chiefs still stay in grass-thatched houses.

Mr Kasolo said it is depressing that 50 years after independence chiefs that command a large following do not have decent accommodation.

He said government is scheduled to start the construction of Paramount chief Gawa Undi’s and chieftainess Nyanje’s palaces.

The said the sites have already been secured and cleared by the subjects because they are excited for their chiefs to have decent accommodation.

Mr Kufuna is in Eastern Province to check on progress in the construction of chiefs’ palaces and to inspect other developmental projects among chiefdoms.


  1. The fact is PF is behaving like some ATM from some ancient banks which has no money . It is in the habit of accusing customers of getting the money when the fact is that its only a receipt a customer got.

  2. This is a working Govnt indeed!!PF started paying chiefs decent salaries including their retainers and now the PF Govnt is building them palaces,this is really splendid!!AM SURE ITS THESE GOOD WORKS WHICH WILL KEEP PF IN POWER FOR MANY MANY YEARS TO COME!!WHILE THE OPPOSITION IS MAKING FAKE PROMISES,PF IS DELIVERING,SO WHAT MORE CAN A VOTER ASK FROM A RULING PARTY?BRAVO ECL!!GO PF GO!!

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