Kabimba’s Rainbow Party will never form Government, but has the right to dream -Chama

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has said that the Rainbow party will never form government but has the right to “dream” about it.

Reacting to remarks by Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba that he is convinced beyond doubt that his party will in 2016 take over government with ease, PF secretary general Davies Chama said Mr Kabimba’s party will never form government but has the right to “dream” about the goal.

Mr Chama said Fourth Revolution Party and the Forum for Democratic Alternatives will do better than the Rainbow party in the 2016 elections.

“If parties like FDD, who had experienced politicians, failed to form government, what about him? He is not a factor. Anyway, he has the right to dream,” he said.

Mr Chama wondered how a party without structures would form government.

He said the PF will soon unveil some Rainbow party members who have returned to the fold of the ruling party.

He also wondered how Mr Kabimba will manage to form government when he failed to win a parliamentary election in his constituency.

Yesterday, the opposition Rainbow party began its two-day first-ever national congress to elect new leaders and begin preparations for the 2016 presidential, parliamentary and local government elections.

During his opening address, Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba said that he was convinced beyond doubt that his party will in 2016 take over government with ease.

Speaking when he delivered his keynote speech at his party’s first ever national congress being held in Lusaka’s Liyayi area, Mr. Kabimba said that the Rainbow Party with its ideology of socialism will lead the way as instrument of social change and economic transformation in Zambia.

Mr. Kabimba stated that in order to execute this task effectively, his party however needed to marshal the support of all progressive forces within and outside Zambia.

Mr. Kabimba who spoke with confidence also urged his members to remain resolved and unequivocally commit themselves through the party to fight the endemic scourge of corruption in the governance system of the country.

He stressed that his party stood for unity which was founded on Zambia’s 73 ethnic groups and racial minorities who have continued to live in peace and united in their diversity.

The Rainbow Party leaderalso overwhelmingly commended some Patriotic Front councilors from Mitete, Livingstone, Lusaka and Kasama for making what he terms a bold decision to leave their positions and join his party.

Mr. Kabimba sais that he believed that his party Rainbow Party was the only political party that had made strides within the space of six months to grow its membership from all the ten provinces in Zambia’s history.

Mr. Kabimba was accompanied by his wife Que Kabimba, national mobilization coordinator Robert Chikwelete among other rainbow party officials.


    • Kabimba is 7 times the man this chama will ever be
      Dismiss them at your peril
      You said and believed SATA will never be resident

      Mr Sata was laughed at even by Dr Kaunda

      Behold people, a fresh start, no corruption, jobs abundant pride, this is among many a thing that the Rainbow party under his excellency Mr Wynter Kabimba believes and advocates!

      Please be part of the dream- This is the man who KNEW and learned from Mr Sata the most.

      As part of the opposition he singlehandedly produced classic statements that eventually saw all of us believe him and let us vote for PF when AGAIN he was laughed and mocked by the MMD

      He is literally a dying bread of a group of politicians that truly believes in the people of zambians

      You are welcome!


    • Ba LT, there is no position called President in Rainbow. Wynter Kabimba is the General Secretary and that is the highest post in Rainbow, equivalent to president in other political parties.

  1. Never say never! But YES, Kabimba’s time is NOT 2016 or anytime sooooooon. DREAMS are FREE, no harm in having some!!!


  3. People like chama should never even parade themselves as saints when determining who & which party can form government or not,especially when the party he has hijacked was once labeled to never ever rule nor form the said government as Michael started on very low note.he must trade very carefully when issuing certain statements because he might even find himself in rainbow just like Dora has shamefully done!

  4. At long last there is a party offeringa real alternative and stating a clear ideology in unequivocal terms. That is a great start.

    I know what UNIP stood for: humanism.

    Chama, tell the nation the ideology of PF/MMD political monster? What is that stand of this monster on:

    i. corruption ii. borrowing/debt iii. education/technology iv. nationhood in view of Chama’s racism v. taxation vi. State expenditure/fiscal discipline.

  5. Kabimba is in the right direction. PF had no proper structures when they won the election people were just fed up or RB and his children’s abuse of government. In the case the ALUNGU ANABWELA syndrome might just be the Rainbow Party’s winning chip coupled with the scale of corruption and luck of vision. AMEN, It’s Sunday today.

  6. ALUNGU is a chancer who’s chances of continuing in power are diminishing by the day. He’s crude as they come. He’s raping the country and his non-existent short or long term agenda remains his own ochestration of his downfall. Zambians are looking for someone to blame and my! Where is he going to run to? He’s on quarter-tank at the moment.

  7. Kabimba is giving false hope to his following. They can not form government next year when 90% of his so called followers are playing hide and seek in pf. Winning is about numbers not invisible numbers. Yes pf won when you were its SG but real work was done by your predecessors. So forget for now.

    Chama don’t be over confident. You know yourself that things are getting worse especially under your tenure as SG. You behave like a lion which can’t hunt finds a lot of leftovers. Enjoy leftovers today but you don’t capacity to win a single soul to pf. Evey time you open your mouth, a member leaves of. Shut up!

  8. winter kabimba cant win an election, that man was just in the shadow of ba mudala ba
    sata. he knows nothing on politics thats he boobed last year ukwisulasula s kanwa. if he stand alone without cartel may be his dreams will work in20 chakuti not in 2022

  9. ZAMBIANS are still in the cocoon of debt neocolonial and claws of the no-ZAMBIAN in the name of piggy RB. What happened to the mpundu project case? Is it forgotten, those Thandiwe/RB twins will be notorious born under very notorious circumstances. Ministers who are on the fence and ready to join Rainbow Party, well done. Just hang in there and foolish ALUNGU will think he is in charge. He is just a seat warmer who will be prosecuted alone visionlessly. Pilato is KING.

  10. The Cartel is a necessary part of ZAMBIAN political destined and landscape and as such we should embrace it. If the CARTEL is not there a vacuum is created and RB moves in. Can’t you see? It’s a case of who’s the better devil; RB or the CARTEL?

    • And on this note I announce my leave of absence as I prepare to go to Europe on a sabbatical. I have to give it my total concentration but will be back on the blog by September.
      As I depart, I offer my sincere apologies to all those that I have offended with my blogs. My beliefs are still the same but I only apologise for the language that I may have used to put these across.
      The above apology however does not include the Past News, Mmembe and the cartel whom I wish eternal fire at the earliest moment.
      To HH and his cadres, fight on, you will get what you want eventually against all odds, but you still have many more bitter disappointments awaiting you before you get it in 2034.
      To ECL, you are on the right track, Zambia feels much better with more fresh air since you came on the…

    • Mr analyser, your question is wrong RB can never be in the same pot with the cartel for purposes of comparison, how would you compare apples to mice? RB is a human being, a damn good human being, but the cartel is the devil incarnate who have taken the form of human beings.

  11. Spot on SG Davies Chama, you are absolutely right “beyond any doubt” to borrow from Wynter’s overconfident language.
    Sata was Sata, not Kabimba but Sata. And the circumstances were totally different, including the Past News being at their most trusted. Now the Past News is the most untrusted news media on the scene, a total mess of daily contradictions, no integrity no shame, just sheer desperation and recklessness. Agony is that the majority of readers, and vendors too, are shocked and disgusted at their former newspaper.

    • A news vendor told me with disgust how the Past Paper belongs to the gutter. It spews hatred every day and is indicative of the warped and poisoned mind of Mmembe. (My translation)
      Of course I have stopped buying the overtly biased paper. The government should stop advertising it.

  12. Rainbow Party with its socialism is an anachronism. ZAMBIANS rejected UNIP and have continued to distance themselves from infections like communism which exist on paper and never deliver except rhetoric and sweet nothings.
    Fellow ZAMBIANS look at Zimbabwe. Kabimba and Mmembe are deluded and vicious dictators who should never be allowed near the levers of government.

  13. rainbow might not win the election but will cost pf the presidency.

    i had a dream and the dream revealed that lungu lost the 2016 general election but who i am yet to know. come 2016 sivintu and chama is a contributing factor to pf loosing.

    history will be made in 2016.

    watch the space chama and learn politics.

  14. Only & only God has all the ultimate future & answers to our daily struggle(life) & as such,Chama is only human to diabolically insinuate that Kabimba’Rainball Party will never blabla…!I’m UPND staunch supporter,& we only trust & believe that one day God will definitely answer our clarion call on having a pro-poor prudent government anchored on principles of good governance with a human face!

  15. Boko Haram Chama is really a failed father. Why is he always talking about ifile chitika kuli ba neighbour?
    Talk about what’s happening in your home, man.
    You are in the driver’s seat, respond to the issues raised by Denny Kalyalya about your borrowing. That’s what will put food on our tables.

  16. Pa Zed ,bwafya abanenu ba PF baleshana ku Pretoria,imwe ni bla bla bla..ifyabupuba ifi ifima politiks.Natuleya ku church first,from there tuleya mukunwa kachasu, it is what we can afford,efintu.Life goes on

  17. The only party that should be worried about Kabimba and rainbow party is UPND, cause he will spoil their base in 2026. Though not much.

    Mmembe has seen the weaknesses of HH and UPND. So he is manipulating HH at the expense of throwing and ejecting him like waste at a near point in the future.

    Unfortunately, HH is bitter and desperate to the point of going to bed with Mmembe so that he can enhance his national coverage and support in the media.

    In the background, Mmembe wants Kabimba in State House and not HH.

    Mmembe also knows it’s a big mountain to climb, cause there is now PF-MMD which is formidable movement being run by RB. That itself is a far bigger base to beat. B

    But RB is uniting the two parties slowly but sure for 2016

  18. Kabimba, just drop your bitterness against the late Sata and PF and learn from him. You formed Rainbow party as a breakaway from PF after being dropped. Sata formed PF in 2001 as a breakaway from MMD after Chiluba appointed Mwanawasa as the flagbearer against his (Sata) wish. With similar background, reflect the tribulations Sata persevered and number of times he attempted before capturing the top seat. Market your policies without bitterness no matter the circumstances. After 2026, God willing, people probably will have developed a soft stand on you. Otherwise quickfix solutions will not work. Ignore my advice at your own peril. Chama, just tone down and recall Kabimba was PF’s SG like you. Your pride may be forcing you to form your own party after being dropped like LUCIFER.

  19. It’s true Dora, said bad things about PF, why now, people, just vote her out. Sata, will be annoyed in his grave to see Dora in PF., we don’t want her at all cost.

  20. Wynter Kabimba will never be Zambian president!!he is the most hated local leader in Zambia!!in 2016 he wont even come closer to PF or UPND!!but yes he is free to dream!!

  21. Good start Kabimba.

    When Kabimba was SG he never shot a gun or threaten any one with a gun. He never insulted any one that they will never become presidents because of their tribe. He was only hated for being sincere. He reason when arguing his points than this chama violent SG.

  22. Easterners only know how to chance for presidency. RB and EL, they can not form their parties and form government.

    • That’s a useless post there Mwiinga if you ask me..always tribal and regional in your blogs! Grow up for once!

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